Are antihistamines addictive?

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Are Antihistamines Addictive?

Antihistamines are absolutely addictive. There is extensive research to prove that there are studies done on groups of people that experience withdrawal from OTC antihistamines.

You can read about that and antihistamine addiction here.

Apparently, new levocetirizine OTC is causing some people unbearable itching after trying to stop taking Xyzal cold turkey. They have said in research studies that they needed a steroid to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Many doctors and WebMD will claim that antihistamines are not addictive. But their claims to a lot of problems aren’t backed up by any research. Their word is just a statement made up by their perspective.

The truth is that you can develop a dependency to antihistamines.

are antihistamines addictive

Doctors are influenced to promote antihistamines and prescriptions

A lot of the time, medical doctors will promote the use of antihistamines for allergy symptoms. They are bribed to ignore the potential side effects and dependency of the drugs. They are influenced with money to prescribe more and more.

A core value of this site is to get to the cause of allergies and treat them naturally rather than with harmful drugs. Antihistamine are addictive and we should never give them to our children due to the way it affects the body.

Antihistamines can act as stimulants at times and give pleasurable reward to the brain, enticing you to crave more.

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