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OTC antihistamines can be very addictive if used chronically. It is sometimes a struggle to get your body used to being naturally without OTC drugs. Antihistamine withdrawal can be painless and simple with a few methods and inexpensive supplements.

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Do antihistamines cause weight gain?

Do antihistamines make you gain weight? The simple answer is: antihistamines can indirectly cause weight gain. However, it is unlikely to be a significant factor for weight gain. In a small percentage of people, a side effect from taking otc levocetirizine and cetirizine (Zyrtec) is weight gain. However, another common side effect from these antihistamines …

Are antihistamines addictive?

Are Antihistamines Addictive? Antihistamines are absolutely addictive. There is extensive research to prove that there are studies done on groups of people that experience withdrawal from OTC antihistamines. You can read about that and antihistamine addiction here. Apparently, new levocetirizine OTC is causing some people unbearable itching after trying to stop taking Xyzal cold turkey. …