natural antihistamine withdrawal treatment

Natural Antihistamine Withdrawal Treatment [Research]

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natural antihistamine withdrawal treatment

It’s very important for everybody, especially parents, to know that certain antihistamines are as addictive as recreational drugs. They are also able to produce crippling withdrawal effects that can lead to uncontrolled allergy symptoms due to excess production of histamine in the blood.

There are actually some very effective natural antihistamine withdrawal treatments that can aid your well-being while trying to stop being dependent on drugs. These supplements will either act as natural antihistamines to bring histamine down to a normal level whilst withdrawing, or lessen the effects of the withdrawal due to lack of the drug.

Which Antihistamine are Most Addictive?

According to research done in 2016, there have been a dozen cases of severe withdrawal symptoms after taking OTC levocetirizine. Apparently, these eleven women and one man have been using these medications from 6 months to 3 years.  After stopping medication with xyzal completely, they all had severe pruritus (itching) and other allergy symptoms.

The subjects had tried to stop their addiction to this new OTC drug, but they always had to give in because the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable. The researchers at NCBI tried tapering these people off while giving them steroids to avoid withdrawal physically.

We also know that diphenhydramine (Benadryl) causes a dependency as well. Not only that, it will cause nervous system damage when taken chronically. This first-generation allergy medication also causes these uncomfortable short-term symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Dull vision
  • Addiction

When you try to stop taking Benadryl cold turkey, you will have trouble sleeping, allergy symptoms, and trouble concentrating.

Extensive claims highly suggest that these medications also cause a dependency:

  • Loratadine (Claritin)
  • Cetirizine (Zyrtec) – My experience
  • Steroid nasal sprays. These have proven to produce stimulant chemicals in the brain, like coaine or caffeine. Many people are dependent on this stuff and it is truly difficult to stop taking them when addicted.

But WebMD says antihistamines are not addictive!

WebMD does not provide accurate health information. Their claims are sometimes very false and vague in a way that it isn’t even an expert response.

An MD contributor Paul Enright has posted on WebMD that antihistamines aren’t addictive because no matter how long you take antihistamines, even if you quit cold turkey, your body won’t be any more allergic to things.

Antihistamine addiction treatment

He then says this little gem:

“If you get rid of the windshield on your car, bugs will again hit your face. If you then replace the windshield, it won’t remove the bugs already in your eye. Does this mean that you are “addicted” to the windshield?”

Do you see how “experts” and doctors on the media can sound like a load of crap?

The truth is that TV doctors and even local doctors are influenced by the pharmaceutical companies to promote the health benefits of antihistamines. However, many have claimed that antihistamines have made their allergies uncontrollable?

These doctors are paid tens of thousands from insurance companies by prescribing antihistamines. If he told you the truth (that it’s your diet and lifestyle), he wouldn’t be prescribing anything and wouldn’t be making any money!

The exact same can be said for antibiotics abuse. The over-prescribing of these drugs are bringing an end to the miracle of modern medicine.

Once your online doctor provides some sources to back his claims from a relevant study that accurately supports his claim, then we will consider if antihistamines are safe.

How I Got Through Antihistamine Withdrawal

If you are among the millions that are addicted to antihistamine drugs right now, you might be thinking that your finances are being sucked out of you by the pharmaceutical companies.

And you’d be right!

I was in that spot a few years back when my food and seasonal allergies were unbearable. It was often very necessary for me to take an antihistamine, or else I would be blowing my nose to no end, sneezing, looking horrible, yeah.

It was embarrassing.

I tried each OTC antihistamine that was available at the time. It seemed that cetirizine (Zyrtec) was the most effective for my allergy symptoms, especially during the Fall and Spring.

However, I would be disappointed to know that this is an allergy drug that makes users suffer when they quit. I can vouch from experience that Zyrtec has some serious addictive potentials. My use of this drug lasted around 5 months and I cannot imagine the pain from taking it for years like some people have.

