Best benefits of rutin for allergies

Best Health Benefits of Rutin Supplement for Allergies, Circulation

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Best Health benefits of rutin supplement for allergies

Incredible Health Benefits of Rutin Supplement for Allergies and Circulation

Many people are not aware that one of the most healthy bioflavonoid compounds found in citrus fruits and apples is rutin. It is actually a complex sugar molecule found in food, but its benefits for your health cannot be matched by any other fruit sugar.

The strangely simple name is derived from the herb called “rue” and in the 1940’s, it was named “Vitamin P.” However, rutin isn’t exactly a vitamin. It’s a flavonoid.

Rutin has been used in medicine for thousands of years and by many different cultures found around the world. Scientific research has concluded that its health benefits come from the ability to help the body more efficiently use certain nutrients, notably vitamin C. That means that when rutin is taken together with other nutrients, it helps increase their absorption and assimilation throughout the cells of your body.

Natural Sources of Rutin in Food

Rutin can be found in high amounts from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits. These happen to be one of the best quality sources because they also contain high amounts of vitamins and phyto compounds to complement the bioflavonoids. Rutin works best in combination with antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C because it helps to increase absorption and efficiency as compared to vitamin C being taken alone.

I think that it should be noted that Vitamin C taken as ascorbic acid supplements do not benefit the body as an effective antioxidant.

This healthy compound is also found in high amounts within buckwheat, apples, asparagus and figs. These are excellent sources of rutin as well because they can be eaten in higher amounts than citrus fruits. Typically, you don’t want to be eating too much acidic food because it can be detrimental to the structure of your teeth. So eating more buckwheat, asparagus and apples can help you get larger amounts of natural food-sourced quercetin.

Rutin can also be found in a few different types of teas. Black tea, green tea and elderflower tea seem to have a significant amount of bioflavonoids. This may be why some people believe that tea is healthier than coffee. While coffee has its own health benefits, the rutin in tea may make a more significant impact on your immediate well-being. Although tea has caffeine as well, the artery-strengthening abilities of rutin may pair nicely with the blood vessel dilating effect of this stimulant.

Side effects of rutin natural supplements

My Experience of Review for Rutin Supplements

I had heard about rutin recently in 2017 as a supposed new supplement that was working well for a lot of people taking it. Someone had contacted me about its efficiency for allergies when combined with quercetin so I did a little bit of research on it.

It seemed that the mechanisms in chemistry that this bioflavonoid benefits us with had aligned with the anecdotal evidence from people who supplemented with rutin. The only supplement that I could find that combined rutin, quercetin and other natural ingredients for seasonal allergies was this one. It worked very well for me, actually.

I had tried multiple supplements with quercetin and some with quercetin and bromelain, and they worked very well. But this combination of rutin with quercetin seemed so much more efficient. It’s the most inexpensive and best natural antihistamine I have ever tried. In my opinion, it works much better than OTC antihistamines like Zyrtec and Claritin. Best of all, it isn’t addictive and can be taken as needed without drowsiness.

Rutin with Quercetin Makes an Excellent Natural Antihistamine for Allergies

Recent advancements in science have concluded that quercetin taken along with rutin increases the absorption of the beneficial compounds of these flavonoids. Typically, quercetin is taken as a gentle and natural antihistamine to substitute for over-the-counter drugs. Alone, it can only have so much effectiveness. But when combined with rutin, quercetin is able to take advantage of the benefits that it provides to increase its efficiency.

For those wishing to come off of their allergy drug for long-term health purpose, they may face unexpected antihistamine withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include an increase in seasonal allergy symptoms, congestion, irritability and excessive sneezing. Doctors recommend that you supplement with an alternative antihistamine drug during this withdrawal phase. However, many anecdotal stories suggest that quercetin may be just what you need to ease the symptoms. Perhaps when you take it with rutin, the effects will be even better. Once you are finally able to get off of the antihistamine, you can continue taking quercetin with rutin as needed to manage your seasonal allergy symptoms.

The only natural antihistamine supplement that I could find that combines rutin with quercetin is this one. It has got to be the most effective antihistamine I have tried yet.

natural with quercetin and rutin for seasonal allergies

This supplement has been the only natural antihistamine to be more effective than an OTC drug that I have tried.

