Himalayan Salt Treats for Dogs

Himalayan Salt as Treats for Dogs – They Really Love it!

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Himalayan Salt Treats for Dogs

Himalayan Salt Dog Treats are Very Healthy for Dogs

Salt derived from the Himalayan mountains can be regarded as the most healthy salt available on the planet. Not only is it an edible salt in nature, but it has remained untouched by humans and the environment for thousands, perhaps millions, of years.

The health benefits of consuming Himalayan salt has been discussed extensively for humans, but not many dog owners know that the mineral salt is great for their pets as well.

In fact, it is sometimes highly encouraged to include natural salt in your pet’s diet.

It is considered essential to let rabbits and horses lick salt because this is a great source of electrolytes and minerals for them. Without salt, these animals will be dehydrated and suffer the consequences of poor mental and physical health due to malnutrition.

It is very common for people of this generation to be deficient in minerals like sulfur, magnesium, silica, and potassium. This is because our fertile soils are becoming increasingly less nutritious as we use them. Since our use of the soil exceeds the rate at which nutritious soil regenerates by 100 times, nutrition will definitely be a problem for health in the near future. Not just for humans, but all animals.

Himalayan Salt for Dogs and Other Animal Friends

We humans take Himalayan salt for a variety of purposes, including:

  • As a soak to soothe inflammation and infections
  • Treat aching joints
  • Increase alkalinity (Healthy pH)
  • Improve nutrition for less-common minerals like organic sulfur and silica
  • As a substitute to unhealthy table salt
  • Digestive aid
  • Helps lower blood pressure and sodium levels
  • Stimulation of circulation
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce water retention and bloating
  • Improves heart health
  • Anti-aging
  • Dog allergy symptoms

These benefits can apply to animals as well.

Generic dog food is actually the scraps and garbage that people would never consider eating, which also makes it a nutrient-lacking food. A lot of dog owners don’t realize that dog food is not nutritious because they don’t understand the natural diet of canines in the wild.

In nature, canines would not eat garbage out of your garbage cans. They would eat raw meat that they hunted, as well as some plant material that they find as a source of fiber.

Dogs in natural history have never consumed corn, soy, or other grains, which is what most dog food is filled with anyway. Pet food is made of grains because we have an excess of it on our planet right now. This makes corn, soy, and wheat extremely inexpensive, meaning the 25-dollar dog food bag that you bought at the store probably cost around one dollar to produce.

Not even considering the fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors, grains themselves have proven to cause digestive issues and shortened lifespan due to malnutrition in dogs and cats.

Switching your best furry friend to a natural diet free from grains and adding a mineral supplement like Himalayan salt can improve their livelihood tremendously.

Himalayan Salt Treats for Dogs

I get these and sometimes mix a pinch in my dogs’ water. This method saves a ton of money and is very healthy for dogs. Here’s a 40% discount that I use

Himalayan Salt Dog Chews and Licks are a Much Better Treat

When we want to reward our puppy for doing a good job, we usually give them either a fatty sugar-soaked slice of preserved meat or a sugary corn flour cracker and they love it. It’s tasty to them because we have manipulated them to be perceived this way.

I have switched to using small chunks of pink Himalayan salt as a treat for my dogs because I started to care about their nutrition on the same level that I did mine. And for me, I strongly consider the foods I am intolerant to and the nutrients that are hard to come by in today’s age.

It’s extremely easy for dogs to become deficient in all kinds of nutrients, but minerals are an important factor that way too many dog owners overlook.

After a few years of abandoning grains and sugar, my dogs(as well as my friends’ dogs) have improved their health tremendously. Before the switch, the dogs seemed moody, agitated, depressed, always hungry, self-conscious, and unwilling to learn.

Now being a few years later, these same puppies have become much calmer, focused, intelligent, genuinely happy, and prefer to eat healthy and fresh meat and vegetables. It took a while to adjust their diets and they will get very upset when you don’t feed them the sugar and grains they are naturally addicted to, like us. However, time will teach their bodies to naturally appreciate nutrition because that means that their bodies can function better the way they should.

Himalayan salt dog chews and treats

This stuff is a great treat and multi-mineral supplement for your best friend. You can just let them play with one of these small chunks.


Treats Made of Himalayan Salt that Dogs LOVE

First of all, I should say that you should not give your dogs too much salt because they will always want more, and this can lead to dehydration. Just a tiny pinch of Himalayan salt or a little chunk will be enough for them to be happy and healthy throughout the day.

I’ve tried dissolving a pinch of Himalayan salt in my dogs’ water, and that works very well. However, I like giving them the little chunks because they are so happy and jump around when I give them one. Dogs really like the taste of salt because they have evolved to.

I feel much better now that I know that my friends are naturally healthy the way nature had intended. They rely on me to provide that for them.


If you have a question or something to add about Himalayan salt dog treats please leave me a comment below!

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Anthony,
    What is your experience with dogs who excessively scratch, lick and rub? What are the benefits of bathing them in salt water and also ingesting Himalayan salt?

    1. Author

      That could mean that they are having allergic reactions. Usually influxes of histamine can cause itching on the skin, which is very annoying. Dogs in particular seem to be prone to this compared to other animals. I’m not sure about bathing them in salt water but internally, Himalayan salt dog treats can provide puppies with an effective mineral supplement. It contains a lot of minerals that are hard to receive from a normal dog diet.

  2. Anthony:

    I have switched my dogs to raw, cooked meals and they all lost 10 lbs. But my malinois looks a little on the thin side .. so I have been giving her rice or oatmeal for more calories. Any suggestions? Also how big of piece of Himalayan salt do you give your dogs my smallest is 45 and the largest is 63 pounds. Where do you get your Himalayan salt to make sure it’s the better grade? THANKS!!!

    1. Author

      I give a link to the online store where I get my Himalayan salt from. They have the best quality salt lamps and salt chunks that I have ever found. In my experience, the dogs know how much they want of the salt and eventually they stop licking it when they are satisfied. So I wouldn’t be afraid of giving them too much. Plus, it’s not really toxic to them. But I would just give them a fingernail-sized chunk.

    1. Author

      Hey Robert,
      Whenever I take care of a dog, I always feed them organic and grain-free meals because this accurately parallels a canine’s natural diet in the wild. Wolves don’t eat corn, wheat, or soy so I refuse to feed them to my dogs. Himalayan salt dog treats are great for rewarding your pet, but I don’t overdo it. It’s kind of like a multi-mineral that is really needed because a dog’s food may not be nutritious enough for a complete diet. Dog food is always very processed and made from inedible food scraps that don’t contain many minerals or vitamins. That’s why I really recommend Himalayan salt dog treats for my pets.

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