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Antibiotics Can Cause Allergies in Us and Our Future Children [New Research]

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Your gut is an ecosystem. The microbiome of bacteria and yeast it contains plays a huge role in many factors of your health, including your immune system, digestive health, and even mental health. Recent research shows that a few common strains of bacterium that we have in our intestines play a role in how our immune system reacts to the …

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Antibiotics Can Cause Yeast Infections [Studies]

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There is currently a decades-long debate going on arguing whether the frequent use of antibiotics in our society has anything to do with the increase in allergies among our newborn children. It’s not safe to say whether the skeptics or the researchers are right about this one because there are no definitive long-term studies yet that explicitly determine that “antibiotics …

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Gustatory Rhinitis Can be Cured

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Some people may find that when they eat certain foods, spicy or hot foods in particular, their nose starts to get congested and runny. You might be thinking that this is an allergic reaction to the foods, but it actually isn’t. This condition is called “gustatory rhinitis,” a very common condition that is highly correlated with the presence of seasonal …

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There are Great Treatments for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids will likely not go away on their own.  This is because there are so many physical factors that can contribute to the aggravation of the swollen veins that realistically can’t be prevented. When pressure is increased in the area of the lower rectum, irritation may create swelling that is extremely uncomfortable and can last for weeks. This condition is …

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Omega-3 Deficiency is Very Common and Can Cause Inflammation

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Most people living now are deficient in omega 3 fats, essential lipids that have a ton of health benefits. A high amount of omega 3 in your diet is crucial for optimal health and bodily performance. Many people take fish oil supplements thinking that they are fixing their deficiency, but they actually aren’t helping enough due to the source of …

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Vitamin D Deficiency is Very Common

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This nutrient is known as the “sunshine vitamin” and experts believe that up to 90% of adults in the United States are deficient in it. This could be a very serious health pattern for society that is not getting enough attention. It’s no wonder why vitamin D is the most recommended of supplements by physicians today. Most adults are believed …

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Seasonal Allergies Can Cause a Sore Throat

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Sometimes it is very difficult to determine what is causing your ailments. You may feel fine, but experience bothersome symptoms like a sore throat. After looking up your symptoms online, there doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between something specific and your situation. People often get a random sore throat and cannot find out what is causing it so it’s …