Ascaris Roundworm Parasite Treatment Killing Naturally

Ascaris Roundworm Parasites and Killing Them Naturally

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Ascaris Roundworm Parasite Treatment Killing NaturallyNaturally Treating Ascaris and Roundworm Parasites

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you would know that I constantly warn about how prevalent parasite infections are within humans. In addition to that, I try to emphasize how ignorant Western doctors are about the most foundational topic in health science there is. You could take a sample of a parasite body that you found in the toilet directly to the doctor and he might take it for testing, or tell you outright that you are fine and that you don’t have a parasite infection.

If they take the specimen for testing, the tests almost always come back negative, which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not entirely sure if First World doctors are just not educated or experienced with parasite infections, they are educated that they are no longer a problem, or if there is foul play involved that is manipulating both doctors and their patients. Either way, this is a huge issue and many people are starting to accidentally realize that they have some sort of parasitic worm infection after seeing something strange in the toilet.

Don’t be alarmed if you believe this to be your case because it is likely that 80 to 100 percent of people living on the planet right now have at least one type of parasite infecting them. My website is about helping people to heal their allergies (make allergies go away), but it’s also about cleansing parasites because I believe them to be one of the essential causes of allergies. That’s because this was exactly the case for me. I am dedicating my life right now to raising awareness for these health problems that could be affecting millions, if not billions, of people right now struggling to understand what the causes of their symptoms are.

While studying biology in college, I focused a lot of my research projects on raising awareness for parasite infections, mostly for Ascaris and rope worms. Please let me try to explain my struggle with Ascaris Lumbricoides, the most common roundworm, and other types of roundworm parasites. That way, you can better understand how to move forward and begin to restore the potential of your health from the foundation of your wellbeing. Your life will be revolutionized after you complete a parasite cleanse successfully.

Avoiding Ascaris Roundworm Intestinal Parasites Do and Don't

Ascaris Lumbricoides Explained

Ascaris is a genus member of the parasitic nematode worms also known as the “giant intestinal roundworm.” This is one of the most common and largest worm parasites that can be found in humans, along with pet dogs and cats.

It lives in the small intestine, where it can traverse slowly through to find food and other members of its species to mate. Ascaris worms can reach other areas of the body like the large intestine, stomach, liver, lungs and heart. However, it prefers to remain in the small intestine during its adult life so that it has easy access to carbohydrates.

The adult female members of this species can grow to a length of up 18 inches long, while the males are typically much shorter and skinnier. This is due to the fact that the females need to be larger so that they can hold large amounts of larvae and eggs. The worm’s body has a cylindrical shape hence the name, and they have a creamy white or almost pink color at times.

When the worms are alive and healthy, they will be pale pink in color with a bright red stripe along the length of their body. The females can grow to be the thickness of a pencil, which is extremely alarming. Yes, these worms do slither through your intestines and don’t just stay in one place. You may or may not be able to feel them doing so.

Ascaris Lumbricoides in Humans Infection

A severe case of Ascariasis

“Parasites are only a problem for poor countries” is a Huge Misconception

Infection by roundworm parasites like Ascaris typically occurs worldwide in warmer and more humid climates. Where sanitation and technologically-advanced hygiene is lacking, the frequency is much higher. However, that does not seem to be the case for the United States, where the rates are extremely high in the southeast region of the country (along the Bible Belt). The World Health Organization predicts that at least 25% of the entire human population is infected with Ascaris roundworms alone, but that might even be a conservative prediction.

People at risk for developing an infection are those who live in areas where the soil may be contaminated with feces. Fruits and vegetables that came in contact with the ground are the most common modes of infection. You can deduce that this is a worldwide problem because agricultural production is nearly globalized. Therefore, anybody around the world who does not properly wash their produce may be infected by the eggs or larvae of an Ascaris roundworm parasite.

