Green Tea for Allergies Proves Very Effective

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The World’s Healthiest Drink

Green tea has been a calming recess for thousands of years that originated in China and spread to much of Asia. Ever since, it has been known for its health benefits likely due to the antioxidants and polyphenols it contains. Green tea is a good source of EGCG, flavanols and epicatechins. These are very powerful compounds that have shown to prevent cancer and help you lose weight while keeping you calm and alert. But what about green tea for allergies?green tea for allergies chart cultivation areas

The Chinese and Japanese have a lot of respect for green tea as it is the most popular beverages in these parts of the world. We can notice that the Chinese and Japanese have low incidents of heart disease, skin problems or allergies. Maybe they were on to something.

In addition to these benefits, green tea also seems to be great for DHT blocking, which can help for hair loss and other hormone related conditions. (Source)

Green Tea for Allergies

Epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG) blocks histamine and immunoglobulin E(IgE), which are linked to uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Because their production is blocked, symptoms are reduced.

A study done at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan concluded that green tea “appears to be a promising source of anti-allergenic agents.” This would make it effective against pollen, dust, pet dander, and digestive inflammation.

In high concentrations, EGCG is responsible for a load of health benefits. Previous studies prove that it fights allergic reactions in rodents, but researchers are only beginning to understand how the compound works.

The testing was again done using human blood cells and showed that EGCG blocked a histamine response by the immune system. This reduces inflammation in the body.

Eventually, EGCG may be isolated into highly concentrated supplements that will result in immediate natural relief of allergy symptoms. It would be a great alternative to antihistamine OTC drugs that have long-term health effects.

Whole Leaf Green Tea

One of my favorite drinks is matcha green tea. This one is my favorite green teas that I drink every morning as a replacement for coffee. Matcha is a powder of the green tea leaf that allows you to easily consume the whole nutrients, fiber and health benefit of the green tea leaf that you normally throw away.allergies treated by green tea

It is as highly concentrated in antioxidants EGCG as 10 normal cups of green tea. This is with a very low amount of caffeine(35mg) as well. Nutrients like L-Theanine and chlorophyll make you feel calm, aware and clear. It also notably reduces my allergy symptoms so I always recommend it to friends.



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  1. I like to drink green tea by itself, but you have to steep it for only a few minutes, otherwise it tastes really bitter. How do you make matcha tea? I have the powder, but I bought it to put in smoothies. I would like to know how to make it. How many cups a day should you consume to help with allergies? Do you only drink it during allergy season, or is it more of a preventative to drink all year?

    1. Author

      I agree 100% that green tea should only be brewed at 180 degree Fahrenheit for 2 minutes. I usually make matcha tea by first making the green tea powder into a paste. I then add hot water and whisk the tea until all the powder is dissolved. Sometimes I mix some almond milk in to give it more fatty substance. Usually one cup at most is best because it is a very potent green tea. It contains mentally calming components that may cause nausea or headache in excess amounts.

  2. Hey Anthony:

    Thank you for the great information about green tea and its health benefits. An alternative to antihistamines would be a blessing for my allergy-suffering friends.

    I am an afficionado of black tea, but have not gotten into the green teas very much. There certainly has been an explosion of interest in them and the shelves at the grocery store are filling up with choices. I’ll try some, I think.

    1. Author

      Hey Netta,

      There are some awesome benefits to black tea as well, like antioxidants and metabolism health. But I think that green tea is far superior because it just has so many uses for our body.

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