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Bloating Caused by Detox Supplements like MSM and DE

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I think that a lot of people get discouraged about the detox or cleansing regimen that they are trying because it causes abdominal bloating or water retention. They should know that bloating is often a common sign that positive changes are happening in your body, but that your body can’t handle it at the rate you are demanding it to. Let me tell you about why abdominal bloating caused by MSM, diatomaceous earth and other detox supplements could actually be …

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Natural and Cheap Treatments for Legume Intolerance

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What is Legume Allergy and Intolerance to Legumes? A legume is the plant or its fruit or seeds of members of the family Fabaceae. This includes peas, lentils, beans, peanuts, soybeans to name a few. An allergy to legumes is becoming increasingly common amongst newborns. Most commonly, these allergy sufferers react most strongly to the soybean and peanut. It’s also common for a tree nut allergy to parallel a legume allergy. A true legume allergy will make consumers of these …

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Fasting Can Treat Allergies and Sensitivities [Research]

In Digestion, Environmental Allergies, Food Allergy Natural Treatment, Remedy by Anthony13 Comments

Does Fasting Help Treat Allergies and Sensitivities? If you have allergies and you are wondering this question, that indicates that you have excellent knowledge of the immune system and the mechanism of allergies and intolerances. The benefits of all types of fasting whether it be water fasting, intermittent fasting, coffee fasting or whatever, cannot be denied anymore. There’s extensive evidence to prove that fasting at least one day of the month can dramatically improve your immune system’s white blood cell …

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Antibiotics Can Cause Allergies in Us and Our Future Children [New Research]

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Your gut is an ecosystem. The microbiome of bacteria and yeast it contains plays a huge role in many factors of your health, including your immune system, digestive health, and even mental health. Recent research shows that a few common strains of bacterium that we have in our intestines play a role in how our immune system reacts to the particles in food that we are trying to digest. A lack of these specific bacteria has proven to result in …

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Histamine Intolerance List of Worst Foods

In Antihistamine Addiction, Digestion, Food Allergy Natural Treatment, Probiotics by Anthony12 Comments

If you have allergies, you will be very familiar with what histamine is: the chemical involved in promoting inflammation to fight against the presence of an allergic protein. Humans have evolved an immune system to react this way to foreign invaders, including pathogens, allergens, and irritants. However, some people have too much of this natural chemical because of their genetics and diet. Here is a compiled histamine intolerance food list and the best probiotic you can take to cure this …

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How Long Do Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance Last? List of Lactose Intolerance Foods to Avoid

In Digestion, Food Allergy Natural Treatment by Anthony6 Comments

Lactose intolerance is probably the most well-known food intolerance on the planet and can affect more than half of the adult population. If you have lactose intolerance, you’ll definitely be able to recognize the pattern of eating dairy and having gastrointestinal symptoms all day. Here is a list of lactose intolerance foods to avoid to help you avoid the symptoms and some research that suggests that curing the intolerance may be possible for some people. Crohn’s Disease vs Lactose Intolerance …

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How to Treat Gluten Sensitivity Naturally

In Digestion, Food Allergy Natural Treatment by Anthony3 Comments

Many people are plagued with a hidden illness that affects their health immensely. They are beginning to find out about it and their life has suddenly changed for the better. We’re talking about Celiac disease: an allergy or intolerance to the grain protein “gluten.” You’ve likely seen many products with a “gluten-free” label on it, but what are the gluten allergy symptoms adults and children will have and the signs gluten allergy could be already be wrecking your health? If …

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How to Naturally Treat Gluten Intolerance

In Digestion, Food Allergy Natural Treatment, Illness, Probiotics by Anthony2 Comments

Recently, there has been a health trend in the media that has given awareness to reactions to gluten and grains in general. Many people have realized that their chronic fatigue and health issues actually surround a hidden allergy called celiac disease. But sometimes, you don’t need to have celiac disease to have a reaction to gluten and this is called an intolerance. Here, we will discuss gluten intolerance symptoms adults and children have and some natural treatments that can cure …

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Do Digestive Enzymes Really Work? Enzyme Deficiencies are Very Common, and Finding the Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement Can be Hard

In Digestion by Anthony2 Comments

Enzymes are an easily disregarded subject when it comes to the health of your body’s systems. In fact, digestive enzymes are extremely important for the chemical breakdown of food, but they are also crucial for the function of your immune system. It’s important to know that your body only makes a limited number of these enzymes to spare and that it relies on you to consume raw food with natural enzymes built in for proper digestion. But people living today …

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Lemon Ginger Tea Could Be The Healthiest Drink

In Anti-Inflammatories and Allergies, Digestion, Natural Products, Remedy by Anthony2 Comments

One of the healthiest drinks on the planet is ginger tea sweetened with lemon. These flavors complement each other nicely and so do the health benefits. You could drink these individually, or you can mix them together to form a synergistic tonic for cleansing and digestion. Every aspect of your health could improve from the biological compounds found in this drink. If you suffer from anything from weight gain and indigestion to acne and allergies, you could seriously make use …