This worm also instinctively lays its eggs within the muscles of its host. That way, future targets don’t necessarily have to eat another animal’s feces to become infected. All they have to do is eat the meat of another animal that was infected previously and it is exactly the same situation. That’s why it is extremely important to fully cook meat, including beef, pork, poultry and fish.

Ascaris lives in the small intestines for the most part and their eggs are released and passed in the feces from an infected person. If the same feces is defecated outside or used as fertilizer, the eggs are deposited into the soil. They can then mature on the crops that we eat so that they can be more infective.

When a person ingests a food item that has been exposed to the extremely small eggs and larvae of a roundworm parasite, they are susceptible to developing the condition called Ascariasis. You can also be infected by this roundworm after touching the soil and then putting your hands near your mouth. To avoid infection from produce entirely, you must cook, wash or peel the fruit or vegetable to remove or destroy the eggs.

Parasites Have Evolved to Survive and Remain Undetected By The Host

The reasons why Ascaris infection is so problematic are that:

  • The females typically lay up to 300,000 small eggs each day
  • The worms have an incredibly thick and hard shell around their tough skin for protection
  • When they die or are destroyed, they release dormant larvae in a cluster from their body to reinfect the host
  • They release a protective mucus-like coating to attempt to protect from antiparasitic drugs and foods
  • Their eggs are extremely sticky and protected by a biofilm that lets them survive practically any harsh conditions
  • They can move, hide, bite and burrow to evade death, recolonize and further destroy your body from the inside.

The most difficult aspect to deal with in regards to cleansing your body of this parasite is its incredible rate of reinfection. Its eggs almost ensure that the host will be infected within a week’s time after a parasite cleanse. The eggs are laid with a very sticky compound that stays intact with your intestinal wall no matter how extensive the cleansing effort is.

This is why consistent cleansing with breaks is absolutely essential to eradicating them from your body. You may kill them off completely with a cleanse, but they are guaranteed to come back 2 weeks later because their eggs will hatch and they are immune to being destroyed physically and chemically. The shell of these eggs are incredibly hard and there is simply nothing you can really do right now to destroy them. Perhaps there is some herb or drug that has the ability to do so, but we just don’t know because these methods have not yet been researched or even considered seriously by mainstream medical science.

Ascaris Roundworm Anatomy Dissection

Anatomy of a roundworm parasite

Ascaris Eggs are Very Hard to Destroy

It takes about three weeks for the eggs to mature into larvae that have the ability to infect the host. The eggs will hatch in the small intestine and the juvenile then instinctively proceeds to penetrate the intestinal wall and burrow through your body into your bloodstream. It uses the force of your bloodstream to eventually reach the lungs, where it sits and matures for a few days.

In the lungs, the adolescent parasite is able to feed off of the small amount of glucose that can be accessed from your blood. When it becomes strong enough, it breaks out of its protective coating in an alveoli of your lungs and tries to travel up into your windpipe by physically crawling. If successful, it will reach a point in your windpipe where it can cause a gag reflex for the host to cough up the worm larvae into their esophagus. Then, it travels down into your stomach again and into your lower intestine so that it can eat carbohydrates and socialize.

The mature larvae remains in the duodenum for some time, also known as the area of your small intestine right after your stomach. The part of the intestines where your stomach releases digested food is the duodenum. This is where a large portion of Ascaris larvae and adults remain so that it has the best protection from enzymes and acid with access to undigested food.

Roundworms’ skin gives it the ability to survive harsh conditions like stomach acid so that it is not immediately killed or digested. However, it cannot be exposed for a long duration of time.

When you consume Ascaris larvae or eggs from food for its initial infection, it matures in its first stages in the duodenum and then proceeds to burrow through your intestines and into your lungs. Some parasitologists believe that it can make a pit stop to your heart or liver before your lungs to have better access to glucose and a good environment to molt. Just like a snake, roundworm parasites need to molt their skin as it ages. It is unknown what happens to the discarded skin when it is left in the heart or lungs.

