Experiment with treating allergies naturally

Potential Allergy Cures for Food and Pollen in 2018

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Experiment with treating allergies naturally

Potentially Curing Seasonal and Food Allergies 

Allergies seem to be a growing problem for both our newborn babies and developing adults who are starting to notice that they are developing allergic reactions to certain foods. Throughout my entire life, I have thought it was very strange how older adults did not really have any allergies. At the same time, children who I was growing up with in school had severe allergies to nuts and other random things like grass and tobacco smoke.

I started to see a pattern with each year that passed. It seemed like more and more parents were reporting problems with severe food allergies among their babies. That was until it reached a plateau point, where culture surrounding allergies seemed to change. It was like dealing with a young child with allergies was a new cultural norm that every new parent expected or was used to by now. After hearing about these strange new struggles for two decades, parents have just given up and started to live with the cards that they were dealt.

In addition to that, seasonal allergies have gotten much worse and more prevalent as well. However, sneezing from pollen did not experience any type of uproar in confusion between 2005 and 2015. It was like everybody expected to sneeze due to high pollen counts that faced them with each season. People were constantly complaining about allergies, but nobody seemed to notice anything strange about how seasonal allergies are a worsening problem that many are complaining about now.

I don’t think we fully understand why food and seasonal allergies have merged themselves into our first world culture as a new norm. Maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Natural Allergy Cures and Causes of allergies

I Believe that I Have Treated and Cured Some of My Allergies

Personally, I have had severe food allergies and seasonal allergies since I was born. I was allergic to every season’s pollen, along with shellfish, seafood, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, peas, and bananas. I also had oral allergy syndrome to every season’s pollen and reacted to most uncooked fruits and vegetables. Basically, I could not safely eat anything that wasn’t read meat, rice, bread or water.

However, I would not stand for this my entire life and decided to dedicate much time to researching and experimenting in-depth why I had these allergies to see if I could heal some underlying cause of them in my health. Thankfully, I genuinely believe that I have done so successfully. Now, I can eat almost anything except beans and now I don’t sneeze during the change of seasons and the pollen that it brings. I would like to share a bit of what I have learned after several hundreds of hours of learning what every country of the world has to offer about allergies. Hopefully, some of these concepts will help you come closer to finding a natural allergy cure treatment for yourself.

Intestinal Parasites May Be Causing Your Allergies

One of the most undiagnosed health conditions in the world, in my opinion, is the infection of the intestinal tract by one or more parasites. These types of parasitic infections are so common that experts are starting to believe that at least 85% of North Americans are harboring of type of parasite population in their bodies.

The kinds of infection can range from a overgrowth of normally harmless intestinal flora like yeast to infection of live worms that hatched from small eggs that you might have consumed from your food. We are all familiar with what tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, and roundworms are because we treat our pet animals for them. However, we may not recognize fully that humans are also extremely susceptible to harboring these parasites as well. We get out dogs checked for worms about once per year, so why don’t we do that for our own bodies?

Parasites in humans are potentially the most toxic health issue that can be present in the body. This is also the most basic cause for a suppressed immune system. Research shows that when humans have a suppressed immune system, they almost always begin to harbor animal parasites within their digestive tract. This can be seen in AIDS patients. Doctors test for parasites especially for autoimmune patients and they usually find that a huge majority of AIDS patients have tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm infections.

It’s not like autoimmune patients eat in a different type of way than we do. It is simply because the food that we eat as humans are commonly infected with parasite eggs and we just do not know it.

list of parasite symptoms or herxheimer reaction symptoms to detox caused by supplements

Causes  and Symptoms of Intestinal Parasite Infection

The most common sources of parasite eggs are in undercooked pork, beef and fish. But they can just as easily be found in under washed fruits and vegetables. A common misconception is that vegans are healthier because they cannot pick up intestinal parasites from meat. However, the opposite may be true because worm parasites have evolved to deposit their eggs in the soil so that they are eaten again through fruits and vegetables from the ground. We usually cook and kill parasite eggs in meat before we eat it.

Some common symptoms that can arise from parasitic infection in humans include:

  • Allergies to food and seasonal pollen
  • Chronic digestive issues like diarrhea, gas, constipation and nausea
  • Leaky Gut
  • Yeast infections
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Skin problems like dry skin, acne, sores, rashes
  • Mood disorders like nervousness, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Weight and appetite issues
  • Blood sugar problems which may lead to diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Sexual and reproductive issues
  • Bad breath
  • Sight degeneration
  • Rectal itching, especially at night
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Many more possible symptoms

These symptoms arise due to the fact that these organisms are consuming your nutrients through the food that you eat. Then, since they are animals as well, they defecate inside of you, causing you to absorb their waste back into your bloodstream. This is obviously going to cause issues with toxicity, which brings on another load of health problems that can be brought on in the future.

