Fish Intolerance and Allergy Symptoms with Treatment

Heal Your Intolerance to Fish so You Can Eat Seafood Again

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Fish Intolerance and Allergy Symptoms with Treatment

Healing Fish Intolerance by Changing Your Lifestyle

There are many misconceptions about allergies in this day and age. We don’t know anything about them! Are they genetic or are they curable? True allergies cannot be cured because they are there because of our DNA. However, food sensitivities like fish intolerance arise as a health condition, like a headache or acne, as a sign of poor health. Let me explain how I changed my health and healed my food intolerance to fish because now I enjoy fish every day!

Fish Intolerance Symptoms

If you have a simple intolerance to fish and fish products, this is due to enzyme imbalance within your body’s digestive system. When I discuss fish intolerance, it could be a reaction to all fish from water, or specific kinds or species of fish. Basically, your body is missing or is unable to produce a certain enzyme that it needs to help break down the fish.

Many seem to argue that food intolerances can be caused by low stomach acidity, but I don’t see how this is true. Eventually, the fish would break down with slow digestion in the small intestine, but you would be bloated and gassy all the way.

What the root cause of this has to be is with your natural production of enzymes. When your body can’t digest food all the way through, you will experience uncomfortable symptoms.

Fish intolerance symptoms can include:

  • Itchy mouth or throat when eating fish
  • Inflammation of the face or throat after eating fish
  • Allergic Coughing
  • Watering eyes and itching face
  • Heartburn
  • Upset stomach and bloating that may last
  • Nausea
  • Acne a few hours after exposure
  • Acid reflux
  • Indigestion of all food
  • Pale skin during frequent exposure

All of these symptoms had occurred in my health when I was intolerant not only to fish but everything else. It seems that all food intolerances exhibit the same symptoms like these, with some alterations between individuals. It’s important to note that some of these symptoms are similar to those of a legitimate fish allergy.

How is Fish Allergy Different from an Intolerance?

If you have a genetic fish allergy, which means that you were never able to eat fish, you will experience vomiting, swelling throat and face, trouble breathing, wheezing, possible anaphylaxis, flushing skin, and more. It’s an emergency situation if you eat the fish.

I wish that people would stop saying that they have all of these food allergies when they actually eat something and it gives them an itchy throat. That’s not going to kill you and that isn’t a food allergy.

It’s a food intolerance. Just like lactose intolerance, something everyone is familiar with because it is the most prevalent in humans. In my opinion, it can be cured because I had multiple food intolerance to fish, soy, raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, shellfish.

You name it, I had it bad. I’m not trying to one-up you with pity, though. I am sure that you suffer with allergies and food sensitivities as well.

Side note: seasonal allergies are actually a bad phrase to use to describe the condition. Allergies to pollen during particular seasons are not ingrained in our DNA or genes. They simply happen because our immune system cannot function properly at that time.

I know that this may be offensive and you could be thinking “are you saying my immune system sucks?” Yes LOL, but all of our immune systems are struggling 24/7 with everything around us. If nutrition and biological physics don’t line up perfectly in your body, you will always have symptoms and conditions to deal with.

My favorite thing to remember and live by: everything has a cause. There’s a reason for everything. And there’s a reason why you have a fish intolerance.

Why Can’t I Eat Fish Any More?

There are a few hypotheses about why food intolerances occur right now. Some believe that an unknown infection may force the host’s body to switch off the enzymes that were able to digest food. Infectious parasites, bacteria, viruses, or yeast may do this as a biological defense mechanism so that our bodies don’t digest them. They want to survive after all.

It makes sense that pathogenic organisms could develop an anti-enzyme chemical. After all, I don’t think that their biological agenda could care about their host’s ability to eat certain foods.

Others believe that with age and toxic bioaccumulation over time without proper detoxification causes food intolerances. Perhaps buildup of poisons just becomes too much and eventually permanently damages our DNA, which codes for enzymes. Our genes are very fragile and can be easily damaged and affected by compounds and pathogens.

Either way, our body loses its birth-given ability to digest food properly. If you asked me what I think between the two ideas, I’d say it could be both or even a mix. Anything goes with your body’s health and you would be surprised what types of fungus, mold and intestinal worms your body is constantly carrying. I was.

list of parasite symptoms or herxheimer reaction symptoms to detox caused by supplements

Can I Fix This So I Can Eat Fish Again?

The simple answer is: yes. I was once intolerance to shellfish and open ocean fish, but after an extensive protocol, I have completely healed my food intolerances.

I was living for about 18 years until I had discovered that my health was not what I expected it to be. Even eating salads every day with no added sugar or alcohol, my health was still deteriorating quickly. I had no idea why until I heard about foreign intestinal surgeons who see patients every day who have blockages in their intestines that are just masses of worms.

I know that this is disgusting and seems unreal, but intestinal parasites are very common if you eat raw fish, pork, or beef. You can watch videos of these surgeons doing the procedure of removing a spaghetti-plate’s worth of roundworms out of someone’s small intestine. They were wondering why they were so constipated!

The surgeons would just be laughing and making pleasant conversation with handfuls of parasites. This was just another average day for them. Therefore, I was imagining what could be inside of me then.

So I did some research about parasite cleansing and all of these people who had no idea that they were infected. They had all kinds of crazy creatures coming out.

I had done a serious 3 month long parasite eradication protocol and it was definitely tough. However, my health problems magically disappeared.

parasite cleanse for candida yeast and worms

This stuff made all of my Candida yeast and intestinal worms come right out into the toilet. Thank goodness they are out of me now!

Yes, I did eject some weird looking stuff into the toilet. Yes, it was gross.

But I thought “Wow, thank goodness that is all out of me now.” I felt free and like I was a new person. Not only a new person, but the individual that I really was. I am a human being that won’t be leached off of by any organism.

What’s the Best Way to Cleanse?

I had tried everything to eradicate parasitic worms, yeast, bacteria, and fungi from every single organ individually. Some of them were straight up garbage science and others were wonders for my long-term health.

The best thing by far was supplementation with organic MSM crystals. This is the cellular form of sulfur that our bodies use. You can take it directly in this crystallized form and it is absorbed almost immediately.

Sulfur deficiency is going to be a tragedy for younger generations because we are depleting it completely from our soils. Sulfur takes much time and many volcanic eruptions to replace in fertile soils. It is likely that you aren’t getting enough.

This nutrient mineral is extremely important for proper immune function. It contributes heavily to the development of food intolerances, severity of allergies, and mental decline. In addition to that, sulfur deficiency makes it easier for parasites to infect you. MSM will make your intestines inhospitable to worms and parasites along with their eggs.

This is the MSM that I use. It’s a great price here on Amazon for like half off.

Bottom Line

You can definitely heal this food intolerance through healthy lifestyle and natural protocol, just like I did. Fresh-caught atlantic salmon is my favorite food and I have so many recipes for it. Salmon contains so many healthy nutrients that are difficult to obtain from other sources, like Omega 3 DHA and vitamin D.

I love to make salmon into patties and make salmon burgers with garlic and butter spread. Put some sweet potato fries on the side and yum. Sorry, I’m a little hungry.

But, I totally recommend that you look into parasite cleansing and curing your sulfur deficiency either with food or supplementing with MSM, which is way easier.

If you have a question or something to add about fish allergy and fish intolerance, then please drop me a message below. It could help others as well wondering the same thing. I am trying to raise awareness of something that has dramatically uplifted my existence, so I’d love your help.

I’m always here for you. Talk to you soon,



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