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Humidifier Reviews for Dry Skin

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If the air in your home is very dry and cold, this can show up in your skin, lips and sinus passages. Humidity is the amount of water vapor that is present in the air and can definitely affect the severity of your allergies. When you have allergic rhinitis, your allergies to dust and pollen may dehydrate your skin and sinuses while blowing and wiping your nose can irritate them further. Treating your body with moist air can hydrate and heal when you need it most. Humidifiers are never the same, so here are some recommendations I have for allergy sufferers as well as the best humidifier dry skin could ask for in your home or office.

How Does a Humidifier Help Relieve Allergies?

When you experience congestion or runny nose on those days when your allergies are most annoying, you likely rub and blow your nose all day. The worst is when your nose and face is all irritated, cracked and dry.

The allergy itself can cause inflammation of the sinus tissue and rubbing your face further only makes the problem much worse. On top of that, breathing in dry air will further strip your skin of water.

When your skin and mucous membranes are dry, they are unable to properly do their job of

best humidifier dry skin from newfrog affiliate link

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expelling pollutants and irritants. Animals have evolved with water to get rid of the harmful things from our bodies. (1)

Moisture is very important for the cells of your skin and membranes to heal, so moisture in the air will be the first step in stopping the downward spiral of allergy symptoms. People that suffer from sensitive skin and eczema will definitely benefit from moist air as well.

Dust and Dust Mites

The most common indoor allergen is dust: fine particles of dirt, dead skin, building material and pollen. When humidity is too low, dust can easily be kicked up into the air and it can float around for hours.

When you have moisture in the air, the dust particles will collect water, gain more weight and drop to the ground. This is much better than being in your nose or lungs. The same goes for any type of indoor pollution that consists of fine particles that can be kicked up into the air.

Dust mites, however, are little organisms that feed and live on dust while being a major allergen on their own. They thrive in moist environments, so it is important to keep the humidity of your rooms in check. If I forget to turn off my humidifier at night, I will use a dehumidifier to keep the moisture at a stable level that keeps the air feeling nice in my sinuses while not making the dust mites’ lives any easier. (2)

You can test the humidity in your home using a hygrometer. It is fairly inexpensive and can usually be bought at any drug store. Make sure that the humidity of your home is around 45%.

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Benefits of a Humidifier for Your Health

A study done in 2013 showed that maintaining a humidity level of 40 percent reduced risk to develop infections from viruses like influenza. Infections like these are transmitted through the air from coughing, which is something you are more likely to do if the air is dry. In a room with low humidity, transmission rates were around 75 percent, but in a moist room, it dropped to 14 percent. (3)

Getting a humidifier can not only help prevent viral infections but can provide a wide range of other health benefits.

  • Softer, glowing skin. Cold, dry air can damage your skin by sapping it of moisture. This can cause problems like flaky skin, dullness, and aging. Moisture in the air can safeguard you from all of these damaging effects.
  • Healthy sinuses. Viruses and bacteria have evolved to find their way into the mucous membranes and incubate here so that it may infect your body later. They prefer dry environments, so it is important to maintain a healthy humidity level in your home to prevent dry and unhealthy sinuses.
  • Healthier indoor plants. You likely have plants in your home to increase the air quality. These plants will thank you if you increase humidity because this makes them healthier. Then, they will better be able to pull toxins from the air that could be inhaled by you or your family.
  • Improved sleep quality. If you snore, this is an indication of poor sleep quality. A humidifier will moisturize your sinuses and throat so that you can breathe better while you sleep.

Different Types of Humidifiers and Their Benefits

As of today, there are loads of different models and types of humidifiers that you can consider for your home. They are mainly classified by the temperature of the water vapor they emit — warm and cool. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, like warm mist humidifiers being a burning hazard for children and using up more electricity while being a more effective humidifier in a short amount of time.

Cool vapor humidifiers are going to be safer for children and pets, but require much more cleaning and maintenance. You have to clean them with soap and water about every other day and change the filter once per year. (4)

  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers: These humidifiers have oscillating plates that vibrate to create a fine mist that is blown out with a fan. They are the most inexpensive and the most energy-efficient. However, they may have problems with forming a white dust-like particle that is blown out of the device with the vapor.
  • Evaporative Humidifiers: These humidifiers simply blow water with a fan to slowly evaporate a small pool of water. This device will not generate any fine particles that may be a problem for your lungs. These humidifiers are very energy-efficient and noiseless, so they are ideal for bedrooms.

Large Unit Humidifiers

best humidifier dry skin

This is how humidifiers work. Different types may vary in their processes.

  • Steam Humidifiers: This humidifier can control the humidity of the room by sensing it and regulating the amount of steam it releases. It is extremely hygienic because the hot steam kills bacteria with sterile moisture. If you have lung problems, this type would be great for you.
  • Impeller Humidifier: This type of humidifier uses a rotating disc that diffuses vapor into the air. It breaks water molecules into smaller ones and sends them into the air in a fog-like mist. These machines can humidify large areas. However, they can make a lot of noise and risk bacterial growth on the filter, which should be changed often.
  • Central Humidifiers: This type is connected to your home’s heating and air system and connected to your house’s plumbing. It works in the ventilation system to humidify your entire home rather than just one area or room. It’s important to make sure the water in your plumbing is pure and sterile to prevent contamination of the air with bacteria or mold. It costs about $200 to install. (5)

Humidifier Maintenance

Humidifiers are very helpful and healthy, but they need to be cleaned because they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Make sure that you use distilled or demineralized water rather than tap water to prevent buildup of minerals in the device. Tap water will also facilitate bacterial growth in the water. (6)

Try to clean the humidifier at least once per week and change the filter as directed on the packaging.