In our large intestine, the colon, we contain a beneficial yeast called Candida albicans that helps to digest the remainder of our food, particularly sugars and carbohydrates through fermentation. Ancestral humans have evolved a somewhat beneficial relationship with this yeast, but it also has potential to overgrow and become a parasite itself.

Older generations of humans did not consume the amount of sugar that we do today. They consumed about 10-30 grams of sugar each day naturally. Now, we are consuming 150 grams a day on average. This is a dietary change that is only a few decades old, which has been accelerated by the United States’ declaring fatty foods as evil.

You Just Have to Think Practically About It

A lot of the media likes to criticize doctors who warn about the effects of yeast overgrowth, but with a lack of reason. Many people do not fully understand how yeast and fungus works.

For the most part in nature, yeast consumes the energy it needs by fermenting sugars into alcohol. This is exactly the process that is occuring inside our large intestine. Candida yeast is fermenting sugar and turning it into alcohol, which is absorbed into our bloodstream.

Along with that, yeast grows when it ferments. It spreads quickly so that it can find more food and spread even more quickly. That is how nature and evolution works, after all. If our immune system isn’t in optimal condition, it cannot keep the yeast in check where it is supposed to be for healthy function.

If Candida yeast is given too much food and the body’s immune system is not healthy enough, the yeast will spread into the small intestine, where it is not supposed to be naturally. There, it can poke holes in the digestive tract, causing “leaky gut syndrome.” If the holes are big enough, the small fungus can squeeze into your bloodstream and travel anywhere it wants through the body. If it finds somewhere strange with food, like the brain or heart, it can colonize that part of the body to perform the same functions it did symbiotically in the large intestine. But this time, it acts in a parasitic way on the body, eating away at it.

In my opinion, the research surrounding the government’s decision to destroy fat from dietary recommendations was funded by corporations, particularly the sugar companies, and should not be trusted. Fat is essential to the human diet in balance with proteins and carbohydrates. Without this essential balance, internal harmony will be disrupted for the long run. We are just now starting to see the effects of a high carb and low-fat diet. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that around the same time we started replacing fat with sugar, we began to see that our newborn children were experiencing life-threatening allergies to food.

Natural Allergy Healing With Intestinal Parasite Cleanse


Intestinal Parasite Cures

The best ways that you can treat parasitic infections now, without the use of drugs, is by changing your diet and adding a few antiparasitic supplement foods for a month or two. What I did was make a change for 2 months initially that amounted to intense parasite cleansing with alternating fasting and supplementing with things like diatomaceous earth and cayenne pepper.

Some of the best ways to cleanse parasites that cause allergies include:

  • Going to the doctor and recommending an antiparasitic prescription drug treatment
  • Eating sulfur-containing foods like raw garlic and onion
  • MSM crystals supplement: A biologically available source of cellular sulfur
  • Wormwood, cloves and green walnut hull combination
  • Diatomaceous earth: small fossilized diatoms from algae that kills insects both in the garden and inside our digestive tracts
  • Digestive enzymes like papain and bromelain
  • Cayenne pepper: Natural insecticide that causes all types of bugs agitation
  • Fiber: bulky fiber like psyllium husk can physically push parasites and worms out of your intestines
  • Eating absolutely no simple sugars and few complex carbohydrates if any. This is what parasites feed on. Sugar should be avoided during parasite cleanse.
  • Fasting: water and dry fasting were extremely beneficial for me. Some claim that fasting for 3-5 days is essential for a complete parasite cleanse.

There are many more speculated treatments and potential cures for parasitic infection in humans. It seemed that the most effective treatments for my body were cayenne pepper, water fasting, avoiding sugar for long periods, and sulfur (from MSM and raw garlic). Others say that a different combination worked wonders for them, like the wormwood, green walnut, and cloves combination tincture. However, this treatment did not seem to do anything for me. Perhaps different treatments work better on different types of parasites. It would be best to try a variety of treatments so that you can cure your parasite infection more easily.

Read more in-depth about intestinal parasites that may cause allergies here.

Curing Allergies By Healing Nutrient and Mineral Deficiencies

I firmly believe that an up-and-coming health problem is going to be with sulfur deficiency. By analyzing and understanding how sulfur works chemically and biologically, it seems that the human race has a problem with nutrient turnover in our fertile soils. Simply, the soil that farmers have used for growing crops is not given enough time to regenerate the minerals that are naturally supposed to be present in the ground. Therefore, the fruits and vegetables that we eat are not able to absorb adequate amounts of sulfur from the soil, which means that we get less from our food overall because sulfur is not in our food like we would normally believe.

Sulfur is extremely important for many health functions within our bodies. To start, it is essential for the proper function of our immune systems and necessary for the body’s production of glutathione. This is the most important, basic antioxidant within our body and it provides so many functions for good health. Glutathione helps to get rid of waste products in the body’s tissues and detoxes heavy metals.

Therefore, MSM works by providing the body with what it needs to create its own powerful antioxidants.