When the larvae is heavily infecting your lungs, severe symptoms can emerge that appear as pneumonia, cough and bloody sputum. A chronic heavy-set cough may be a tell-tale sign of this infection. If you are not a smoker, this is likely the next best explanation for a chronic congested cough. Of course, there could be other factors that might explain it as well.

Ask A Farmer About Roundworm Parasites in Their Animals

Farmers know about this parasite all too well because horses, pigs and cows suffer from this tedious infection for their entire lives. Some farmers incorporate anti-parasitic supplements like diatomaceous earth into the feed, but others try to physically deworm their animals when the infection is too severe. Veterinarians have to surgically burn a hole through the animal’s side (mostly cows) so that part of the cow’s intestines is exposed to air, but still allow the cow’s body to function properly. This hole allows farmers access to the area of the intestines where Ascaris roundworms are most commonly found. This area of the intestines is the spot located at the end of the small intestine, right before the entrance into the lower intestine near the cecum.

Unfortunately, parasites are animals that are smart like us and they know that this part of the body is an excellent opportunity to form its nest, where it can go to retreat from anti-parasitic foods, herbs and drugs. Many people are ignorant to the fact that parasites do not just sit around and allow themselves to die. They take measures like these to avoid being killed so they can continue to survive in nature and fulfill their biological purpose.

Roundworm parasites in farm animals

Ascaris Roundworm Health Effects and Symptoms

People infected with Ascaris parasites often do not show any obvious symptoms. From a parasite’s perspective, they do not want to be detected so that they can survive for longer. If an animal or human realizes that they are being infected, they instinctively take measures to eradicate it. The psychological survival instincts lead an animal or human to be disgusted by this creature inside them, causing them to not eat. Then, the parasites are not able to feed and may die of starvation.

With mild to moderate infections, minor symptoms are caused by the physical damage done to the host’s body by the worms’ movement and excretion of waste. Those symptoms include:

  • Physical cuts and holes created in the intestines, which results in “Leaky Gut Syndrome”
    • This can lead to allergies to food and pollen, food intolerances, chemical sensitivities and a wide range of other health conditions.
  • Emotional instability caused by physical damage done to the serotonin receptors present in the intestines. A large part of your emotional health comes from your gut. If serotonin is not able to be absorbed from food, you will more likely experience feelings of danger, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, drug cravings, mental disorders, and more.
  • Headaches, which could actually represent itself as pain within your intestines caused by the moving parasite worms.
  • Craving for simple carbohydrates like sugar and alcohol, which is parasite and yeast food.
  • Abdominal bloating which may be caused by decaying worm bodies or fluid collection within the intestines.
  • Fatigue because your body isn’t able to absorb nutrients from food properly.

These are Ascaris symptoms that will be present in a more mild infection, even though they seem kind of severe. Thinking about it, these are actual worms inside your digestive system and they can’t be doing much good in there. A moderate infection consists of around 200-500 worms inside you at once. Yes, that’s a lot, but they multiply quickly.

Moderate to Severe Ascaris Infection Symptoms

If you have a more severe case of Ascariasis, the symptoms you will likely experience include:

