Abdominal bloating caused by parasite cleanse or detox symptoms

Bloating Caused by Detox Supplements like MSM and DE

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Abdominal bloating caused by parasite cleanse or detox symptoms

I think that a lot of people get discouraged about the detox or cleansing regimen that they are trying because it causes abdominal bloating or water retention. They should know that bloating is often a common sign that positive changes are happening in your body, but that your body can’t handle it at the rate you are demanding it to. Let me tell you about why abdominal bloating caused by MSM, diatomaceous earth and other detox supplements could actually be a good sign of detoxification.

Abdominal Bloating can be a Symptom of a Successful Detox or Herxheimer Reaction

This is probably where many detoxers go wrong. They start a new type of cleanse by changing their diet to incorporate more fresh produce and fewer garbage foods like sugar, alcohol, and processed salt snacks. Then, they start to get extremely bloated almost to an uncomfortable point and wonder “is this the cleanse working or is there something wrong with my inside? Did the supplements cause bloating?”

I was in this exact same boat. Let me share with you what I’ve learned after doing several liver and parasite cleanses with an extremely bloated abdomen and trying to understand what this symptom actually meant.

If bloating is the only symptom that you are experiencing during your cleanse, then I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, you should be excited that it is happening because obviously, something is working!

Even Harvard University recognizes that die-off symptoms exist in health.

You should be more worried if your cleanse had absolutely no effect on your health whatsoever. You might have bought a snake oil product then. If you truly needed the cleansing supplements or diet, your body would be experiencing changes so that it can adjust to its proper functioning.

It’s understandable though, that the abdominal bloating can last for weeks. This can be very confusing, especially for me, because the water retention around my belly and liver area lasted for about 3 months.

Why did it last for this long? Because I had a huge toxic load. Not only that, I had a parasitic infection that I had no idea that I had.

signs that you have toxic overload that can cause bloating

Is bloating a sign that the cleanse is working or should I stop?

Okay, I will help you right now to determine if your abdominal bloating is caused by a successful cleanse or from another complication caused by the medicine or detoxification treatment.

The first step is to identify how long the bloating took to appear in your abdomen, or how long you took to actually notice. If the bloating started to become a problem after you began the supplements or cleansing protocol, then the cause-and-effect analysis determines that these substances are definitely causing the bloating.

But is it a good sign?

The internet had probably told you that you can experience “detox symptoms” or a “Herxheimer reaction” when you make dramatic changes to your health. One of those changes would be this cleansing protocol that you are doing, right? Here’s two good signs now.

But what if this stuff is possibly causing an ulcer or some other damage that I’m anxious about?

The next thing you need to consider is whether or not the symptom you are experiencing intensely has been a common problem for your body in the past. In this case, it’s abdominal bloating. Have you felt bloated before in the past, even remember it being a little bit of a problem?

Herxheimer reactions usually cause your body to display symptoms that had already existed, but magnified with intensity. For instance, if you suffer from headaches or acne, then these will get worse for a short time while your body is cleansing.

From an introspective biology/chemistry perspective, this makes sense. The symptoms of headache, acne, and bloating that you have experienced as a problem before have been caused by something.

Everything happens for a reason.

The cause of this may be heavy metal poisoning, toxicity of some compound, nutrient deficiency, parasitic infection, or something we don’t even know about yet. When you consider how our fat cells work, they are basically there to hold stuff that we don’t want in our bloodstream. Fat cells store toxic material, heavy metals, and even microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses and yeast.

If your cleansing protocol is nourishing your body so that these poisonous materials can be released and replaced with nutrients, they are going to be pushed out into your bloodstream. There, the liver and kidneys need to filter them out efficiently. However, biology and evolution are not perfect. The toxic material may damage vital organs, nerves, and tissues on their way out (or back in).

This is what causes your symptoms, including abdominal bloating.

When you think about it, water retention would be the most reasonable detox symptom for your body to have. All the waste material may disrupt your digestive function, or attract water like a salt. The materials may collect in the abdomen for some reason, but this is just my hypothesis that I’ve thought about from my own experiences.

But it’s been so long and my bloated belly is still a problem!

Yeah, it seems like you were having a health problem that your body is now dealing with. However, the fact that you are physically bloated and uncomfortable may mean that your detoxification protocol was starting out too strong. Many people like to take way too much MSM and diatomaceous earth than their body is able to handle at first.

