Hey, my name is Anthony and I am extremely interested in the science around our bodies’ responses to allergens. I have been researching allergies ever since I have achieved a degree in Environmental Health and love to share what I find because I know it can help people.

Anthony from Organic Allergy Relief

We still have a long way to go until we fully understand our own health! If you’re confused about your own symptoms and feel like nothing is working, I definitely understand your pain.

I used to be allergic to pretty much everything! Please learn from my struggle

Honestly, up until the point I started college, my life sucked. I was allergic to every season’s pollen and the dust of the winter. Constant sneezing, running nose and congestion wasn’t even the half of it. That’s because I would react allergically to almost every type of food except wheat bread, rice, dairy, and red meat.

You could probably deduce that I had a very malnourished body as an adolescent. I was suffering deeply from the symptoms of seasonal allergies along with severe bloating, abdominal cramping, headaches, aching joints, horrible digestion, and terrible quality skin and hair because of my food allergies and food intolerances. I also had multiple chemical and other environmental sensitivities and oral allergy syndrome as well.

What all those symptoms had caused led to some very dark feelings that I wish I could forget. Because I was suffering from this persistant state of dreadful health due to all the allergic reactions that were happening inside me, it took a huge toll on my mental health. I was very depressed and anxious. The enjoyment of life that all of us are born to experience just wasn’t possible for me.

I would wake up feeling horrible and not wanting to get up for anything. Nothing was exciting for me because I was always in pain due to my allergy symptoms. I was so depressed and anxious about doing everything and the social anxiety was debilitating. Even talking to my own mom was very stressful for me, so you can imagine how I felt giving a presentation in school. Looking like a child AIDS/cancer patient really affected my self-esteem. Allergies had destroyed the luster in my skin, hair and eyes. I would add a picture of what I had looked like, but I am still kind of self-conscious and I don’t think I could even find a picture of myself during my childhood because of constantly avoiding cameras.

Anthony boy with allergies from Organic Allergy Relief

I used to be severely allergic to every season, as well as every food except red meat and bread! I knew that there had to be something wrong, so I spent countless all-nighters deeply researching to find out what was up. What I had learned needs to be brought some light so that everybody can feel as good as I do when I was up in the morning every day!

But I have found the answers to what was truly wrong with my body

Now I feel INCREDIBLE as if I know an amazing secret that nobody else knows. I wish that everybody knew what I did to improve my health, but it wasn’t simple or quick.

Once I started my university in the United States, I had access to a huge database of research journals that I read through for hundreds of hours. Not only about research from the United States, but from areas in East Asia, India, Africa, Europe and Russia (which seemed to be the most helpful, but it is a shame that they don’t like to share their scientific research).

I had gained an in-depth knowledge of individual, unique health that I think the average first-world citizen would be astounded to know, because I was. The truth about mineral deficiencies, parasites in our bodies, the poison content in our everyday foods and more absolutely shocked me.

My parents, family, doctors, the media, and Internet in my country didn’t know what they were talking about when it came to health.

It’s so interesting how other countries view health so much differently. For example, Russia administers anti-parasitic drugs to schoolchildren twice a year, just like we do with flu vaccines. But they don’t give flu vaccines… yet don’t get the flu. Not surprisingly, Russia has the lowest rates of parasitic infection and the longest life spans on the planet next to Japan.

We have so much to learn and synthesize from what we already know from research and culture, but we have even more to learn and figure out about health. That’s exactly what I want to do, but I need help. Please trust me and assist me with your ideas and don’t be afraid of saying something you think is crazy, unconventional or weird. I get ridiculed every day by believing that parasitic infection and mineral deficiencies are a huge problem, but I know this to be the truth because of my own experience with treating it in my own body. I know this stuff is real.

And these methods healed my allergies, food intolerances, allergic conditions, depression, anxiety, bloating and more. I feel an intense passion for spreading awareness about what I did and continue to do. I dedicate myself to trying to find out more and more about what the problem truly is for our newborns and the high prevalence of severe allergies, autism, ADD, sensitivities, and personality disorders. It didn’t used to be this way, so why is this happening?