Rutin Supplement Seems to Help the Circulatory System Function Properly

Cultures before our modern civilizations have used rutin for this purpose. This flavonoid seems to be effective in helping with proper blood circulation through your body. Researchers suggest that this may be due to its ability to expand blood vessels in your arteries and capillaries. With consistent treatment, blood vessels may be more flexible with time.

This mode of action can improve your general health in almost every aspect. Proper blood flow is extremely important for overall health because your blood helps to transport necessary nutrients to the parts of your body that need it.

When your blood vessels are stronger, their proper function is restored and you can see improvements in multiple aspects of your health. Most specifically, blood related conditions like easily bruising, varicose veins and spider veins should see improvement quickly. Some evidence suggests that rutin can even help with the healing of hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins.

Research shows that this unique bioflavonoid can prevent blood clots from forming. This mode of action helps lower the risk of developing certain health complications like heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis. However, due to possible medication interactions, you should consult with your medical professional before considering rutin as an additional supplement.

May Prevent or Benefit Diabetes

The effects of rutin on blood quality may be enforced further due to its ability to regulate blood sugar. Glucose quantity in your blood is directly correlated with diabetes, which causes harmful fluctuations of insulin levels or a complete lack thereof.

Researchers of India had done testing with rutin on rats for 45 days. These rat subjects apparently all had diabetes during the testing . The studies had shown that administering rutin as a supplement had decreased fasting glucose levels, which means that it might protect against hyperglycemia. Basically, when the rats were not given food for 24 hours, their glucose levels were normal, rather than very low as typical for a diabetes patient. The Indian researchers also concluded that rutin has powerful antioxidant properties.

natural health benefits of rutin treatments

What are Some Signs that You Could Really Benefit from Supplementing with Rutin?

You can tell by analyzing some of your own symptoms, whether they are subtle or obvious, to determine if a rutin supplement could be a potentially beneficial supplement for you to take. Most of the tell-tale signs are going to involve your circulatory system and blood flow.

Take a look at your veins and determine for yourself if they look strong and healthy for your age and individual well-being. If you have varicose veins or spider veins in your legs, this may be an indication that you need bioflavonoid support, whether from food or supplements. Hemorrhoids are also a symptom that can tell you that rutin will be beneficial for your health, especially if it is a chronic condition that you deal with.

Another condition that could really benefit from treatment with rutin is chronic venous insufficiency. This describes the state of your veins having a tough time returning deoxygenated blood to the heart.

Of course, having allergies may mean that you could benefit from this flavonoid as well. It shows much promise for its users, especially when combined with other natural treatments.

Side Effects of Rutin

Since this is a natural compound, there are very few side effects that are commonly experienced by those who supplement with it. Rutin is a flavonoid, which is from the same family as citrus fruits, tea, and vegetables. Therefore, severe reactions are not common but still possible.

Among the most common reported side effects of rutin are slight allergic reactions to it. Very few people experience symptoms like wheezing, chest pain, throat and facial swelling, as well as skin rashes. They are typically mild to moderate in severity, but it depends on each unique person.

It appears that those who are allergic to rutin are also allergic to citrus fruits and/or tea.

Some people also record that larger amounts can cause gastrointestinal problems and abdominal pain. The symptoms may also be followed by stomach upset or diarrhea. If you experience these symptoms however, you might benefit from simply reducing the dose.

Don’t Supplement with Rutin if You are Pregnant or Planning to Be

In some older third-world cultures, rutin was actually used as a contraceptive. Large doses of it can prevent the implantation of fertilized human eggs, which may induce a miscarriage. Pregnant women should definitely avoid taking rutin to avoid an accidental miscarriage or abortion.

Bottom Line for Rutin Supplements

A diet rich in all types of flavonoids is essential for the proper functioning of your body’s organs. Rutin may be a particularly special antioxidant due to its many unique properties. It seems that it works best in combination with other flavonoids like quercetin and nutrients like vitamin C. Therefore, foods are going to be the highest quality sources for your health.

To take the next step towards a healthier body, you can try to get a wide range of flavonoid-containing foods in your diet. These healthy compounds are found in fresh and raw vegetables, fruits and tea. You can take special advantage of rutin if you suffer from the conditions mentioned above, including anything blood related like varicose veins, to diabetes.

I am always here for you, so if you have a question about rutin or something to add about your experiences with supplementing it, please leave me a comment with the form below!

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