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Himalayan Salt Inhaler Review – It Can Really Work

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Salt has been used as a natural cleanser for thousands of years. The benefits of salt air inhalation, known as speleotherapy or halotherapy, were first discovered in Europe 200 years ago when it was realized that the miners in the salt caves were free of breathing problems. Ever since, people having been taking trips to the salt mine to ease …

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Does Flonase Work? A Review of Flonase

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Fluticasone is a relatively new synthetic glucocorticoid that contains esters that are used in topical anti-inflammatories and inhaled corticosteroids. But does Flonase work better than other decongestants? The spray by Cutivate is a steroid that relieves seasonal and allergic sinus symptoms like stuffy/runny nose, itching and sneezing. It also helps relieve allergy eye symptoms like itchy, watery eyes. This medication …