Fasting as the Best Allergy Cure

Fasting Can Treat Allergies and Sensitivities [Research]

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Fasting as the Best Allergy Cure

Does Fasting Help Treat Allergies and Sensitivities?

If you have allergies and you are wondering this question, that indicates that you have excellent knowledge of the immune system and the mechanism of allergies and intolerances. The benefits of all types of fasting whether it be water fasting, intermittent fasting, coffee fasting or whatever, cannot be denied anymore.

There’s extensive evidence to prove that fasting at least one day of the month can dramatically improve your immune system’s white blood cell count and your digestive health. This is suggested by examining the culture of people who follow the Mormon religion. These individuals don’t eat food for one day of the month and surprisingly have the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

If you practice fasting or cleansing yourself, you will recognize the beautiful health benefits that strong willpower can reward you with. It’s likely that restricting calories for the long term or fasting entirely in short periods can extend your life, improve the health of your body, and enhance proper brain function.

Fasting is an alternative treatment for a lot of diseases, including cancer, acne, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes and more.

But can not eating treat allergies and food intolerances too? The answer is yes, fasting can effectively treat the root causes of food intolerances and sensitivities while lessening the symptoms of true allergies over time.

Let me explain to you why this is one of my most recommended methods for allergy treatment from seasonal allergies to food, as well as minor sensitivities to chemicals and food.

fasting treatment allergies health

Awesome and informative read! I like to view fasting as a healthy hobby now.

Don’t Expect to Cure Your Severe Allergies Completely

First of all, I am not saying by any means that not eating will cure your allergies. What I definitely am saying is that food can worsen allergies and be the foundational cause of food allergies and other minor immune sensitivities that fluctuate throughout your life.

What I am also not saying is that nutrition isn’t valuable. Above everything else, your body should be receiving its desired nutrients so that it can function properly. I don’t recommend that you fast for more than 3 days in a row simply because of keeping nutrition in mind. Without electrolytes and vitamin B complex vitamins, you will be very dehydrated in a way that water won’t help.

I should outline what I mean by fasting for allergies before somebody stops eating and then thinks “I STILL CAN’T EAT TREE NUTS”

Fasting Can Reset Your Immune System Naturally

Slow down there, you will still probably die if you eat tree nuts if you are allergic to them severely. There’s, unfortunately, nothing that you can do in this case, except immunotherapy and relying on future technologies.

The types of food allergies and intolerances I am referring to being treated include:

The difference between a true allergy and a sensitivity is that allergies are a genetic problem that no amount of health is going to cure right now. Sensitivities or intolerances emerge as a result of the environment, your immediate health, culture, and food choices.

If you improve your health, your tiny annoying immune reactions can be cured completely and that is what the core of this site is trying to accomplish. That is what I have done for myself and wish to share.

It seems that restricting calories or not eating food nor liquids completely for a few days may do wonders for the body. There’s new research suggesting that fasting may increase white blood cell counts that are necessary to avoid unnecessary immune reactions to things that don’t bother you.

I like this and the way that I see it is: you need to give your digestive system a break from food so that it can relax and focus on healing at least for a short time. If you’re constantly eating fast food and complex unnatural meals, your body will be stressed out by simply digesting your food.

allergy and intolerance benefits of fasting

Fasting for Allergies and Treating Food Intolerances

Everybody should take a look at their diets and truly imagine the process of breaking down your food in your body until it eventually comes out. Do you think that it is an easy process to take a commercial food like pizza or a hamburger and completely digest it in the body?

It absolutely isn’t.

Many people don’t realize that digestion is a very tedious process that your body completes passively. Digestion requires the use of enzymes, very complex and large molecules that act as “unzippers” to break the food down into smaller pieces and eventually nutrients that can pass through to your bloodstream and then to your cells.

The thing about that is, digestive enzymes are not in unlimited supply. Your pancreas, stomach and small intestine can only use what is available. In healthy individuals, enzymes are in high amounts. When you have low amounts of enzymes, you will experience constipation, mood issues, and disease.