  • Constipation due to the worms physically blocking the fecal matter from being able to be released.
  • Diarrhea depending on the type of food you eat the most. When you have a severe Ascaris infection, you are mostly pooping out the worms’ poop and not your own. It appears to be more piecey like diarrhea.
  • Feeling movement or bubbling in the abdomen, which is also associated with pain. Again, these worms move inside your intestines. You may or may not be able to feel them, but if the case is severe, you should definitely remember at least one time where you felt movement and pain inside you. Even if you do, you’ll likely not attribute it to worms due to denial.
  • Blood in the stool is likely as the worms bite and cause lacerations in your intestines. Severe cases of leaky gut allow the bloodstream to leak out into your intestines. This causes a whirlwind of health issues in itself, to add on top of the problem.
  • Passing worms in the stool. This one might be a little more obvious, but you will sometimes pass them in the toilet. Evolution has tried to prevent this from happening by allowing the dead worm bodies to decay and appear as fecal matter to the animal. But sometimes when an antiparasitic food or drug is consumed, they are killed and released quickly to be observed visually.
  • Frequent or chronic fever is also a common symptom. This occurs when there is an infection of any type within your body. Your immune system is so weak that it must resort to heating itself up with hopes that it will kill the Ascaris infection. It won’t.
  • Ulcers in the stomach and intestines are also common due to the movement of the worms. When they move, they also bite and form holes that bleed. If something then reacts with the site of the bleeding, an ulcer can occur due to inflammation.

In a severe roundworm infection, there can be thousands of Ascaris present inside one individual’s body. This is very disturbing to think about, but it is possible because of the nature of biology and how the species evolved over time. They have adapted traits to allow them to be undetected by its host.

Life cycle and environments of Ascaris roundworms

My Experience With Ascaris Roundworm Parasites

Personally, I have observed a few of these worms in my stool after attempting my first parasite cleanse during my first year of college. I don’t think that the infection was severe for me, but I definitely saw what looks like these things a few times, among other types of parasites. It seems like every single person who starts their first parasite cleanse observes something coming out.

I don’t think you should be ashamed or disgusted by yourself because of this. Instead, you should be disgusted and ashamed of the failure of medical science in your country. It’s possible that this is a problem because the drug companies want us to remain oblivious and sick so that we continue to mask the symptoms of our parasite infections with their drugs. But that’s definitely just my opinion and hypothesis but there’s no other way to explain the emergence of this problem besides ignorance.

I believe that I had a moderate parasite infection in general because I had very annoying and uncomfortable symptoms that simply would not go away. The symptoms I suffered with were severe allergies to food and pollen, acne, depression, severe anxiety, headaches after eating, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, trouble gaining weight, and more. After 3 years of trying everything in the book for cleansing parasites, I have healed all my symptoms and restored the potential of my health. Basically, I feel so much better and I know that it worked.

Let me describe the natural methods that actually worked for treating my Ascaris infection.

Diatomaceous Earth for Physically Damaging Intestinal Worms

For Ascaris and roundworm infections in particular, diatomaceous earth will be your ace in the hole. I’ve found this to be the truth from my own experience and by understanding the actual circumstance of the parasites. I have described that these worms cluster near the duodenum, the area right after the stomach and that is why diatomaceous earth is so effective against this type of parasite.

This stuff is like a very fine powder made of fossilized diatoms (algae). The cells are extremely small, but also extremely hard and sharp. Each one is almost as hard as diamonds, but you don’t have to worry about them cutting you or harming you in any way because they are so small. For animals, they will simply act as a brush for our intestines.

Farmers and gardeners love diatomaceous earth because you can add it to animal feed to help kill them within infected farm animals like cows and horses. It is also used as a very effective natural insecticide with its ability to quickly cut and dehydrate bugs like worms in your garden and even bed bugs. They act as caltrops that cut insect limbs and joints.

The Small Fossilized Cells Eviscerate Worms and Insects

For killing roundworm parasites, diatomaceous earth cuts them up because they are also insects. The sharp particles will eviscerate the protective skin of Ascaris and then dry out their bodies. Since they cluster right after the stomach, and sometimes in the stomach itself, they make themselves vulnerable to diatomaceous earth because they are already in the crossfire.

You have to take about a teaspoon of this powder in water and quickly swallow it, followed by another glass of purified or spring water to push it through your stomach. Of course, this should be done on an empty stomach and not with food. This method will quickly push the diatomaceous earth through your stomach and duodenum with force. That way, the sharpness can strike the worms at their weakest point.