Anthony man with severe allergies cured with science

It took me years to finally heal my severe seasonal and food allergies to this point that I describe as optimal health. I feel truly amazing now. I understand your pain living with allergies and I want to spread awareness of what helped me as best I can so I can make an impact on the human race. I know you’re probably not going to hear this information anywhere else, but it is my truth.


The media lies to us because marketers only care about one thing: MONEY… not us!

We can find that most information available about allergies on the internet and in literature is often very lacking in sources or experimental backup. I believe that health science today is very inaccurate and stunted because we can see that over the recent decades, research into the body has slowed.

This is likely due to the fact that health science is largely controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies that invest large amounts of money to spotlight inaccurate and skewed data in research that they funded. This sociological manipulation can be used by a specific brand of drug that may experience a decline in sales of their product if the public found out that it produces long-term effects or impairment to our bodies.

Allergies have a root cause. Don’t keep masking your symptoms with harmful drugs

I created this website to bring attention to and discuss the research-supported methods of relieving allergies and understanding the root cause of them. Our advancing knowledge of our own bodies should not be stunted by the need for more sales for the drug companies.

Occurrence of food and seasonal allergies has recently increased in our children and researchers are not sure exactly why. I say we think both traditionally and progressively about our perception of our bodies and determine what is natural and beneficial to each one of our unique bodies, as well as our children’s, rather than listen to what modern media tells us to do and buy. Allergies can be a very tiring, painful nuisance and are a big part of the way we live, feel and buy. We can tackle the root cause of food and seasonal allergies together.


It’s time to abandon our traditional view of allergy relief!

Allergies became a serious problem for me all my life, especially as a child because I had no knowledge of what to do about them. My parents told me that you just have to take an antihistamine because my allergies were permanent and going to be annoying forever. I never thought that there was any chance of me ever feeling clear and did not consider what specific things I am allergic to or how to avoid them yet alone any possibility of a root cause.

As my adolescence and skepticism approached me, I began to experiment with my health to try to lessen or get rid of my allergies so that I could reach my full potential. Ever since, my allergic reactions have reduced significantly and some have even disappeared.

With various methods of my own experimentation and researching credible sources, I think that there is some information out there that can really improve every allergy sufferer’s quality of life. Let’s work together to research, experiment and discuss the true science of food and seasonal allergies.

Again, my name is Anthony and I work on researching and updating this site every day. Please talk to me in the comments and let me know how you feel. If you need any help, suggestions or explanations, I read every comment and will get back to you very quickly. Enjoy your day and feel great!




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  1. Aloha, Anthony, my beloved husband found you a month ago.

    This is a cry for help, as we have been isolated from family and friends for 5 years with a torture pain, and I discovered an adult Rope last year, having employed all of Anthony William’s protocols. I added your idea of charcoal, as I already was taking your other supplements. It is not a coincidence that our two KINGS share the name of Anthony.

    Although, we had said our good-byes in 2014, I have managed to live this long; however, the “sitting on the hot poker” pain increased this year, and with severe debilitating sleep deprivation, I’m not sure how long I will last…..a 48 hour mutated virus is burning a hole thru me, and there is no viralist to help identify it. And my Ropes get bloody inside even when taking an enzyme, narcotic or opiod, so there is no pain relief, as herbs will not touch the pain.

    We humbly ask, if I could send you a letter thru an email…aloha nui loa, audreyandrudy

    1. Author

      Wow that sounds like quite the experience. I’d love to hear about it so yes you can email me!

  2. I have a 10 year old daughter who is suffering with rashes all over her body and constant itching, scabs, and bleeding. Every dr tells me it’s a bad case of eczema and diagnoses steroid cream. There has got to be something else going on here! Would you recommend a full allergy test to see what’s effecting her? What creams/ soap etc.. would you use? I am desperate to provide her some relief!

    1. Author

      That sounds severe and something I don’t normally delve into because I don’t have a PhD. You definitely have got to see a doctor and see what they say. If it is parabens, there’s definitely hope for you. Regardless, you should be fine as long as you find out what it is. I would stop using whatever causes the problem and try to see a doctor or allergist ASAP. Let me know what you think!

