ginger candy benefits lemon ginger tea benefits weight loss

Lemon Ginger Tea Could Be The Healthiest Drink

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One of the healthiest drinks on the planet is ginger tea sweetened with lemon. These flavors complement each other nicely and so do the health benefits. You could drink these individually, or you can mix them together to form a synergistic tonic for cleansing and digestion. Every aspect of your health could improve from the biological compounds found in this drink. If you suffer from anything from weight gain and indigestion to acne and allergies, you could seriously make use of this infusion. Lemon Ginger tea benefits weight loss and allergies as well as many other health problems and here’s why it has been proven to be so effective.

ginger candy benefits lemon ginger tea

Ginger and Lemon: The Perfect Combination for Health

This tea has been used in medicine for thousands of years to treat and prevent numerous health issues. Most notably, it increases the energy circulation in your body and speeds up your metabolism. Ginger and lemon components are common ingredients in energy drinks for a reason—They really work.

Instead of buying a coffee or energy drink that can cause uncomfortable side effects and a crash, lemon ginger tea can provide the same benefits in an extremely healthy and natural way.

Not only is this drink healthy and natural, it is very inexpensive as well. You can buy the two ingredients at the store and a few dollars can help you make dozens of these teas. There really is no reason to spend half your paycheck at a café.

Ginger alone has been a natural source of remedy for many diseases. It’s health restorative effects work to treat conditions from migraines to cancer. The best part is that it doesn’t cause many harmful side effects. (1)

In addition, ginger stimulates the production of digestive enzymes for smooth and natural digestive function. Combined with lemon, these effects multiply. (2)

On top of all of this, making this tea is incredibly easy!

Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits for Beauty

This tea infusion is an excellent remedy for beauty. It provides detoxification benefits by allowing waste byproducts to leave our cells and exit through our digestive system. Ginger and lemon stimulate bile production to help waste travel through and out of your body. Many people have trouble with this process, resulting in many health conditions.

  • Benefits for hair. Whether you have an itchy scalp, dandruff, hair loss, or dullness, you can improve the health of your hair with lemon ginger tea. It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that will make your hair shine and bounce. Taken internally or applied to the scalp as a conditioner, lemon ginger tea will prevent the production of DHT in the scalp to stimulate the growth of healthy new hair.
  • Smooth and flawless skin. This tea is extremely high in vitamins and antioxidants that directly assists the production of collagen, keratin and new skin cells. Lemon ginger tea has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that improves digestion and clears the skin.


Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits Weight Loss

Ginger is well known around the world for its anti-inflammatory and digestive soothing properties. Not only does it help digestion, consuming it has a thermogenic effect on your body that will speed up the metabolism and start burning fat. (3)

Lemon is another powerful medicine that can also promote the elimination of fat and waste from the body. On top of that, it can reduce bloating and detoxify the body while stimulating digestion.

The two ingredients combined can potently reduce fat and waste from the cells of your body. This natural formula can complement your weight loss journey immensely.

For weight loss and digestion, you should drink this tea in the morning before your first meal. This will allow for the stimulation of digestive enzymes that can provide a smooth release of energy throughout the day from your food. This will result in a dramatic decrease in cravings throughout the day.

On top of that, your body will have a thermogenic metabolism increase all day. This means that your body will use more cellular energy, which produces heat and burns extra calories while you rest. Physical exercise will be 40-60% more effective at burning fat and calories as well. (4)

Make sure that you don’t take advantage of these natural weight loss aids by continuing to eat sugary and fatty foods. Weight loss obviously doesn’t work that way, so you’ll still need to try to be healthy.

lemon ginger tea benefits weight loss and allergies

Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits Detoxification, Immune Health and Food Intolerances

These tea ingredients and their bioactive properties can promote health in many other ways. Importantly, lemon ginger tea can purify the blood and reduce cholesterol. This blood cleanser will assist in the elimination of toxic waste in your cells. Without assisting the detoxification process, waste can build up inside of you and cause numerous health conditions. (5)

Lemon ginger tea is an excellent remedy for colds and allergies because it provides such a powerful boost to the immune system. The extremely high amounts of vitamins and biological compounds in both ingredients will reduce inflammation to assist the body in many ways. Inflammation is the root cause of many health problems.

This tea infusion is a great remedy for food and season allergies. Research has proven that lemon and ginger can boost the immune system to reduce histamine release, which causes damaging inflammation. On top of that, the tea hydrates your sinuses to reduce congestion. Drugs that treat allergies can actually dehydrate your body and cause uncomfortable side effects. The stimulation of digestive juices can help digest foods that you are sensitive or intolerant to reduce inflammation that these foods can cause. (6)

Lemon Ginger Candy Benefits Digestion Immensely

Taken in hard candy form, lemon and gingers’ benefits can be multiplied even further. When you suck on a hard candy, your saliva production is stimulated to promote the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins.

Natural and refined sugar-free lemon ginger candies can greatly assist digestion before and after meals.

At restaurants, peppermint candies are common at the front desk because they promote saliva production. However, these are unhealthy because they are filled with sugar and artificial sweeteners with no bioactive properties that assist heath. However, Lemon ginger candy benefits digestion greatly.

Ginger Root Side Effects

The side effects of ginger are minimal and it is likely that you won’t experience any. Ginger is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and is considered safe to consume by all medical societies. (7)

Sometimes, ginger can cause easy bruising and bleeding from cuts that won’t stop due to its blood-thinning abilities. These ginger root side effects should be not a problem for most people, though.

The most reported ginger root side effects include:

ginger root side effects lemon ginger tea benefits weight loss

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  • Heartburn or diarrhea
  • Heavier menstrual flow
  • Skin irritation if applied topically

Bottom Line

Ginger and lemon work wonderfully together. Lemon ginger tea can revolutionize your health in many ways.

You can make several tweaks to your lemon ginger recipe by adding green tea or cinnamon for an added weight loss boost. Honey is also a great addition to this tea and is great for curing colds.

Personally, I like to make sure that all my tea is organic and natural. Lemon ginger is one of my favorite teas to drink in the morning. I don’t have a lot of time to get ready, so I love to make this Yogi tea because it is organic, very tasty and extremely healthy. It provides energy and digestive benefits throughout the day.


I am always here for you, so if you have a question or something to add about lemon ginger tea benefits, please leave me a comment!

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