When you use diatomaceous earth, you may not observe the worms visually in your stool because this supplement cuts their bodies up and dehydrates them. It’s probably my most recommended method for naturally killing roundworms.

What’s also great about diatomaceous earth is its other health benefits. It contains a wide range of minerals that are hard to get elsewhere in food. Silica is the primary mineral in it, which can quickly be absorbed by the body after years of deficiency. Silica is becoming deficient in our fertile soils, making them a rare trace mineral in produce.

After only a couple days of taking it, you’ll notice that your hair, skin and nails will be a much better quality. Especially your nails, they become very shiny and strong. Everybody compliments my nails, saying they look like glass.

Click here to check out where I get my diatomaceous earth from on Amazon. Check out the price because sometimes it’s on sale. You will want to make sure the diatomaceous earth is “food grade” or else it will contain poisonous fillers only suitable for garden use. It’s hard to find a good deal on diatomaceous earth, but that one on Amazon seems like the best quality for the price.

Diatomaceous Earth for killing parasites and Ascaris roundworms

Tincture With Green Walnut, Cloves and Wormwood

This is the parasite cleansing method created by Hulda Clark, a champion doctor for raising awareness of how common parasite infections are. She claimed over and over again that she tested her patients for parasites with this tincture and every single time, worms came out in their stool. That’s including her own self and her family members.

She warns that tapeworms are very common as well and that 100% of her patients tested positive for these. However, the tincture will work for killing and eliminating all kinds of parasitic worms and possibly bacteria and yeast too.

Perfect Combination for Success
  • The green walnut apparently works by killing and neutralizing the adult Ascaris worms. Its chemical structure has natural antiparasitic capabilities.
  • The cloves in this tincture helps to chemically destroy the eggs of all types of parasites. It helps to dissolve the protective mucus that Ascaris creates for its own body and the eggs it lays. Again, destroying the eggs will be the most difficult and essential part of this parasite cleanse because they are designed to survive by timing the hatching of their larvae.
  • The wormwood acts as a bitter substance that irritates and paralyzes adult worms and larvae. Parasites do not like any foods that aren’t bland. They are killed by both bitter and spicy foods. Wormwood is the king of the bitter herbs, which makes the parasites’ living habitat unsuitable to survive.

With continuous treatment with this herbal tincture, the Ascaris roundworms will not be able to survive or reproduce. This is exactly what you need for this type of parasite cleanse. It works especially well because the majority of the roundworms are present in the duodenum, so they will be quickly exposed to this antiparasitic tincture.

There are many different spins that are based on this formula for parasite cleanses. Hulda Clark definitely knew what she was talking about in her book because it has made a lasting impression on alternative medicine and parasite supplements.

Click here to check out the parasite cleanse I get from Amazon twice a year. It is the most well-reviewed while being the best one I have personally tried. I have given paragone and parastroy a try as well, but they didn’t come close to how effective this supplement was. Also, this one didn’t cause constipation or dehydration. It’s also one of the cheapest because it doesn’t have a famous person associated with the brand.

Sulfur is an AntiParasitic Mineral That Most of Us Are Deficient In

Sulfur, like silica, is another mineral that humans are becoming deficient in. Naturally so, because of the structure of our food supply. The way we are constantly turning over our soils to harvest crops, again and again, does not allow the fertile soils to replenish its mineral structure properly. To replenish sulfur, the soil needs several decades or a volcanic eruption because it comes deep within the earth’s crust. As animals, we still require it in trace amounts for proper immune function.

Many international researchers and doctors estimate that 80-90% of humanity is now deficient in sulfur. This is horrible news for our immune and mental health.

Thankfully, there is now an easy way to obtain a quality source of sulfur. In fact, the cellular sulfur compound found in our cells can be isolated and crystallized from food sources. The way sulfur is represented in animal cells is MSM.

The great news here is that this is a new supplement that supplies your body with the direct cellular source of what they need directly. MSM is available in crystal form (which is the best compared to pills and powders) and it can be quickly absorbed by the body. You can cure your sulfur deficiency in a matter of minutes and it will feel amazing.

