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My Personal Allegra Allergy Review

In Medicines, Review by Anthony0 Comments

Does Allegra (Fexofenadine HCl) Work for Allergies? My OTC Allegra Review: A lot of you are really suffering from the effects of every season, including summer and winter. Perhaps your allergy symptoms are severe and disrupting the productivity of your day, making you sneeze constantly and struggle to blow your congested nose. I’ve been there and tried almost every allergy …

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My Personal Nasacort Nasal Spray Review

In Environmental Allergies, Medicines, Review by Anthony2 Comments

Does Nasacort Allergy Spray Really Work? Sometimes, allergy symptoms are unbearable and hinder the productivity of your day by slowing down your body’s functions and fogging up your head. Whether it be from the seasonal pollen in the air, indoor allergens like dust and dander, or another unknown allergy trigger that you can’t identify, there are effective medicines that can …

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Pure Homemaker Wool Dryer Balls Review: Great Alternative to Toxic Dryer Sheets

In Environmental Allergies, Natural Products, Review by Anthony4 Comments

There’s some new research that could strongly suggest that dryer sheets and fabric softeners can be harmful to our health. Fabric softeners are actually very allergenic. Many people experience reactions, external and internal, due to the use of them. Personally, I know that fabric softener gives me a peeling back and red bumps on my shoulders and chest. When I …

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Rootology Breathe Free Review: It doesn’t work, here’s what does

In Antihistamines, Environmental Allergies, Natural Products, Review by Anthony2 Comments

This is a very popular supplement for natural allergy relief from the seasons. The “nasal and sinus health” capsules claim to be fast-acting, non-drowsy for sinus support. Basically, they are saying that this product is good for seasonal allergies and environmental allergies. It’s full of natural herbs and flowers, which is great, but here’s my honest review of Rootology Breathe …

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Himalayan Salt Inhaler Review – It Can Really Work

In Air, Illness, Medicines, Natural Products, Review by Anthony11 Comments

Salt has been used as a natural cleanser for thousands of years. The benefits of salt air inhalation, known as speleotherapy or halotherapy, were first discovered in Europe 200 years ago when it was realized that the miners in the salt caves were free of breathing problems. Ever since, people having been taking trips to the salt mine to ease …

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Air Purifiers for Allergies in 2017

In Air, Environmental Allergies, Review by Anthony8 Comments

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than the outside. In some cases, indoor air pollutants can be more than 100 times more polluted. The World Health Organization has stated that 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors, mostly including exposure to carcinogens that are found in …

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

In Air, Environmental Allergies, Review by Anthony11 Comments

Himalayan pink salt lamps are a new age technology that provides environmental allergy relief in the room where the lamp is placed. They are highly recommended for anybody that suffers from seasonal allergies, pet allergies, dust, cockroach or mold allergies. Many health benefits including improved mood and concentration, better circulation and better sleep can be experienced from placing a salt …

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Does the Neti Pot Work for Allergies?

In Air, Environmental Allergies, Natural Products, Review by Anthony6 Comments

If you have ever swum in the water at the beach, then you’d understand the experience of having salty seawater forced through your nasal passages. Initially unpleasant, this forced irrigation can result in unexpected relief from clogged sinuses. This ancient practice had originated in India thousands of years ago, but does the neti pot work effectively for allergy symptoms? The …

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Does Flonase Work? A Review of Flonase

In Medicines, Review by Anthony5 Comments

Fluticasone is a relatively new synthetic glucocorticoid that contains esters that are used in topical anti-inflammatories and inhaled corticosteroids. But does Flonase work better than other decongestants? The spray by Cutivate is a steroid that relieves seasonal and allergic sinus symptoms like stuffy/runny nose, itching and sneezing. It also helps relieve allergy eye symptoms like itchy, watery eyes. This medication …

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Therapure Air Purifier Review

In Air, Review by Anthony2 Comments

Product: Envion Therapure TPP440 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier Price: $122.00 Cheapest Place to Buy: Weight: 9.5 pounds Purifies: Smoke, Pollen, Dust, Bacteria, Household Chemicals Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Therapure Air Purifier TPP440 Product Review It is important to keep the air clean in your home because you will be breathing it in for the majority of your day. …