You can take digestive enzyme supplements at any time to supply your body with enzymes, but the natural ones that your body makes itself will always be better.

digestive enzymes during fasting for food sensitivities

I take one of these whenever my meal was too big or junky. It helps digest food and reduce bloating and costipation too.

Ancient Human History of Health, Diet and Fasting

Now think about how our ancestors lived three thousand years ago. They were running around eating berries, collecting vegetables frequently and once a week caught a large game animal for a feast if you were lucky. This is how the primate’s digestive system adapted over time. Even think about how a baboon eats–our distant relative. It’s basically just some scraps and some meat very rarely.

Your distant human ancestors lived in groups, but most days of the week, they did not feast like we do several times a day. We eat sausage and eggs in the morning, pizza in the afternoon, and roast beef in the evening. We really have it great when you think about it according to evolution!

Older humans would actually fast naturally. This was more easy for them because the limbic system of their brains were in their natural state. The limbic system processes human pleasures and drives in the form of chemical reactions and learning for motivation. When we eat something we like, we get that feel good reward in our brains.

However, that means that modern humans heavily take advantage of our own limbic systems. Sugar, pure energy as calories, is eaten in excess because our brains naturally tell us that it’s great: it’s what we need to survive for a long time and make more fat. Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t realize that we can’t live forever and that we need a balanced diet that should be wired in our brain as pleasurable in the first place.

To your ancestors, it felt as good to eat a fresh broccoli as it does when we eat our favorite candy. Our limbic systems are just so desensitized now that it only appreciates and craves sugar and high-fat foods, when these would be a luxury to primitive humans.

intermittent fasting for seasonal allergies treatment

How I Use Water and Intermittent Fasting for Seasonal Allergies and Food Intolerances

Personally, I used to suffer from all kinds of allergies and I knew that it wasn’t natural for me to be avoiding all of these foods. I’m not even joking when I tell you I’ve had annoying reactions to ALL the seasons, shellfish, all tree nuts, raw fruits and vegetables associated with oral allergy syndrome, and several chemical sensitivities that I would forget about in random everyday situations. I knew that I couldn’t be cursed with something like this because all that was left to eat was rice and bread.

After considering everything that I teach on Organic Allergy Relief, I had tried to give fasting a try to see how it affected me. I had considered water fasting, green tea fasting, and intermittent fasting for allergies.

First, I tried green tea with lemon fasting and this turned out to be my most effective experience. I didn’t consume anything but unsweetened organic green tea with lemon juice mixed in. The thought behind this was that the caffeine and green tea would stimulate my thermogenic rate to burn more calories than normal, essentially extending my fast without even waiting. This actually worked very well for me and I highly recommend it.

Water fasting and intermittent fasting always works great for treating allergies, possibly even better. But with just water, I felt that I had no energy or anything to perk me up. And intermittent fasting was difficult because someone always ended up wanting to go out to eat with me and I couldn’t really decline because I was bored.

intermittend fasting benefits for seasonal allergies

The Results of My Fasting for My Allergies Experience

This was a wonderful experience for me because it shined new light on my perspective of human needs, willpower and the value of pleasures. Fasting for 3 days straight had made me feel absolutely wonderful mentally, as if I was clear and happy, focused and calm. It was like I took an Adderall except I felt very healthy, light and free. Symbolically, I felt as if I should appreciate little pleasures in life more than always looking forward to my next meal.

There’s so much more out there to focus on and appreciate than food or other substances that you put in your mouth to make you feel good. This was true focus.

As for my allergies, my oral allergy syndrome completely disappeared. My food intolerances to legumes and tree nuts subsided tremendously. I can now eat all raw fruits and vegetables and some tree nuts. On some days, especially if I drink alcohol, tree nuts will cause facial swelling.

However, my one true allergy to shellfish still bothers me, but not as much. I remember being a child and almost dying if I ate a shrimp because my throat would close up. But now I’ll just get very itchy.

Bottom Line for Calorie Restriction and Allergies

If you are interested in fasting to get rid of annoying seasonal allergy symptoms or minor food intolerances, I highly recommend trying it. Of course, it’s going to be hard to not eat food, but try to set a day or two in the future to just consume water. Take the day as something special, reflect and enjoy yourself free of stress.