I remember the first dose I took of MSM crystals. It made me feel filled with clear energy, unlike that of a stimulant. It was pure, calm energy and focus as if I finally received something in my body that I needed for years. I felt normal and functional again, as if I was living with chains up until that point.

Sulfur and MSM is extremely important for parasite cleansing because it is deadly to all types of pathogenic invaders. Whenever I take a dose, I feel rumbling and gassy because the parasites don’t like it. They are quickly dying at a fast rate when you take it.

Other quality food sources of sulfur in food are organic garlic, onions and eggs.

This is the MSM that I get off of Amazon. It’s the best MSM I have ever tried and there is a huge difference between this one and cheaper versions. It’s also the best quality and quantity for the value. This one bag could last one person up to 2 straight years of daily doses. I would highly recommend it because it was essential for my successful parasite cleanse.

Step 2: Cleaning Up The Mess To Avoid Intestinal Decay and Toxicity

As you are doing this extensive protocol to kill off Ascaris roundworms, along with other types of parasites, you might deduce that something has to happen to the dead bodies. Your intestines are like an ecosystem, just like a forest. When things die, they decay.

This is what is going to happen. For Ascaris in particular, this is going to be the most difficult part of the cleanse. They will start dying in mass, releasing the toxic pathogens and larvae from their dead bodies. They are designed to do this so that they can weaken their host’s immune system to ensure for reinfection with its released larvae from its body.

When they die, you will experience a wide range of possible “Herxheimer symptoms” also known as a detox reaction. This is definitely what happened with me.

I believe that the symptoms you will experience will just be the regular symptoms you’ve always experienced, but with magnified intensity. Then, you will know that it was the parasite infection causing these symptoms all along. And what a good feeling of accomplishment that is.

Everybody is different, but for me, my symptoms were abdominal bloating, acne, severe fatigue and weakness, depression, anxiety, and gas. This meant that my cleanse was working, not that it wasn’t.

Again, feeling worse during the parasite cleanse is a good sign. It means it is working. Keep going, but ease on the supplements if the detox symptoms are too much to deal with. Take it easy and slow, it is not a race.

Activated Charcoal Prevents Suffering During Die-Off of Parasites

An excellent supplement that works to deal with the Herxheimer reaction symptoms is something that absorbs biological matter and toxic heavy metals. The best thing you can take for this is activated charcoal. This supplement did wonders for easing my detox symptoms when the parasites were dying inside of me.

It works by absorbing EVERYTHING in your digestive tract. In hospitals, activated charcoal is given to people who have recently overdosed on drugs or alcohol. It will hopefully absorb some of the drugs and save their life quickly and simply.

This can be taken advantage of on a smaller scale as well. It’s also a great supplement to take just to reduce general toxicity.

How you should take activated charcoal will be on an empty stomach, away from consuming absolutely anything else for about an hour. This is important because this supplement will absorb food, nutrients and medications as well.

Therefore, you should take your parasite killing supplements an hour or two before taking activated charcoal to help clean up the mess. It will absorb diatomaceous earth and supplements, so make sure there is time for these other things to pass through your digestive system before you take it. However, it’s not dangerous if you accidentally take it with food or medication. It just won’t be beneficial to your body at that time.

Somebody emailed me and told me that this activated charcoal offers excellent organic quality for the price. I tried it and it’s the best one I’ve ever tried. I always take 3 doses during yearly parasite cleanses. But it’s also handy just in case you need to detoxify yourself quickly or just reduce minor toxicity in general. Heavy metals seem to be a problem for first-world citizens anyway.

Natural Treatment for Ascaris and intestinal parasites

Most Important Part During a Parasite Cleanse: Diet

The above protocols won’t be as effective unless you follow these important rules during the cleanse regarding your personal diet. You need to think from the parasites’ perspective to understand them and their agenda.

