Antibiotics and Allergies is a Real Problem

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Decades of Misunderstanding

In the recent decades, allergies became a much more prevalent problem for citizens of the first world. Babies were being born with allergies to nuts, dairy and soy like never seen before. Why was this happening in first-world countries and not in poorer regions? Maybe there is a link between antibiotics and allergies.

At University of Michigan Medical School, scientists presented results of experiments with laboratory mice indicating that antibiotic-induced changes in microbes in the gastrointestinal tract can affect how the immune system reacts to common allergens. These mice, just like every other organism, have a unique microbial fingerprint—a mix of bacteria and yeast living in our stomach and digestive system.

Antibiotics and Allergies

Antibiotics kill the bacteria in our gut, allowing fungi to overgrow temporarily until our beneficial probiotics return to balance. The research done by these scientists indicates that altering intestinal microflora this way can lead to changes in the entire immune system. Confirmed in clinical studies, they believe that the high rates of cases with chronic inflammatory diseases like allergies had been increasing rapidly over the last 40 years because of the emergence of antibiotics.antibiotics and allergies

The mice were treated with antibiotics and then monitored for their presence of microflora in their immune system. Two days after the treatment, the researchers exposed the mice to a mold allergen. He then compared the results of these mice to different mice exposed to the same mold. The results concluded that the antibiotic-treated mice experienced a much more intense allergic reaction. We can conclude from this that, in mice, probiotics can prevent or eliminate allergies.

Using this information as a human, you can infer that taking care of your beneficial microbes is important for your immune system and allergy relief. Instead of taking over-the-counter drugs, you can treat your allergies naturally with a diet high in fruits and vegetables, low in processed sugar and a quality probiotic supplement.

I think that probiotics are necessary for every person’s health. I’ve tried many brands and recommend Ultimate Care by Renew Life. This probiotic revolutionized how I feel, eliminated some of my allergies, and improved my digestion incredibly. Probiotics are an essential to treating the root cause of allergies and being clear naturally.



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