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Bloating Caused by Detox Supplements like MSM and DE

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I think that a lot of people get discouraged about the detox or cleansing regimen that they are trying because it causes abdominal bloating or water retention. They should know that bloating is often a common sign that positive changes are happening in your body, but that your body can’t handle it at the rate you are demanding it to. Let me tell you about why abdominal bloating caused by MSM, diatomaceous earth and other detox supplements could actually be …

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Dog Allergic to Chicken or Curable Sensitivity?

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Is Your Dog Allergic to Chicken or is it a Treatable Sensitivity? A common allergic reaction that pet dogs often develop is to chicken in their wet or dry dog food. A lot of owners remember that their best friend was not reacting allergically to chicken earlier in their life. If this is the same situation that you are having, it is likely that it is not an allergy to chicken that your dog is dealing with, but a sensitivity …

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Afrin Nasal Spray Addiction and How to Get Through it

In Environmental Allergies by Anthony4 Comments

I remember when this stuff was like crack for me. On one hand, this stuff helped to clear my nose so that I could breathe, but I wound up needing it every hour and actually experiencing pleasure from using it. Nasal spray addiction can be serious because it involves vasoconstriction in the same way stimulants affect you. Here’s how I got through my Afrin addiction naturally. What is Rhinitis Medicamentosa? If you are reading this looking for some answers as …

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How to Get Through Benadryl Withdrawal Naturally

In Antihistamine Addiction, Bad Habits by Anthony8 Comments

Many who rely on Benadryl long-term for allergies or insomnia are now realizing that cutting the addiction cold-turkey can cause  withdrawal symptoms. They can get a rash, insomnia, itching, headache, nausea and hives along with intensified allergies for a short time.  Let me help you through this with my story of Benadryl withdrawal and Diphenhydramine addiction along with what I did to break through it naturally. What Does Benadryl Really Do to You? The chemical Diphenhydramine HCl is classified as both …

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Formaldehyde Allergy’s Natural Treatments [Research]

In Environmental Allergies by Anthony1 Comment

What is Formaldehyde Allergy? Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that is used for a wide variety of applications involving cosmetics and clothes. You might recognize the smell of it being used to preserve human or animal bodies through the process of embalming. It’s also used as a preservative in vaccines, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t poisonous. Exposure to formaldehyde causes a range of symptoms in non-allergic people, but when you have an allergy to formaldehyde, you could develop severe …

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Methylisothiazolinone Allergy is Common; It MUST be Banned

In Environmental Allergies by Anthony12 Comments

What is Methylisothiazolinone Allergy? Methylisothiazolinone is used as a preservative and synthetic biocide that is used as an ingredient in many personal care products and industrial solutions. It has been banned in numerous countries across Europe and the rest of the world, but remains legal for use in the United States. For animals that become exposed to it on your skin, it works as a cytotoxin that adversely affects your cells in different ways. The horrible news about methylisothiazolinone is …

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Dark Circle Treatment with Natural Nasal Spray

In Natural Products by Anthony2 Comments

Sinus and Nasal Congestion causes Dark Circles Under Eyes I would say that I am pretty qualified to talk about this topic because I have been asked countless times throughout my life if, as a man, I wear makeup on my eyes because they get so dark during the allergy seasons. There’s no doubt that allergies and the sinus congestion that they cause can result in dark circles under your eyes. Thankfully, there are certain nasal sprays for dark circles …

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Flonase OTC Cheapest Place to Buy Online

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Fluticasone OTC Nasal Spray for Allergies I know the feeling of having your nose clogged horribly and having it disrupt the productivity of your day because it makes you feel awful. At times, I just want to put a stick of dynamite up my nose because it’s that bad. Fortunately, Fluticasone Propionate or the popular brand of it called Flonase is available over-the-counter for purchase online or in-store whenever you want some without a prescription from a doctor. So what’s …

Fexofenadine OTC Best Place to buy Online

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You might be suffering from severe allergies due to the changing seasons and the excessive amounts of pollen in the air. Thankfully, Fexofenadine HCl is now available over-the-counter for purchase online or in store whenever you want. This also means that you don’t need to take a trip to the doctor to get some if you want it. Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy OTC Fexofenadine Online? I enjoy this antihistamine medication myself and I take it when my …

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My Personal Allegra Allergy Review

In Review by Anthony2 Comments

Does Allegra (Fexofenadine HCl) Work for Allergies? My OTC Allegra Review: A lot of you are really suffering from the effects of every season, including summer and winter. Perhaps your allergy symptoms are severe and disrupting the productivity of your day, making you sneeze constantly and struggle to blow your congested nose. I’ve been there and tried almost every allergy treatment available, both prescription and over-the-counter, so here is my honest and personal review of Allegra Fexofenadine HCl allergy medication. …