If you are severely bloated, then I would just slow down with the detox for now. There’s no rush.

list of parasite symptoms or herxheimer reaction symptoms to detox caused by supplements

My Experience of Cleansing with MSM, Diatomaceous Earth, and Activated Charcoal

When I was doing an extensive parasite cleanse to get rid of candida yeast, tapeworms, and roundworms, it took months of serious cleansing to kill all of these parasites. I was 2 months in, still pooping out weird stuff that didn’t look like what I had eaten, thinking “Wow…. This stuff is still coming out of me.”

I must have had a serious parasitic infection. Although, my discouragement due to my severe, uncomfortable bloating had subsided each time I went to the bathroom and saw these interesting creatures come out.

Hopefully I can just keep it real with you all so I can help.

I figured that these parasites were the ones causing the bloating. It made sense because my digestive system is under my abdomen, where the intestinal parasites and yeasts were. Something told me that I should keep going with my parasite cleanse. I was rotating different natural anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal foods and supplements for maximum efficiency. That seemed to work with drugs and medicines in hospitals, after all.

I was taking raw garlic, diatomaceous earth, MSM, echinacea, activated charcoal, iodine, zinc, and oil of oregano to get rid of the parasites. At first, I had tried a parasite cleanse from a natural health store with wormwood, walnut hull, and cloves. This stuff definitely made me bloated. However, my parasitic infection was so bad that this 30-day parasite cleanse wasn’t enough.

Of course, I tried fasting and eating spicy foods during the few meals that I had to try to create an unfriendly environment for parasites and yeasts. However, it still wasn’t enough to do an efficient and quick job in killing the intestinal worms and candida.

I just had to wait out the bloating caused by detox

Following a sugar-free low carb diet and using these anti-parasite supplements, my abdominal bloating eventually went down.

And when it did, my stomach looked great. I actually saw some muscle tone that I’ve never seen before in my life and my belly was flat. Throughout my entire life and even in my childhood, I seemed to maintain a slight bulging belly. But then it went away after a rough parasite cleanse.

What does this mean to me and what did I learn from this? That everything has a cause. The parasites and the toxic material that was already inside me, as well as what the dying parasites released, caused the abdominal bloating during my parasite cleanse.

Why Did the Dying Parasites and Candida Yeast Cause Bloating?

I am not too sure why I was so incredibly bloated. Despite using supplements that ease bloating, it was still a  major issue for me. Along with abdominal bloating, I experienced irritability, lackluster sleep, fatigue, body acne, and joint pain as my Herxheimer detox symptoms.

The way I figured it, the abdominal bloating was likely caused by either the decomposition process inside my intestinal organs. Or the parasites were causing the bloating directly by attempting to avoid the parasite cleansing protocol.

I have research that intestinal worms and candida yeast can release ammonia and other chemical compounds as a defense mechanism for survival. Along with that, the intestinal worms like Ascaris roundworm can move somewhere they are safer. Some anecdotal sources claim that they can feel intestinal worms moving or burrowing through their bodies trying to escape death.

This is disgusting, but it makes real sense to me. These organisms have their own agenda: to survive. They aren’t going to sit there and accept death.

What also leads me to believe that this is true is the fact that every single natural supplement that I tried (diatomaceous earth, MSM, raw garlic, oregano oil, activated charcoal) caused abdominal bloating in the same way. It wasn’t that only one of them made me bloated in particular. Therefore, these supplements must have been doing something necessary.

Treat the Abdominal Bloating During Cleanse

If you are experiencing bloating regardless of whether or not you are cleansing or detoxing, you should limit your fiber intake. I wouldn’t limit intake of fresh vegetables ever, but you should stop taking probiotics, and fiber supplements until the problem subsides. These will only make the bloating worse.

Avoiding fruit is a good idea, too. Fruits contain complex varieties of fibers that probiotic bacteria consume in your small intestine. As a byproduct, this creates gas as the probiotics feed, which can worsen the bloating.

Of course, while avoiding excess fiber and bacterial intake, you need to consume enough water. This is a cause of bloating in itself.

So definitely try all of this and keep it in mind during your cleanse. Water fasting will do wonders for any cleanse, in my opinion.

Activated Charcoal is a Miracle for Bloating and Cleansing

Something that I really recommend that everybody takes once in a while, regardless of whether or not you have bloating or are on a cleanse, is activated charcoal. This stuff sweeps through your digestive system like one of those Swiffer mops, collecting all the bad stuff and leaving the good probiotics and alone.

You will be surprised what a good dose of activated charcoal will capture inside of you, to be released during your next poop. Many people report seeing hardened plaque trapped in their stool, and different types of parasitic worms. Therefore, you should definitely try this stuff out to make sure that you don’t have anything.

