Is there a cure for Histamine Intolerance?

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Is there a histamine intolerance cure?

It seems that histamine intolerance is a kind of genetic symptom of your body not being in its optimal state. Some people will have elevated levels of histamine in their blood, and others will not. This is due to nature, genetics, and the environment. Therefore, if you have histamine intolerance symptoms, you can treat the root of this condition.

What we are saying is is that each person’s immune system is unique in that it displays certain symptoms when it is struggling. For some, they will gain weight, have acne, sneeze, vomit, have elevated histamine, headaches, flu symptoms, fever, etc.

Therefore, using the word “cure” would be misleading because you will always be susceptible to histamine intolerance symptoms due to your genetics and specific health needs. However, you can treat the cause of the symptoms so that histamine intolerance does not bother you anymore. This is because you are in a healthy state.

The first step to doing this is finding out what is causing your ill health. It could be many things, but you should focus on your diet and lifestyle.

Many people do not realize that probiotic supplements that are labeled as healthy actually contain strains of bacteria that release histamine, which is absorbed into the bloodstream. These specific strains are from the Lactobacillus family. If you suspect that your health problems are due to histamine intolerance, then I would highly suggest that you avoid probiotic supplements that contain this family of bacteria. Instead, focus on a supplement that has Bifidobacterium because they have been proven to help people with histamine intolerance tremendously. (Source)

There are also many foods that we think are healthy, but actually contain histamine that is absorbed by the body. You can check out that list here. Many people do not realize that healthy vegetables like spinach and tomato contain histamine and can be troubling to eat in excess for some people that have elevated levels of histamine. 

histamine intolerance cure

Histamine intolerance list of foods that contain histamine.

We have written an in-depth article about the best histamine intolerance supplements to take for this condition. We also mention the products that you should avoid at all costs because they raise histamine levels. Check it out here. 

Since this condition describes an elevated level of histamine in the body, it would be wise to take an antihistamine when you need one to feel better. We know that OTC antihistamines can be dangerous, so natural antihistamines can be a great investment. Not many people know that natural antihistamines can work much better than store brand drugs.

Bottom Line

There is no cure for anything, per say. But, you can improve your unique diet and lifestyle needs and diminish the condition until it is not a problem for you anymore. Personally, I have histamine intolerance and a few simple changes have made me completely forget about the condition and I feel much better.


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  1. is there any antidote to a severe reaction to histamine food? reaction
    includes severe vertigo, mood disorder, severe suicidal feelings.

    1. Author

      I haven’t heard the word “antidote” in years, but the closest thing to a “cure” for histamine intolerance is diamine oxidase. I talk about this supplement numerous times throughout my site because it is a histamine enzyme that breaks it down. It’s a little bit pricey, but it works for so many to heal food intolerance and histamine intolerance. Sounds like it could work for you, especially since your symptoms are so severe.

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