Is Coffee an Antihistamine?

Is Coffee an Antihistamine?

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Is Coffee an Antihistamine?

Is Coffee an Antihistamine? 

The simple answer is: No, coffee is not an antihistamine but its high caffeine content can hinder the proper function of diamine oxidase (DAO).

Diamine oxidase is an important enzyme that degrades the pro-inflammatory compound histamine. If DAO levels are low, higher histamine levels will be present in the body. That means that inflammation levels are going to be higher.

Read more here about how DAO can now be isolated into supplement form.

Another thing to consider is a possible coffee intolerance, which is not really an allergy but more of a rejection of the coffee. Coffee may also not be great for women with PMS symptoms and people with blood type O.

People suffering from histamine intolerance commonly find that coffee is a problem for them. It may be contributing to the root cause of the intolerance to histamine in the first place. That’s because coffee suppresses the function of diamine oxidase, which means there’s more histamine that needs to go.

If you have never heard of histamine intolerance and this site resonates with you, perhaps you could have this condition. I think that this is fine and that it could be treated because that is what I had done myself. I had numerous food intolerances before and reacted to a ridiculous amount of food and pollen. After completing an extensive parasite cleanse and supplementing my own mineral deficiencies had done wonders for all my allergies. It feels as if I am allergic to nothing except beans anymore.

Coffee May Be Unhealthy for Those With Histamine Intolerance

If you think that you are reacting allergically to coffee, then perhaps it is affecting your diamine oxidase levels. It might not exactly be a coffee allergy, but more like a sensitivity.

The case might be that the high caffeine count and concentration in coffee may affect hormone and enzyme levels. Caffeine in green tea and black tea also do this, but to a lesser extent. The acidity of the drink may also affect the effects of the caffeine. Over steeping and over brewing drinks may make the drink more bitter and acidic with a higher caffeine content.

Coffee may have beneficial properties as well, especially for those without histamine intolerance. However, everybody is unique and responds differently to caffeine and all substances in general.

I don’t want to seem like I am suggesting that coffee is bad for everybody. There is much evidence that proves that it can be beneficial for circulation and certain mental disorders. Perhaps we should feel ourselves to determine if how we react to every food, not just coffee, and see if it is right for us.

If you have a question or something to add about coffee as an antihistamine, please leave me a comment with the form below!

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  1. I’m reading this while drinking a cup of coffee lol. I don’t think I have a coffee intolerance but I do have other food intolerances. Doctors told me I’m really not supposed to drink tea or coffee because of my anxiety but I find that it relaxes me.

    1. Author

      Depending on the type of person you are, stimulants may be relaxing or agitating. It also depends on the day too and your unique state of health. I believe that I have coffee intolerance at one point in my life, but I no longer do after a parasite cleanse. Perhaps parasites didn’t like my coffee intake? However, coffee will never help with allergies because it is not an antihistamine. Thanks for visiting!

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