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Intestinal Parasites Humans Have Cause Allergies

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Up to 96% of People Have a Parasitic Infection

New scientific research suggests that the mechanism evolved to defend humans and animals against parasites like worms are similar to the immune system’s reaction to harmful food proteins, our food allergies. Something like at least 95% of humans are infected with some type of parasite and these organisms live in our intestines, organs, and tissues. They have proteins that the body can have an allergic reaction to. Perhaps if you are suffering from allergies, intestinal parasites humans have may be the nuisance that you are looking to get rid of.

A collection in Uganda took blood for 222 people in Uganda infected with a parasitic worm S. mansoni. They found that one in six of them produced antibodies that recognized the worm protein in the immune system. These people were having daily allergic reactions to the parasite that was feeding off of the nutrients in their blood. This suggests that parasites can cause allergies.

Intestinal Parasites Humans Have Can Destroy Your Health

Humans have cohabited with parasitic worms for our entire evolutionary history. The hygiene hypothesis suggests that our altering of our body’s environment may favor that for the ideal habitat for pathogenic organisms. When our immune systems are weak, these invaders have a very aggressive response and take homage inside your body. They live for years undetected and reproduce intestinal parasites humansevery day while consuming your nutrients directly from your blood. They can live through rigorous antibiotic treatment as well as natural treatment. These parasites thrive off of an unhealthy diet full of simple sugars, alcohol and salt. This is a real issue that western doctors do not address because there is no way for them to. If you can get rid of these parasites, some of your allergies will disappear as mine did.

I had originally thought that I had a parasitic infection due to my allergies, so I began a daily regimen of diatomaceous earth mixed with water to kill them in my digestive system. The first few days I felt uncomfortable and very strange inside, as if my body was angry. But after that, my bowel movements became very smooth and my digestion was fantastic. I had not seen any physical worms come out of me, but I have heard many horror stories of that happening. After my parasitic detox, I felt much better and my allergy to nuts and soy had disappeared. I am so happy now that I can add these into my diet for a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.



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