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Cheap and Effective Hay Fever Treatments That Don’t Cause an Addiction

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Natural Seasonal Hay Fever Treatment that Heals Allergies and Doesn’t Cause Addiction The changing of the seasons is always beautiful to watch and it’s something to look forward to. But, you may not be looking forward to the allergy season. You can be allergic to any season, but you probably identify with one of them and dread that time of …

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4 Natural and Organic Antihistamines Can Heal Your Allergies

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During the allergy season, you may find yourself addicted to your over-the-counter antihistamine medication and that can lead to many unwanted side effects. Let’s not even mention the possible long-term health risks with chronic use of these medications. The truth is that natural antihistamine supplements can work MUCH better for people who suffer from allergies. All that these OTC antihistamine …

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MSM Pineal Gland Detox and Allergy Cure Method

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MSM is a nutritional supplement that has much potential for the future of medicine. This material is actually a very bioavailable form of sulfur, something that many people living today are deficient in. Many people have claimed that supplementing with medium-high doses of MSM for a short period can ELIMINATE allergy symptoms of ALL kinds and even increase physical and …

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How to Naturally Treat Tree Pollen Allergies

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If you experience annoying symptoms of seasonal allergies during the spring time, this means that you have a birch tree pollen allergy. The medical term for seasonal allergies is hay fever, however, this term encompasses many different pollen allergies and doesn’t describe your unique condition and how to treat it. Here is some detailed information on the pollen allergy symptoms …

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Lemon Ginger Tea Could Be The Healthiest Drink

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One of the healthiest drinks on the planet is ginger tea sweetened with lemon. These flavors complement each other nicely and so do the health benefits. You could drink these individually, or you can mix them together to form a synergistic tonic for cleansing and digestion. Every aspect of your health could improve from the biological compounds found in this …

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Red Korean Ginseng Benefits Allergies and Mental Performance

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This herb is praised in Chinese Traditional medicine to promote energy, increase circulation and purify the blood. Also called Panax Ginseng, Korean red ginseng is an herb that has been scientifically proven in research to have a multitude of benefits with minimal side effects. Energy drinks like Monster are ditching their old harmful artificial stimulants to invest in natural herbs …

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Omega-3 Deficiency is Very Common and Can Cause Inflammation

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Most people living now are deficient in omega 3 fats, essential lipids that have a ton of health benefits. A high amount of omega 3 in your diet is crucial for optimal health and bodily performance. Many people take fish oil supplements thinking that they are fixing their deficiency, but they actually aren’t helping enough due to the source of …

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How to Treat Allergies Naturally With Supplements

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The most natural seasonal allergy supplement that exists is quercetin. This powerful flavonoid has incredible health benefits that can also relieve inflammation and pain, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, stabilize insulin levels, boost the immune system and even treat cancer. Supplementing with it has proven to be just as effective or better than antihistamines AND it has no side …

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Essential Oils Allergies Can Be Treated With

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Allergies are very common in humans and their triggers vary uniquely for each person. If you’ve have allergies all your life, then you probably know what triggers them. The most common symptoms of allergies includes sneezing, facial puffiness, congestion, skin conditions, eczema, and digestion problems. It is always best to avoid your triggers, but some are hard to avoid. Essential …

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The Link Between Bee Pollen and Allergies

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I would definitely consider myself to be a type of person that is extremely sensitive to the outside environment. Ever since I was a kid, lots of foods would give me reactions like itchy throat, swollen lips, rash and digestive issues. Every allergy season(Fall, Winter and Spring), I would always have tissues on me and I felt so embarrassed having …