The Best Humidifier Dry Skin and Allergies Can Be Treated With

I have had a lot of humidifiers in my lifetime and I have had a clear favorite that I keep coming back to. Large humidifiers just do not satisfy me and maybe that is because smaller ones just always do the job adequately. A portable mystifier is ideal for me because I can take it into any room that needs moisture, as well as another building like my workplace.

A device called Dual Jet Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser by does the job very nicely for me. I also love that the mist that comes out of it is so beautiful and silent. I like to turn it on for a few minutes before bed so that I can breathe easily through the night because my nose won’t dry out.

This device is an ultrasonic type humidifier that discharges pure mist. I like to put it on tables or on the floor in the corner of rooms. I highly recommend this humidifier above any other because it has been so effective and reliable for so long. Other humidifiers require so much cleaning and take a lot of time to start working. It’s the best humidifier dry skin could ask for, so if you find a better one let me know!

If you find a better humidifier let me know!


I’m always here for you so if you have questions or something to say, leave me a comment!





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  1. All this information you gave is really helpful. You have explained the need of humidifier very beautifully. I was going through some serious sinus problem. After reading your post and some other post I took all the step you told. And now I feel very good. It also helped me with wood furniture damage, growling morning voice, reduced the heating bill, static electric shocks too.

  2. I just came back from Jackson Hole, WY. It was so dry but luckily the place I was staying at had humidifiers. But, we would all still wake up with dry noses that feel like they have been scabbed over because the humidifier would run dry during the night. But, that penguin humidifier works wonders when it is full!

    1. Author

      Hey Kurtis,
      I hate the idea of staying at hotels because they are almost always dry and dusty. On top of that, they are likely infested with mold and other allergens. Let’s not even get started with the smoking rooms. That’s why I like humidifiers like these because you can bring them in the backseat of your car and have them humidify any place you need.

  3. Awesome post. I didn’t realize that there were so many different kinds of humidifiers. We had one that my grandma gave us, but I don’t know how hygienic it was because we didn’t know how to clean it. I’m also amazed to learn that it helps with not catching diseases and avoiding allergies. I don’t have any allergies myself, but my wife does, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to learn about this.
    Thanks so much for the information.

    1. Author

      Hey Ethan,
      You should usually be wary about an older humidifier because it has potential for blowing out fine particles that can damage your lungs as well as harbor pathogens that can incubate in the water heater. Viruses and bacteria can be blown out of the device as well. A good quality humidifier, however, will support a healthy moisture in the air that dust, particles, and pathogens can’t float around in. They’re also great for allergies because they moisturize the sinuses, which need water to get rid of the things that get trapped in there. Thanks a lot for coming!

  4. I have very allergic skin and it sometimes becomes red and I hate it. I used to have allergy for pollen it is over couple of years ago but I think I have allergy for some plants.
    I definitely think of using humidifier, it has amazing benefits for allergy and I wi
    ll have great sleep at the same time.

    1. Author

      Hey Furkan,
      Usually, people allergic to pollen have one particular allergy to one time of plant. In the spring, it is trees. Summer: grass and Fall: weeds. A humidifier has a number of benefits that an allergy sufferer can benefit from. Just make sure that the humidity does not exceed 50% because this can harbor mold and bacteria and be stressful on your lungs. Thanks for coming!

  5. Great information on the benefits of humidifiers. The comparison of the different types of humidifiers is helpful. I appreciate your approach to getting at the root cause of allergies instead of masking symptoms with drugs and other methods. Keep up the good work.

    1. Author

      Hey Nate,
      I was not aware of the different types of humidifiers until I looked them up. For my old humidifier, I saw no problem with it until I researched that this model can release white allergenic powder in the air and promote mold and bacterial growth in the filter. Now that I have switched, there is a tremendous change in the feel of the air in my room. I feel healthier and sleep much better. It bothers me that I was using such a harmful machine for so long and wonder what it really did to my health. Thanks for coming!

  6. In the past few years my wife has always suffered from pollen allergies especially coming into Spring – it’s a nightmare – I have been researching solutions online and I came across you site – this humidifier looks awesome, great to have all the information needed about it – super – thank you, hopefully it can resolve my wife’s problems…

    1. Author

      Hey David,
      Allergies seem to be getting progressively worse with each year. This is especially true for our children. I remember being a child and having severe allergies to the point where I could not blow my nose because it was so congested. I have found that dry air is detrimental to your health in a number of ways–increasing the severity of your allergies and drying out your skin. It’s important that you maintain moisture in the air of your home so that you can remain healthy. However, this means keeping it in check rather than leaving the humidifier on all day because this can be unhealthy as well. Thanks a lot for coming!

  7. I used to suffer from dry skin, but that has totally gone away now. I had no idea why it did actually go away, I’m guessing because I started living healthier, eating better and drinking water/keeping hydrated.

    Anyway, I really like your recommendation. I had no idea that dehumidifiers would be SO beneficial, but you seem like an expert, so I’ll take your word for it 🙂 My favorite one would probably be the steam dehumidifier since it’s really hygienic. It’s definitely worth considering anyway.

    Thanks for this great article!

    1. Author

      Hey Brandon,
      I used to suffer from dry skin as well and I can tell you that it is directly correlated with my improved diet and lifestyle. I’ve done some writing on the affects of sodium on our health and how dehydrating it is to our cells. When we start to eat healthier, we naturally gravitate away from salt and sodium while replacing it with potassium and other nutrients that are hydrating and balance out sodium to promote cell moisture.
      A humidifier will really help your skin because dry air will sap your skin of moisture. Your skin is like a sponge that absorbs things from it’s surroundings, mostly water. With hydration, you will find that you look and feel better in the long term. Thanks for the input!

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