Dog Tapeworm in Human Stool

Think You Have A Dog Tapeworm as a Human?

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Dog Tapeworm in Humans

You might come to believe that you have some type of tapeworm after noticing something strange in your stool. The most tell-tale sign of a dog tapeworm in human stool is the presence of tiny white rice pieces. These white specs of “rice” or “sesame seeds” are actually a kind of egg sack released from the segments of the Dipylidium caninum dog tapeworm. This might be a sign of many things, but it’s also one of the unique features that make dog tapeworm different than pork, beef and fish tapeworms.

Internet searches may lead you to believe that dog tapeworm infections in people are uncommon, but this might not be true at all. Dipylidium Caninum (Or a Taenia species) is called the dog tapeworm because it is most prevalent and renown to be in pet dogs. However, a human can get infected with this parasite just as easily.

I know this to be true because I personally have had a dog tapeworm in myself and the crazy part about that is: I’ve never had a dog! In fact, I’ve really never come in contact with many dogs in my life because I am allergic to dogs with short hair. If you understood what this parasite really is and how it worked in biology, you would come to realize that this tapeworm may be a lot more common among first-world citizens, especially inside people who own a dog.

I’ve dedicated my college years and the rest of my life to raising awareness for parasite infections once again around the world. It seems like we have just forgotten and denied this foundational aspect of human health and medical science.

I’ve focused my education on learning all I could about parasites, specifically rope worms, Ascaris roundworms, and tapeworms. This is some information that I have used, and will continue to use, in presentations to school boards and local/state governments to raise awareness. My goal is to convince the world, or at least some of it, that twice-yearly treatments for parasites should be suggested by pediatricians for adolescent children just like flu vaccines are. This is what is done in Russia, many European countries, East Asian countries, and more who have found much success in improving the lives of their citizens.

Dog Tapeworm in Human Stool

Doctors Don’t Seem to Understand Parasite Infections

It was hard for me to understand exactly what type of parasite was infecting me because there wasn’t a lot of information available on the internet to diagnose myself. Let me first off describe to you what a nightmare it is to have a parasitic worm infection and ask your doctor for help. During the peaks of my parasite cleanses when a lot of worms would come out, I sometimes collected from the toilet what was clearly a piece of worm or its segments. Every single time I took the specimen to the doctor, they either denied that I had a parasite infection or the tests came back negative.

The first couple of times, I discussed my symptoms with my doctor, which accurately describe those of an intestinal worm infection. These times, my doctor had just scoffed at me and looked at me as if I was a crazy person believing in conspiracy theories. The responses that I got included:

  • “Parasite infections are only what third-world countries have to worry about”
  • “Did you drink any water from potentially-contaminated sources like rivers, streams, ponds? No, they why would you have a parasite infection?”
  • “Did you visit a third-world country lately? No, then why are you so paranoid?”
  • “You’re healthy, you don’t have a tapeworm. Trust me.”
  • “Here’s a prescription for a broad-spectrum antibiotic and ibuprofen. Have a nice day!”

I believe these responses to be an absolute disgrace to medicine. Doctors seem to be too focused on dealing out antibiotics to collect insurance money from their patients to be actually empathetically concerned with them.

After this ridiculous set of experiences, I took the actual samples directly to my doctor. The first time, the doctor looked at my specimen and declared that it was a piece of undigested food.

I said “I never ate anything in my life with a head and anus on it.” But this was still my fault, I was crazy, and I needed to take antibiotics. All of this gaslighting was really angering me, and infuriated me even further when I took it upon myself to cleanse my parasite infection myself with natural supplements.

After that doctor, I went to a different one, who actually agreed with me and said “Yes, this looks like a parasitic worm to me. I will do some testing on this sample [that is clearly a parasite].” After a week of waiting, I was called to be enthusiastically informed that “Everything was clear. The tests came up negative for a parasite infection. Have a nice day!” That was a huge waste of my down payment because I didn’t even get my complimentary ibuprofen prescription with that one…

Dog Tapeworm Symptoms in Humans

Symptoms of a Diplydium Caninum in People

The tell-tale symptom for a dog tapeworm in a human, or any animal, is the presence of these tiny white egg sacks that are big enough to observe with your eyes after going to the bathroom. This is unique for a tapeworm species because the eggs are usually so small that you can’t even see them. Actually, most tapeworm species don’t release any type of egg sacks, they just release the small, individual eggs.

People can easily mistake these white rice pieces in their stool for being something that they ate. However, if your body cannot digest only white rice-looking food, then this is an unfortunate coincidence that is not likely.

Of course, the egg sacs do look like white rice and we all know that grains can sometimes pass through our digestive system as a whole. That happens with corn sometimes, right? It’s confusing how that happens with corn, but it is a rare circumstance to be able to observe food in your stool. White rice is definitely something that digests more easily in your stomach and intestines. Therefore, it likely won’t be observed after going to the bathroom.

If you still might believe that it’s just rice instead of a tapeworm, then try not eating rice for a week or two and see if the pieces still come out. They likely will, just like they did for me.

The dog tapeworm can have a wide range of effects on your health and existing conditions. You should understand this parasite’s biological agenda so that you can better understand how it affects you.

Humans Get Infected By Fleas, not Dogs

The way that dogs get infected with this intestinal worm is through fleas as a vector. Many people do not know that vermin are primary vectors for parasitic disease, which is solely spread by them in some cases.

In this case, a flea consumes the very small infectious larval stage that has evolved to be appealing and tastey for some insects. Once consumed by a flea, the larvae turns into a cysticercoid, which is very infectious. Once something consumes the flea, the worm will be able to infect whoever consumes it. Most likely, it is going to be a dog that accidentally swallow a flea. But, a flea can just as easily jump into your mouth the same way.

