Does histamine intolerance cause weight gain?

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Does histamine intolerance cause weight gain?

The simple answer is: it can

Histamine intolerance describes a condition of high histamine levels that lingers in your bloodstream. The root cause of the symptoms is a lack of adequate amounts of enzyme diamine oxidase produced by your body. Your body might not produce enough enzymes if you don’t have proper nutrition. (Source)

Histamine intolerance or excess histamine in the blood, can cause a wide range of symptoms that can be unique for each different person. Since histamine promotes inflammation, it will continue to do so in your body until it is eliminated. Histamine is an immune chemical that is produced by your liver and white blood cells and it is naturally supposed to be eliminated quickly because inflammation is self-damaging When diamine oxidase, or proper nutrition, is low, then you’ll have a problem with inflammation in your health.

Symptoms of histamine intolerance can include weight gain, acne, focus problems, appetite changes, gastrointestinal changes, flu-like symptoms, and even disease. Histamine is not something that you want in your body.

Sometimes, this condition can cause water retention that leads to bloating, which may make it seem like you have gained weight. If this symptom improves, your weight should go back to normal.

how does histamine intolerance cause weight gain

How do histamine levels get high?

Histamine intolerance can be caused by a lot of things. Perhaps you are eating a diet with foods high in histamine. Many people don’t know that some healthy vegetables like spinach and tomato actually contain histamine that is absorbed by the body. Read our histamine intolerance foods list here.

There are also many medications that cause high levels of histamine, among many other factors that could contribute to excess histamine. Usually, it has to do with a chronic allergic reaction of some sort.

Many people find much success in taking histamine intolerance supplements and natural antihistamines. Since your symptoms are being caused by excess histamine, why not take a supplement that specifically eliminates histamine? It’s really that simple and doesn’t have to be as expensive and risky as OTC drugs.



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