If you are deficient in sulfur like potentially 80% of the population could be, you could experience the health benefits of sulfur with MSM for allergies, including:

  • Treating a root cause of allergies: sulfur deficiency
  • Allowing for cell permeability to more easily get rid of cellular waste
  • Parasite cleansing: MSM is sulfur, which is antiparasitic. Some experts believe that MSM crystals can provide a protective layer against parasites infecting your digestive tract in the future.
  • Heals the intestinal wall and reverses the damage done by “leaky gut syndrome” which may cause food intolerances, which essentially worsen the condition.
  • Beauty benefits: sulfur improves skin and hair quality. It is a primary component of collagen and keratin, which are necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Healthier bones and joints: Sulfur helps to break up calcium deposits in the glands within the body that cause joint degeneration. It should help to improve joint flexibility, hydration and pain reduction.
  • Increases energy levels by getting rid of excess waste fluid and toxins
  • Potential brain and mood benefits have been reported
  • Potential detox and decalcification of the glands within the body, notably the adrenal glands and the pineal gland.

what is msm powder comparison of msm supplements crystals are the best

Sulfur Deficiency Treatment

Once I had researched more about sulfur deficiency, I thought that it was plausible that this could be a problem for my health as well. It seemed like MSM crystals were much more available to the body than powders and capsules, so I bought some from my local health store, which was more expensive than online.

After just one dose of MSM crystals, I felt much better within an hour of taking it. It was like I had a burst of new, fresh energy and like I could run for miles without getting tired. I think that sulfur filled a hole in my health that was present since my childhood. That is why I would highly recommend that anybody consider sulfur deficiency as a potential health problem for their body. That’s especially for people and children who are younger than 30.

I have tried a number of MSM products, from capsules to crystals. I can confidently say that this brand of MSM crystals that I get on Amazon is by far the best quality I have ever tried. The bag lasts me forever. It could last me 10 months if I took one dose per day. After three years of taking a small, tasteless dose of sulfur mixed with any drink, I feel incredible in every way. I feel as if some of my allergies have been cured because I can eat a much bigger variety of foods and I don’t sneeze often during the allergy seasons.

Read more about sulfur deficiency and MSM here.

Allergy Cure Via Fasting to Reset the Immune System

The health benefits of fasting can be researched with thousands of years of practice. The benefits of all types of fasting cannot be denied any more, whether it be water fasting, intermittent fasting, coffee fasting or whatever fasting.

There’s extensive evidence to prove that fasting at least one day of the month can effectively improve your immune system’s production of white blood cells. It can also give your digestive system a much-needed break.

This evidence mostly comes from examining the culture of people who follow the Mormon religion. These individuals don’t eat for or drink water for one day of the month and not surprisingly have the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

If you practice fasting or cleansing diets yourself for health or religious practices, you can recognize the beautiful benefits that strong willpower can reward you with. It’s very likely that restricting calories for the long term or fasting entirely in short periods can extend your life, improve the health of your body and enhance proper brain function.

My Long Term Experience With Fasting

In my practices of fasting, I have seen wonderful benefits to my health and cures for several of my allergies. After one of my fasting protocols, I notice that my allergic reactions to food are diminished dramatically and my seasonal allergies are non-existent. In addition to that, I experience beauty benefits in my skin and hair, better digestion, more energy, and a much better emotional health. After trying a few fasting protocols and seeing the benefits that can be reaped, I now see fasting as an essential to my lifestyle. This way, I can maintain the mental determination and willpower to make productive decisions for long-term benefit.

The way that I attribute to experiencing these health benefits is through two mechanisms. First, I believe that fasting physically gives your digestive system a break from constantly digesting and assimilating food. It is much more stressful on your energy levels to digest solid foods than you think, especially grains and meats. Secondly, I think that fasting helps your immune system produce necessary levels of white blood cells, just like research suggests. White blood cells are extremely important for keeping infection levels in check, which may provide the foundation for better health.

Like I had explained previously, fasting also helps with parasitic infection by starving out parasites of food. They way, they can be more easily killed and eliminated.

Read more about my long term experience with fasting here.

Bottom Line for Potential Allergy Cures

In all honesty, please don’t expect any of these methods to “cure” allergies. I think it is simply ridiculous of a concept to cure food and seasonal allergies because you really can’t cure any health condition for the long-term, unless its a disease. Perhaps allergies are just conditions that your body is susceptible to and they arise when you are in a poor state of health. That is what seems to be the case for me because if I eat too much junk food or drink too much alcohol, my allergy symptoms will pop up again the next day.

Therefore, this is just a disclaimer that these methodical cures for allergies are not actual cures like we are treating a cold or something. But, you may be able to heal by restoring the holes in your health that caused your allergies in the first place. Those deficiencies and infections will definitely be cured by proper definition.

These are the methods that have worked for me and treating my allergies. They have worked tremendously for my overall health as a result and I feel much better than I did when I was a child and teenager.

If you have a question or something to add about natural allergy cure treatments, please leave me a comment in the form below!

Talk to you soon,


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