Eventually, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to be addicted to this drug (I was also dependent on a store-brand nasal spray), so I tried learning about the core and cause of antihistamine dependency and withdrawal and what it really means. I tried a few things like ginger tea and saline nasal spray, but I still felt like garbage.

I knew there had to be something out there that could help nourish me and get me through the withdrawal.

Natural Antihistamine Withdrawal Treatment

  1. Organic quercetin

    Quercetin is a natural antihistamine withdrawal treatment

    This quercetin supplement would be excellent for you because it contains bromelain, an effective allergy enzyme.

Quercetin is the most effective natural histamine that has been discovered in nature. If you are suffering from the withdrawal of antihistamines, then organic quercetin will decrease the amount of histamine in your blood, while not affecting your brain harmfully. It can definitely help you get through your withdrawal phase.

  1. MSM Crystals

    MSM crystals can treat antihistamine withdrawal naturally

    This seems to be everybody’s favorite MSM crystals supplement. It is cheap and organic.

MSM is a nutrient that is found in the cells of all plants, animals, and insects. At this time, our soils are undergoing a change due to the overuse of agricultural chemicals and physical practices. Therefore, some minerals like sulfur are not available from our food supply. MSM is the biological form of sulfur that is found in our bodies. Once you take one dose, you’ll feel a world of difference.

MSM crystals can get you through withdrawal because once MSM is in your bloodstream, it eliminates all allergic reactions in your blood and reduces inflammation for 12 hours. A dose is so small, tasteless and inexpensive while working so well for allergies. After the withdrawal phase, you can continue using MSM crystals for their wonderful range of health benefits.

Read more about sulfur and MSM deficiency here.

  1. Digestive enzymes

    Digestive enzymes for antihistamine withdrawal

    This is an excellent supplement because it incorporates healthy prebiotics and probiotics as well.

Enzymes are extremely complex molecules made from nutrients in the food you eat. Your pancreas makes the most of these enzymes for breaking down of food and other chemicals. It’s important to know that many people are deficient in enzymes because they don’t have proper nutrirition. Sometimes, your diet and lifestyle may make you deficient in a valuable nutrient, like sulfur from above.

When you are deficient in enzymes, you will have trouble with digestion, and practically every other cellular process. These enzymes are important for detoxification and cellular energy as well. If you have sluggishness, trouble thinking, and slow digestion, then this may be your problem. You should try digestive enzymes as a supplement in food form. These are most effective and inexpensive.

Some people ask do digestive enzymes really work?

Bottom Line: These drugs change your brain / Taper off the drugs

If you take antihistamines regularly, then there may be a serious problem with your health. Antihistamines pills and nasal sprays can change the brain to produce a reward just like recreational drugs and alcohol do.

It’s very understandable that the withdrawal process is very painful, but thing always get worse before they get better in regards to health. If you are suffering from antihistamine dependency, then I suggest that you start tapering off and you try one of the methods that I have used for my severe withdrawal to cetirizine and nasal sprays.

Please let me know how they worked for you if you already tried them!


If you have a question or something to add about natural antihistamine withdrawal treatment , please let me know it in the comments! Also, if you have tried quitting antihistamines, let us know your story and try to help each other deal with life naturally again.

The world is a much better feeling place when you are not addicted to a substance.

I am always here for you,



  1. I’ve been 3 years now cold-turkey topical steroid withdrawal. I started taking dupixent 6 months ago. Has helped my skin fabulously. My eyes became very red itchy common seasonal allergy symptoms. My team of doctors prescribe clariton. I’m realizing through my connections to your site and others that even though I’ve been on it for only 2 months I’ve developed a dependency and must withdrawal, much like topical steroid creams. I also blamed my sudden heartburn to the drug dupixent, and the horrible I situations, so I started taking Prilosec. Which I’m now realizing has its own wonderful side effects. Makes me crazy to think I have to go through another horrible withdrawal process!

