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Excessive Sneezing Treatment

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Natural Sneezing Treatment that is Effective for Excessive Sneezing If you have seasonal allergies, you will feel me when I say that it’s so annoying and uncomfortable to be sneezing all day long. People think it’s gross, you think it’s gross, stuff is coming out… Ew. Excessive sneezing is horrible but there are natural treatments that really help me that …

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Antibiotics Can Cause Allergies in Us and Our Future Children [New Research]

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Your gut is an ecosystem. The microbiome of bacteria and yeast it contains plays a huge role in many factors of your health, including your immune system, digestive health, and even mental health. Recent research shows that a few common strains of bacterium that we have in our intestines play a role in how our immune system reacts to the …

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Histamine Intolerance List of Worst Foods

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If you have allergies, you will be very familiar with what histamine is: the chemical involved in promoting inflammation to fight against the presence of an allergic protein. Humans have evolved an immune system to react this way to foreign invaders, including pathogens, allergens, and irritants. However, some people have too much of this natural chemical because of their genetics …

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Antibiotics Can Cause Yeast Infections [Studies]

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There is currently a decades-long debate going on arguing whether the frequent use of antibiotics in our society has anything to do with the increase in allergies among our newborn children. It’s not safe to say whether the skeptics or the researchers are right about this one because there are no definitive long-term studies yet that explicitly determine that “antibiotics …

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How to Treat Allergies With Probiotics

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Probiotics are a beneficial symbiotic bacteria that live in our digestive tract to help maintain a healthy gut. They are found naturally in dirt, yogurt, kefir, other fermented products, and supplements. If you begin taking probiotics, it may revolutionize the balance of bacteria in your intestines in a way that could protect your immune system from inflammation: the root of …

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Antibiotics and Allergies is a Real Problem

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Decades of Misunderstanding In the recent decades, allergies became a much more prevalent problem for citizens of the first world. Babies were being born with allergies to nuts, dairy and soy like never seen before. Why was this happening in first-world countries and not in poorer regions? Maybe there is a link between antibiotics and allergies. At University of Michigan …

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Intestinal Parasites Humans Have Cause Allergies

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Up to 96% of People Have a Parasitic Infection New scientific research suggests that the mechanism evolved to defend humans and animals against parasites like worms are similar to the immune system’s reaction to harmful food proteins, our food allergies. Something like at least 95% of humans are infected with some type of parasite and these organisms live in our …