    2. salli i nelive anthony is on the right track. i am 40 and have suffered from eczema off an on through life. i would consider taking her to a natural path and a progressive medicine doctor. in regard to anthony’s message, i would address her hystimines through natural treatments (he describes them throughly) and also warm oatmeal baths with lavender essential oil would provide comforts and protection to the skin followed by a barrier cream (epionce is a good one.. make sure whatever you use that it a clean ingredients and no perfumes)

      eucrisa is a non steroidal prescription that will help her get the topical inflammation addressses and at bay but you are right by questioning that there is something deeper… i am currently reading on fasting and cleansing/detoxing the blood and how this can be a huge help for healing the gut health and therefore the largest organ, the skin.

      i wish you the best, it is a difficult journey to go through as child with issue. i believe western medicine doesn’t have the real answer. and i would say get deep with your research and sourcing help from the natural world. clean up her diet!

  3. Hi Anthony, I haven’t read through your entire webpage, I just read about you and your journey. It is very encouraging and it makes me want to start a page like yours. I can imagine that when I get to reading the rest of page that it will be very informative. I did read some of the responses about the Himalayan sea salt and I would have to agree with you and your other readers that this salt is amazing. I have been using the sole for a few months mainly for energy, and I results are amazing!! I keep some sole at work and gave some to one of my co-workers who gets really bad menstrual cramps and she felt so much better within 1 hour. The next month she was asking for it again. I plan to give her a jar of sole as a gift. I will continue to read your posts and I wish you much success for your future.

  4. Morning Anthony, What cosmic synchronicity to come across your offer to discuss allergies . I never use drugs or attend a doctor using my own innate sensing for living what has been a long life. Have taught and practising meditation and yoga on a daily basis. Although I suffered from IBS in the 70’s this has long gone. Why I am connecting with you is for help regarding the past few years of “allergies”. Sore eyes, throat, woolly head, tiredness etc. I have used “dowsing” ( I am a trained dowser for health) of various kinds to isolate Lactose intolerance right now. No more milk for me. This has reduced most of the symptoms. I have sent for Dietician Earth which I understand will detox my whole system. Have you any experience yourself with this product. Any other suggestions that might rid me completely of tiredness etc. I am happy to explain various dosing technics to you and others. Thank you for being here. Gt Granma Baba

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot for visiting! Do you mean diatomaceous earth? Because I have much experience with this supplement. I use it for parasite cleansing, which goes well with my allergy healing protocols. I would recommend it because I see quick results in my physical appearance. I’m assuming that this reflects my internal health as well. My hair and nails seem to be much stronger and more radiant as I am taking this supplement. Let me know what you think!

  5. Hi
    My Little boy has an allergy to dairy. He was diagnosed at 8 weeks old, but in my opinion should have been diagnosed much sooner as he was so poorly and it was a very hard time. He had a lot of struggles and was continuously ill. He wouldnt just catch coughs and colds, he would end up in hospital with chest infections and so on. This was happening on a weekly basis. I just knew he was struggling to fight infections. The doctors however always put my concern over his immune system down to me being an over anxious mother. I don’t agree I just know my son and will fight for him.
    After doing lots and lots of research I started giving him probiotics and hes never need to go to hospital or be on antibiotics again. It was a massive turning point for us. He’s now such a happy boy and now has a chance to shine and develop. I give him probiotics with contain lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. I read that you’re not sure about lactobacillus so im wondering if I should be giving him something else? Although I do feel that it has worked for us 😊

    1. Author

      People who have histamine intolerance typically do not respond well to consuming Lactobacillus probiotics strains. In their case, Bifidobacterium works much better. I believe that the lacto strain has something to do with releasing its own amount of histamine into your digestive tract, which your own body can react to. That’s just the case for some people. It doesn’t seem to be the case for your son. Let me know what you think!