This is one of the methods that I highly recommend for allergy sufferers for actual effectiveness. Expensive natural allergy supplements will likely not work and will just waste your money, but this method is free and will actually work. Your allergy symptoms just means that your body needs some time to regenerate.

In addition to calorie restriction, the other thing I highly recommend for treating allergies is proper nutrition. I’d like to mention that many people living in this generation are deficient in sulfur due to the poor quality and overuse of our fertile soils. Biologically available organic MSM crystals have changed my health in a plethora of ways, including improving my allergies dramatically. This stuff is my natural and cheap alternative to allergy medicines and antihistamines. One dose will instantly cure sulfur deficiency and give you a noticeable boost of energy and calmness.

organic MSM crystals for allergy treatment with fasting

This is the only supplement that I can safely say, legitimately treats the causes of allergies. It treats common sulfur deficiencies that hurt the immune system.

If you have something add about my fasting for allergies method, or have experience with calorie restriction for health benefits, please leave me a comment below!

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    1. Author

      Great to hear! I think it is a very healthy hobby and practice that many people are starting to benefit from. Have a nice day!

  1. Thank you for this very informative article. Discussing the diets of our ancestors and the evolution of the body’s systems helps to understand the benefits of fasting. I am looking forward to reading and learning more about allergy relief!

    1. Author

      Hey Evelyn,
      It feels great to hear that someone is interested in a practical perspective on our health. I think it’s very important to consider our ancestors because they were the ones that gave us everything inside our bodies by developing our DNA over hundreds of thousands of years. In fact, you could even consider the ancient diets of our distant ancestors like bonobos. Early humans and animals both practice necessary periods of fasting in their life. Many species seem to prefer fasting before stressful events because it makes them lighter and filled with energy. I think that fasting for allergies and food/chemical intolerances can simply redirect your body’s energy from your digestive system to other functions like immunity. This may attribute to the benefits that I experience with fasting for my allergies.

  2. Hi,
    I have the same allergies you have. People think I’m joking when I tell them everything bothers me including raw fruits and vegetables. I really miss salad. some of the veggies such as carrots and celery causes itching even if I cook them. Rice and bread are issues for me too. I really thank you for taking the time to post this article.
    How long was your water fast? I am on day one but I’ve had this issue for soooo long I don’t know how many days I will have to do. Any signs or symptoms I should look out for before stopping the fast? I don’t want to stop to soon and not have any results

    1. Author

      Hey Nora,
      I was in the same spot as you. If you didn’t know, if these raw fruits and vegetables give you itching or inflammation, this is called oral allergy syndrome. Fasting did wonders for my oral allergy syndrome symptoms and allergies in general. All types of fasting helps give your digestive system a break to rebalance and refocus its energy away from digestion for other functions. This has definitely shown great benefits for my fasting for allergies and food intolerances. You should see water fasting for health as a hobby. Start out slow with one day and increase to up to 3 days in a row, once per month. Don’t do too much obviously because nutrition should always be your priority. If you feel very bad or weak, this should be a sign to simply eat something again. There’s no need to suffer while fasting because it should be a liberating and healthy practice. If you fail at restricting calories, simply try again another time and don’t sweat it!

  3. I always thought that Buddhists and religious people who liked fasting just had to be anorexic or something, but obviously that was ignorant because early humans probably fasted at least once per week. Maybe fasting for allergy treatment is a smart idea because your body can rest and rejuvenate itself instead of using all its energy for digestion. Very interesting stuff.

    1. Author

      Hey Juju
      How I view health is that when it is working properly as nature intended, you won’t experience annoying and uncomfortable symptoms. Allergy symptoms may be an indicator of poor quality of health if it is severe. Perhaps we live in a society that enforces us to eat too much and the first-world definitely consumes too much substance. My idea is that fasting will benefit allergies by allowing your immune system to regenerate and heal with your body’s available energy. If your body is constantly digesting food, it is using its valuable chemical energy on that, rather than healing. Fasting for allergies is just a practice that really improved my severe allergies to everything. I think fasting brought down the severity of my allergies at least, I’m not going to say it’s a cure of course.
      Thanks for coming

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