Of course, you probably won’t notice this happening if you are asleep. Children seem to be the most common human carriers of the dog tapeworm. Having a pet dog increases your chances of getting one of these tapeworms, but you don’t necessarily need to have one to be exposed to fleas. That was my case, because I never even had a dog in my life.

The host then passes the egg sacks in their stool so that an animal may eat it off the ground. It’s gross, but that’s how nature works.

Diplydium Caninum Life Cycle in People

Tapeworm Infections Cause Malnutrition and Anemia

This is a parasite, just like every tapeworm, and they provide absolutely no benefit to your body. Unlike probiotics, they are there only to feed off of your food passing through your digestive system, to feed off of your blood, and to reproduce using your internal organs.

All parasitic worms consume carbohydrates to survive. Their digestive systems don’t allow them to eat protein or fat in their diets. The most preferred food for tapeworms and all intestinal worms, in general, is simple carbs like sugar. That is one of the most essential things to remember when trying to cleanse parasites.

Cleansing Dog Tapeworms Naturally

This means that parasites absolutely love the following types of foods:

  • Potatoes
  • Grains, especially wheat and rice
  • Alcohol
  • White, refined sugar in sweets and as a filler or substitute for fat
  • All kinds of breads, white and whole grain alike
  • Dairy, which is high in lactose
  • Fruit

When you have a dog tapeworm as a human, you need to cut out these foods for a few weeks during your parasite cleansing protocol. This is the most essential part of the cleanse, which the rest relies on. You cannot kill intestinal worms when you are allowing them to heal and strengthen by feeding them simple carbohydrates.

Diatomaceous Earth for Killing Dog Tapeworms

One of the best ways that I’ve found to cleanse yourself of tapeworms effectively is by drinking diatomaceous earth mixed with water. However, it should be noted that you must use it correctly. If you use it incorrectly, you could impact your digestion negatively.

You’ll need to understand what diatomaceous earth is and how it works so that you can take advantage of it for your health. These are small, dehydrated cells that are basically fossils of algae. They are microscopic, but sharp. This stuff also has the ability to dehydrate very well.

For parasites, it can slice them up and dehydrate the wounds that it causes. It won’t harm your organs because each cell is so small. Instead, they act as a brush for your small intestine.

Diatomaceous earth is especially useful for cleansing parasites because it’s one of the few supplements that physically harms the parasites inside of you. Other methods may not seem to work, but this one always does.

It can be tricky to get their claw-like head to let go of your insides, but diatomaceous earth will force them to. Other supplements like green walnut will chemically harm the tapeworms, but their head will remain intake. This allows them to simply regenerate their body over time. Many people cleansing dog tapeworms find that they release only the segments of the worm into the toilet, which is what often happens. You need to get rid of the head to eradicate the problem.

They survive by holding tight onto the intestinal wall and allowing the rest of its body to be cut off. Tapeworm segments are eggs anyway, so they are designed to work like this.

You Must Use This Method Correctly for Benefits

The best way to take diatomaceous earth to kill canine tapeworms is to drink a glass of it on a completely empty stomach. You don’t want to take it on a full stomach because it will dehydrate your food, absorb fat, and potentially cause constipation.

Fill up half a glass of pure water and mix a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth with the half glass of water. Drink it quickly and then follow up with another full glass of pure water. This method helps to force the water through your stomach quickly, so that the diatomaceous earth can gain momentum and strike parasites in your small intestine like multiple daggers.

You need to make sure that the diatomaceous earth is food grade, or else it will be filled with toxic materials only suitable for your garden. I’ve found this method to work tremendously well for all types of parasite cleansing.

Many people misuse diatomaceous earth and sip it from a glass of water slowly. This is not good for your stomach. Make sure you drink it fast and follow up with another glass of water quickly. This is just like a type of flush.

You’ll experience a plethora of other excellent benefits from diatomaceous earth. Since it is made up of trace minerals like silica, it can be considered a hair, skin and nails beauty supplement. It has dramatically improved the health and structure of my hair and nails. Many people give me compliments, saying that my nails look like glass. You will notice the benefits after only a few days of using it.

This is the diatomaceous earth that I get from Amazon. It’s the best price for the quality that I’ve found. Buying in bulk tends to be a much better value, but many people won’t find much use or space for 10 pounds of it. I highly recommend this stuff for killing dog tapeworms in yourself.

Diatomaceous Earth for killing parasites and Ascaris roundworms

Mimosa Pudica for Effective Cleansing That is Gentle on Your Body

This herb was very impressive to me. Known as Mimosa Pudica, it is now becoming popular for being able to quickly and effectively cleanse all types of parasites.

I get emails almost every day from readers that recommend Mimosa Pudica, telling me that it makes them poop out nests of intestinal worms that they didn’t even know they had. To me, it’s the next best thing compared to pharmaceutical antiparasitic drugs. However, it may even be better because it has fewer side effects and doesn’t do any damage to your health.

How this herb works is that it has the ability to paralyze all kinds of worms and insects. This mechanism of action is great for tapeworms because this will quickly release their head’s grip on your intestinal wall. That makes for a better chance that it will be quickly excreted without allowing it to regenerate or re-attach.

I’ve tried a few brands of Mimosa Pudica and this one was the best by far. After just one dose, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom 2 hours later and the majority of what came out were tapeworm segments and rope worms. It definitely worked unlike anything else I’ve tried because it gave me visible results quickly. I highly recommend taking this as well, if you suspect that you have a parasite or don’t. Twice yearly cleansing seems to be what works for me.


If you have a question or something to add about dog tapeworms in humans, please leave me a comment with the form below!

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