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How to Get Through Benadryl Withdrawal Naturally

In Antihistamine Addiction, Bad Habits by Anthony8 Comments

Many who rely on Benadryl long-term for allergies or insomnia are now realizing that cutting the addiction cold-turkey can cause  withdrawal symptoms. They can get a rash, insomnia, itching, headache, nausea and hives along with intensified allergies for a short time.  Let me help you through this with my story of Benadryl withdrawal and Diphenhydramine addiction along with what I did to break through it naturally. What Does Benadryl Really Do to You? The chemical Diphenhydramine HCl is classified as both …

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Signs of Cannabis Allergy and its Natural Treatments [Studies]

In Bad Habits, Environmental Allergies, Natural Products by Anthony0 Comments

Societies are Starting to Realize the Potential of the Cannabis Plant Allergies to seasonal pollen is extremely annoying, and everybody knows. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, up to 50 million Americans suffer from moderate allergies every year. You can be allergic to anything! But that doesn’t have to mean that you will choke and die from exposure to it like you’d recognize from someone with a peanut allergy. Some allergies may be very mild, but …

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Antihistamine Withdrawal Natural Treatment [Research]

In Antihistamine Addiction, Bad Habits, Natural Products by Anthony54 Comments

It’s very important for everybody, especially parents, to know that certain antihistamines are as addictive as recreational drugs. They are also able to produce crippling withdrawal effects that can lead to uncontrolled allergy symptoms due to excess production of histamine in the blood. There are actually some very effective natural antihistamine withdrawal treatments that can aid your well-being while trying to stop being dependent on drugs. These supplements will either act as natural antihistamines to bring histamine down to a …

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Long-Term Risks for Taking Allergy Drugs [Research]

In Antihistamine Addiction, Bad Habits by Anthony18 Comments

Allergy medicines are drugs that are designed to block a reaction by your own immune system. In the case of an allergic reaction, this means that your body is responding harshly to a particular outside substance that has made contact with the inside of your body. It’s easy and seemingly effective to take these store-bought drugs to feel better about your allergic reactions, but what are the long-term health risks for taking allergy medications and antihistamines? Research on Long-term Use …

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Some Water Filters Can Remove Fluoride

In Bad Habits, Water by Anthony5 Comments

There has been a vigorous controversy over whether or not governments should add fluoride to our water supply. The practice of water fluoridation claims that you can prevent tooth decay by drinking water with sodium fluoride in it. The Nazis during the Holocaust added fluoride to water in their concentration camps as a means to make the prisoners more docile and less confident. The United States government obviously understands this as a means to make prisoners less aggressive because fluoride …

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Alcohol Can Raise Blood Pressure [Studies]

In Bad Habits by Anthony2 Comments

People that consume alcohol in excess(which is over two drinks per day) are twice as likely to have problems with high blood pressure or hypertension. The link between alcohol and hypertension is very noticeable when the alcohol intake exceeds five drinks in one day. Therefore, the connection is a dose-related phenomenon. Alcohol consumption is also related to weight gain, which is a precursor to hypertension. Usually, doctors stress about the effects of sodium intake on blood pressure, but does alcohol …