  6. Hi there, thanks for the info. I started eating raw food for atleast 60 till70 percent of my diet 3 years ago. It felt great ,only in the begning. Then i began to have histamine reactions, alergies, hairloss, viruses and bacterial inefections, candida and parasites…. . Now everything i try to kill the bacteria ( h pylori ) or the parasites, i have to use all those strong herbs and remedies which shoots my histamin to the sky, then i feal horrible and i discontinu. Cant eat without the digestieve enzymes, and have to always increase the dose whiche makes me afraid of disfunctioning of my own pancreas. I which i could get rid of parasites in a safe way without increasing the histamin which gave me insomia as wel. I appricate any ideas. Thanks !

  7. Anthony,
    Can you clarify……………..

    How can you say your allergies were SO severe that your throat would close up – BUT you wouldn’t say that you ever needed an epipen ? How then, did you not DIE from your airway being restricted? That is usually what someone means when they say “my throat would close up.” Was it JUST your throat (upper esophagus- as in- to swallow?)……and NOT your airway? that closed as a result of the severe allergic reaction?

    1. Author

      My throat would swell, but my allergies were never severe enough to cause anaphylaxis. I am sure that it could, but I just didn’t expose myself to enough of the allergens to get to that point. If I eat beans or peas, my throat swells and at some points it had come close to anaphylaxis. I never needed an epipen for this reason, but I definitely had food allergies.

  8. Hi Anthony, we’ve connected over Twitter and Instagram and just wanted to say I like what you’re doing here on your site. Keep it up! 🙂

  9. Hi I suffer from Meniers Disease, do you know much about that? I take a Zyrtec daily and feel much better! Meniers Disease is a horrible chronic disease and I know my attacks are caused be allergies! Please help! ❤️

    1. Have you tried acupuncture? It sounds scary but is incredibly effective and relaxing. Also just for kicks I would look into trying a magnesium rich diet or supplement. I would also try to cut out dairy for a few weeks to a month and see if that helps.
      Cutting back on anti-histamines (I refuse to take them since learning they help lead to dementia) actually helped me feel better and acupuncture really made my allergies better. I was having a hard time getting pregnant and my acupuncturist told me that allergy pills were the culprit. I took them 2xs daily since I was a child. I stopped taking them a few years ago. I rinse my hair in between washes and when I feel environmental allergies I quickly wash my face. Trust me, I thought I had the world’s worst allergy case!

  10. I don’t know how I found your site, but I’m so glad I did! My whole family deals with seasonal allergies and me my kiddos and I have multiple food sensitivities. I am looking forward to trying your suggestions! Thank you 🙂

  11. Hi Anthony,

    What Probiotic would you recommend or have you used. I just recently found out I am allergic to Xanthan gum and it appears seafood. Any suggestions as my food allergies were mango, avocado, Brussels sprouts and artichoke up until 3 weeks ago. I am in my 50’s and have eaten seafood all my life. I plan to return to see a Naturopath also.


    1. Author

      Hey Melony,
      I would recommend that you first try a probiotic that is free of lactobacillus and contains mostly bifidobacterium and sacchromyces yeast. These two families of bacteria prove to be most beneficial for allergy sufferers. Lactobacillus bacteria might increase the amount of histamine in allergy sufferers’ bodies, like mine. Whenever I take a probiotic with these, they cause me to sneeze and react more strongly to the foods I am sensitive to. Perhaps it is just the unique makeup of my body and everybody is different. But this is what has worked for me and perhaps allergy sufferers have something in common. I wish I got more feedback about which probiotics work for others so that I could give better advice.

  12. Hi, I actually follow you on Instagram under Enigmadesignz and my daughter Diasdishes. My daughter is anaphylactic to many foods. She has spent most of her life in and out of hospitals. It wasn’t until her and I had a horrible reaction to mold that I started looking into natural treatments. So far she’s been taking probiotics, herbal tea’s and detox bath that we were able to manage them better. I am glad I came across this website and will share it with others who are suffering. Thank you.

    1. Author

      No problem. I mean, this stuff worked for me that I talk about. So hopefully it can help you guys too!