    1. Author

      Hey Lori,
      So you have taken topical steroids for the allergic reactions on your skin? You experience rashes, burns, eczema, dry skin, itchiness, blemishes, acne, etc. when you come in contact with allergens? I am interested in what medications you are currently taking and how it is working for you. Please let me know!

  2. Hi, Anthony. I’m so glad I found your site! I have been doing a lot of research on course of 10 with bromelain lately. I have had horrific year-round allergies for most of my 48 years. I have taken every anti-histamine known to mankind and, for the last year, have been getting allergy shots. Like many, I am allergic to basically everything that I was tested for. I decided to stop taking the allergy shots because I didn’t like the way they made me feel, plus I really don’t like the idea of having to get stuck with for needles twice per week. So, I would really like to try the quercetin with bromelain. My question is, is there a correct way to gradually wean Off the anti-histamines? Would it be wise to take one anti-histamine every other day when beginning the Quercetin with Bromelain?

    1. Author

      Hey Kristy,
      Thanks for the interesting insight! It sounds like you are suffering from a common issue among allergy-sufferers. It’s often very difficult to stop taking antihistamines because you will experience antihistamine withdrawal symptoms. Your body is physically dependent on these substances to take care of the substances for it. When it stops receiving the drugs, your immune system will need some time to realize that it needs to do something about the allergies again. I would recommend that you try to slowly take less and less while you also incorporate a natural antihistamine to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. This is what worked for me! Let me know how you are doing!

  3. I’m from India and having withdrawal symptoms from Levocetricine. I’ve been lowering the dose over the past few months and now down to half of one fourth a tablet daily. My scalp legs and hands itch horribly especially at night. Where I come from those products you recommend aren’t available. I’ve been on this antihistamine for ten years now and I’m worried as I want to get pregnant soon and this drug is actually not safe during pregnancy despite the false claims

    1. Author

      Hey there,
      So you’re telling me you’ve been using levocetirizine for over a decade? That’s interesting because it just came to the OTC market in the first world, so you must have gotten it via prescription right? These natural products aren’t available over the internet either? I would recommend that you try to stop taking this medicine before you get pregnant, just like any other drugs. Have you tried any other methods for antihistamine withdrawal?

  4. Hi, I took Zyrtec for around 2 weeks before noticing a dependency. I’d start breaking out in hives once the medicine wore off and the only relief was to take more and more. Then, I realized that I was physically dependent, so I tried stopping it. The itching would get so unbearable that I would break down and take another pill. I tried to get off it for around another two weeks. Then, I realized that this is a true addiction. I’ve never been addicted to anything before and I am having a really difficult time. I was so disgusted with it all that I threw all the pills away…. the last pill I took was last night. I fear what I’m going to experience tomorrow because it was always around the 48h mark that I’d start to itch like mad and break down and take another pill. I bought vitamin c and quercetin. So far today I’ve taken 2000 mg of vitamin c and 1000 mg of quercetin. I’m really worried that I won’t be able to break this addiction. I really want to speak to someone who was able to get through this cold turkey. The more I read online, the more scared I get…some people’s accounts of trying to get off this stuff is disturbing… trying to come off it for years, etc. I don’t want that to be me….

    1. Author

      Hey Katherine,
      I wouldn’t worry about it so much, you should be more confident that you can break the dependency. That’s horrible that a labeled allergy medicine could do this to a consumer and it is what I had feared the most. For me, what really helped me break my dependency was a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a diet full of fresh vegetables. Although I didn’t go through itching, I was extremely fatigued for a short time. It took me a few tries before I had the inspiration to get through, but I kicked my Zyrtec addiction of 3 years with time and some support. So I know you can do it.

  5. Author

    Zyrtec and Xyzal (Levocetirizine and cetirizine) seem to give people the most problems in regards to addiction. This is one of the reasons why this blog is important to me.

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