When you see a foot long creature in your stool, there is an intense feeling of relief like “Thank goodness that was in me and now it isn’t!” You should just make sure that you don’t have to say that, you know?

Google Image Search at Your Own Risk

Regardless, activated charcoal does wonders for bloating, especially during a cleanse. If you are killing parasitic yeast or worms, activated charcoal will collect them on the way out.

Make sure the activated charcoal is real and effective. It should be made from coconut shells and proven for absorbency like this one on Amazon.

activated charcoal for bloating

You have got to try this stuff at least once. It’s like a cure for bloating. Make sure you drink enough water with it.

In addition to its physical benefits, it also collects gases like ammonia that are released by candida yeast and parasites. The activated charcoal absorbs the toxic gas that moves uncomfortably through your intestines and easily lets it out.

In my opinion, it is a must for every household. Activated charcoal can even absorb poison and heavy metals, which is why doctors give it to you in hospitals as soon as possible.

It is truly a must for every cleanse as well, especially a parasite cleanse. You want waste materials out, and this is an excellent way to do it along with adequate water intake.

Bottom Line for Bloating Detox Symptom

In addition to the activated charcoal, the one other supplement that prove to be excellent with bloating during a cleanse and in general was peppermint oil. Rubbing it on your belly works great, but taking it internally does wonders.

This peppermint oil based supplement combines ginger and fennel to relieve the exact problem with bloating that you are having. There was nothing like it that I’ve ever taken for bloating in my lifetime. After rough meals or during cleanses, I take a few of these and they make me fart out all the bloat! Literally like a balloon.

Hopefully, that answers your question if you are suffering from the same situation. For me, it wasn’t the diatomaceous earth, the MSM, the spices, raw garlic, oil of oregano, or activated charcoal causing my bloating.

It was the healing. So keep strong and fight through it.

I’m here with you.

Please let me know what you think about bloating caused by detox in a comment below.

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  1. How long do you take the activated charcoal for? Do you take it indefinitely? Also I’ve been taking DE every day for a few years and have never associated my bloating with DE. Is it important to take a break from drinking it? I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon. Thank you

    1. Author

      Yeah you definitely need to take a break from it. I believe it’s a very good tool to have, but it can be misused. Obviously, diatomaceous earth has some effects on your body, like dehydration. SO you need to consider those as well. I would only consume a tiny amount 20% of the days of the year.

  2. I started a parasite cleanse, bowel cleanse, liver flush and pancreas/kidney cleanse, i am so bloated and nauseous i look 5 month pregnant (and i know for sure i am not). I started researching online if this was a normal/common symptom and came across your web-page. Needless to say, i’ll keep at it, i know its working, it is just pretty rough!

    1. Author

      Just maybe take a break with the protocol. It just might be going to fast.

  3. I’ve started a gut detox and an experiencing the same issues. Mine has got so bad that I’m getting severe lower back pain from the bloating pressure. I’ve backed down a little on my supplement intake. Also using peppermint oil and a product called Atrantil that I had been taking anyway. This gives me some hope that good things might actually be happening.

    1. Author

      Yep, I had the same exact problem. My tummy was getting so bloated that my lower back was always so sore, especially after waking up. My upper back and posture had suffered as well. I would just slow down the detox method and work my way up again. Let me know what you think!

  4. I have been taking DE for about two weeks now. I have noticed my abdomen swelling too. I also noticed I’m hungry more often. Is increased hunger a side effect too?

    1. Author

      That’s the same kind of side effects that I get from diatomaceous earth, except I don’t really get more hungry. This may just be the way it is affecting you. I would reduce the dose to get rid of the bloating and abdominal swelling.

    2. Oh yeah I am super hungry on parasite cleanses. THey try anything to stay alive so they make you crave more food, that`s my theory. The bloating and swelling is really bad. Heard they release lots of gas when they die. Kudos to everybody who sticks with it… I have been bloated all my life but it gets so much worse when I am trying to kill them buggers…

  5. Thank you for such brilliant information. I’m doing the diatomaceous earth and was worried that the bloating was harmful….I took it for 4 days 2 tablespoons and have stopped….should I continue to take it…would appreciate your advice

    1. Author

      That sounds like too much! You should take a break and then try much less. I find that 1/2 tablespoon is the best mixed with water.

  6. Great information. This has helped me immensely. Couldn’t find anybody about bloating and detox anywhere but here. So glad I found this as I was detoxing with MSM. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Author

      I was in the same boat. When I took MSM at first, it gave me a little bit of bloating. Kind of like a distended tummy for a short while. After some time, I attributed it myself to a detox reaction due to the supplements. Diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal do similar things to me.

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