  13. hi I have a sever allergy to black walnut trees, I get shots late in the winter for some relief in the spring and early summer, just wondering is it safe for me to take local bee pollen
    thanks sherry

    1. Author

      Hey Sherry,
      Black walnut allergy can be serious in some parts of the world, I hope that isn’t the problem you are dealing with! If you get immunization shots for seasonal allergies, I would recommend that you keep up with them, as they are an effective technology that has a high success rate. Many people don’t have the money or resources to access these luxuries, which is why I am trying to help treat the causes of allergies naturally. With regards to bee pollen, I would say that it is safe for you to take because I don’t think that bee pollen has much to do with black walnut trees. I may be mistaken though and I am pretty sure that bee pollen is rather hypoallergenic. This supplement seems to work as a nutritious immunization method for food allergies and seasonal allergies. However, I’ve found much more success with other methods. Let me know what you think!

  14. Love this! I have had a huge issue with inflammation, seasonal allergies, and skin issues my whole life! I have been on a health journey for the better part of 8 years and have found healing in working on my gut health and starting to cut off OTC and RX which bandaid the symptoms. Cheers! Keep promoting the truth and let me know if I can help you in your journey! 😉

    1. Author

      Hey Merissa,
      What a great perspective! I encourage you to keep up with your lifestyle free from the medical industry’s attempts to drain your bank account and vitality. It sounds like you have had allergies in the past, but you have healed them naturally, which is exactly what is possible and what many others should do. It’s a rough journey that could take some time, especially if you are older, but we can help each other grow and improve our health as well as our children’s. I would love to hear your story, as others may as well, for inspiration to improve and seek answers for finding out what their body needs and is trying to tell them. Thanks for visiting!

  15. You sound like a very intelligent well informed young man. Thanks for sharing & helping others.

  16. Hi, I have suffered allergy for so many years and as much as we suffer people do not find it a big deal but I must say allergy is as bad as any other medical condition! Thank you for tackling Allergy

  17. I have suffered with asthma and allergies for all of my life. I went to a lifestyle center in Jacksonville, Florida where I had several enemas and a fill.colonic within 10 days. The facility is no longer there. After I left that facility, I have not had to use prescribed steroids that I used since I was a child. Where are other lifestyle centers that give enemas and closed system colon irritations? I would like to go to a center that helps clients detox all the major organ systems of the body.

    1. Author

      Hey Thea,
      That is a good question, but I’m not sure what the hell that has to do with allergies. I probably do not live near you.

  18. We must unite!!! Love this approach and am too passionate about others finding the root to their health probs. Currently doing so with mine and my son’s food intolerances that we’ve developed since living in this house for pay 2 years. Suspecting mold and just tested for it. Bless you in this awareness. I too am going to make a website in the near future and love to reference others and their articles often. Do you mind me asking where base is for you? ✌❤

    1. Author

      Hey Kassie,
      Thanks for the compliments and your insight! I have written a lot of content about all of the topics you have mentioned, from mold allergy to food intolerances. I encourage you to write with me and contribute to the conquering of this rising food allergy problem. Good luck!

      1. Hi Anthony . Would like to know more about any organic things you use for your seasonal allergies and food allergies. My son is seventeen and has had a lot of food allergies and seasonal allergies all his life . He’s allergic to nuts ,bananas, chicken ,all fowl and list goes on. He has to carry epipen. Was yours that bad ? Would love to have more info. Thanks!

        1. Author

          Hey Tammarie,
          I mention the methods that I used to get rid of my allergy symptoms naturally throughout my site! The most important ones that I highly recommend are a parasite cleanse, organic sulfur crystals, and probiotics. These have done wonders for my bothersome allergies to all fruits and vegetables, shellfish, nuts and beans, all kinds of stuff. I was legitimately allergic to shellfish and beans to a point where my throat would close up, but I wouldn’t say that I needed an epipen. I don’t think I would rely on these natural methods to cure your son’s severe allergies, but they will definitely help him. I would try these methods and notice how he feels physically to improve his state of health in general, which is very hard and complex to understand in the first place. But I believe that you can treat the severity of these allergies definitely, because many people have. Let me know what you think!

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