During this cleanse, you’ve got to cut back significantly or completely eliminate your intake of sugar, alcohol and simple carbohydrate foods. Intestinal worms like Ascaris do not eat protein or fats. They eat carbohydrates because their own digestive systems can only handle them.

This means you have got to dramatically reduce your intake of sweets, alcohol, grains, rice, and potatoes. Parasites absolutely love these foods and they are sometimes the reason why you crave them. Yeast is also similar in the way it can cause you to crave simple carbohydrates. Since a large portion of your mental health resides in your digestive system, these parasites have evolved the ability to control your food cravings.

You probably know somebody that’s very skinny, but still eats a lot of sugar and garbage food, right? More likely than not, these people have a parasite infection. The parasites are consuming the sugar before your body has the ability to turn it into fat.

This isn’t a good thing because they are doing the same thing with your nutrients. Don’t make the oblivious mistake of believing parasites are healthy because they make you lose weight. Please.

If you have a question or something to add about my Ascaris roundworm treatment guide and personal experience, please leave me a comment below! It would help us out tremendously if you could add your own experience with intestinal parasites, what you think, and what worked for you. Thanks a lot!

Talk to you soon,


Ascaris Roundworm Parasites and Killing Them Naturally was last modified: November 8th, 2018 by Anthony


  1. Hi. Thank you for your post, it’s very informative. Unfortunately I’m also suffering from parasites and I’m freaking the hell out because they crawl up in my throat but they never want to come out. They are chilling in there, and there are days when they disappear and when day appear again. I’m also taking medicines but they don’t work and I really don’t know what to do and the top of that my family doesn’t want to believe me and they think I’m crazy. But my sympthoms show that I clearly have them. Can you recommend me something what should I do when I feel them crawling up in my throat? How can I get them out? What should i do to make them to come out? Thank you for your answer!

    1. Author

      That sounds like a very severe case. You know for sure that it’s Ascaris? Have you tried using cayenne pepper to see what comes out?

  2. Thank You for this information…Ive been battleing these worms for 3 years…Im fineally getting the message my doctors really havent a clue about this…so Im left to my own devices..
    Im wondering if after doing killings of these creatures can you have pain in your liver and gallbladder from die off material and toxins.
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Yeah, I totally believe that’s a possibility. I tried to warn a little about that in the post. Since these are actual worms that move, their bodies have to die and decompose too right? Either way, if you have them, you’ll have to consider all this nasty stuff. Do you have any clues to add to this mystery from your experience? Thanks a lot for coming

  3. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for writing this article. I have been researching and reading about this for many years now and yours is the first to be this informative. I have a pretty bad case of Ascaris infection. I’ve coughed them up (at least two per month) and the doctors dismiss it every time. I’ve taken in the worms, I have also showed them several pictures of the worms and they still tell me there is no way I have them. I really wish they could be held accountable for the damage they are doing to us by not acknowledging this. Animals must be de-wormed, why do they think we are any different? I look emaciated (86lbs) and most of my muscle mass is gone, I feel as though I am slowly wasting away. They are so bad now that I can’t eat. I use to eat a lot and would still lose weight, but now my appetite has dwindle down to nothing and I can hardly eat enough to sustain a rat. My stomach hurts. So I’ve been steadily losing more and more weight. I have all of the symptoms you had listed in your article. I’m so desperate at this point that I’m ready to ingest cyanide just to kill the darn things. I’m going to try your protocol. I hope I can stay away from the carbs and pop, that’s the toughest part of doing it. Thank you again and I’m hoping and praying that is works for me as well. God bless you.

    1. Author

      I have much empathy for your situation and I really hope that I can help you. For this to work, you’ve got to cut sugar and simple carbs for a few weeks. It’s going to be hard because parasite infections make you crave sugar. But it is so worth it if you push through the temptations. Give us some updates!

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