Can You Develop a Marijuana Allergy?

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Can You Develop a Marijuana Allergy Over Time?

The simple answer is: no, not really.

It is not intelligent to say that you can develop an allergy to marijuana compounds. However, you might have an increased sensitivity to the irritants in smoke. If you are a smoker of marijuana, obviously the smoke particles will cause havoc on your health. And that shouldn’t be ignored or denied. (Source)

Conventional science will suggest that you can develop an allergy to anything, and while that may be true, it is unlikely that this is your case for marijuana in particular. But for smoke, that is a different story. Science has not proven that marijuana can be detrimental to your allergies, however smoke definitely can be.

So my Cannabis Allergy symptoms are from the smoke?

Well, the first sign that would answer your question is that you smoke the weed rather than vaporize it. Vaping marijuana is going to be the much healthier choice because there is much less combustion and smoke involved. Instead, marijuana vapor smoothly enters your lungs with few irritants. But the temperature of the vapor may also be harmful to your health, but that has little to do with allergies.

So if you have been searching this question because you have weird symptoms when you smoke weed, you should definitely try vaping weed because it eliminates smoke. If you still react to the marijuana vapor, it might have little to do with smoke and have to do with the actual cannabis itself.

Therefore, you may be one of those people who experiences an immune allergic reaction to marijuana compounds. The severity may mimic hay fever, or be similar to anaphylaxis and your throat closing up. Dying from marijuana allergy is super rare, but still could be a problem.

However, I think it is unlikely. If your situation is different, please tell me in the comments because I am interested. There seems to be little documentation on the effects of immune reactions and allergies with marijuana consumption. An allergy to smoking marijuana seems to pair with an allergy to consuming other hemp products like seeds.

can you develop a marijuana allergy

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  1. I smoked heavily for a few years and developed what I believe is an allergy. If I smoke it, vape it, or eat it i get an anaphylaxis reaction where I have trouble breathing.

    1. Author

      Are you talking about vaping the raw plant or the oil cartridges give you an allergic reaction? If vape carts give you a reaction, I’d say it’s cannabis itself. If not, it may be the smoke.

  2. My downstairs neighbor smoked an insane amount of pot and it came up into our apartment. I was very itchy at the time. I googled allergic to pot smoke but very little info showed up. Even two of my cats were constantly itching (they have since stopped itching since the neighbors moved). I found out recently I have histamine intolerance so yes I do think there is a possibility you can get a marijuana smoke allergy. I’m allergic to cigarette smoke as well.

    1. Author

      If your cats were itching, I would be skeptical if it’s actually cannabis. Perhaps some other type of non-marijuana drug? Unless it obviously smells like the burned plant material. However, a lot of things can smell similar to marijuana. Maybe it is just the smoke in general? You’d be surprised how the smoke attaches to everything, including your skin and hair.

  3. I have a severe reaction to cannabis I have not smoked or consume cannabis in years but have been growing and no longer am able to go anywhere near a cannabis plant it is now getting to where even What is coming through the charcoal filters affects me symptoms running from severe pain in my ankles violent episode of throwing up sweaty hot face abdominal cramps shortness of breath to the point where A couple of times it was like I forgot how to take a breath and it up in the ambulance numerous times have been taking allergy sprays and pills which help for a little while and then comes back The flowering plant is the worst but even in the veg stage it affects me When I get a bad dose the feeling is horrible like you’re about to die the smell from another operation across the street is affecting me also when I leave and go to town I feel better with in an hour at my wits end to the point where thinking of selling Have given up going to doctors as they have no clue any ideas please

    1. Author

      That sounds like a really complicated run-on problem. Could you describe a little more about what you are experiencing with cannabis allergy?

  4. Hi. I suspect that I have some kind of allergy for one of the cannabis components. I use to use it as well well grow it and probably had some kind of over exposure to it. Since then any kind of contact with canabis unfortunately envolvse in some kind of allergic reaction. It could be even Cbd oil or vaporizer. Or smoking. Non of these ways are safe for me. Do you have any idea of how to solve this situation?

    1. Author

      Hey there,
      You have an interesting situation. I would say that the only way to be sure that you have an allergy to a component in marijuana, you should be sure that it isn’t an allergic reaction to the combustion product or vapor itself. If you smoke cigarettes or vaporize with the juice, do you experience the same symptoms? The only reason I ask that is because you mentioned that the CBD oil causes an allergy as well, which would be strange because it is an isolated compound in the oil base. Perhaps then you are allergic to the CBD in Marijuana? If you have a cannabis allergy, I don’t think that the oil in vaporizers would bother you. Please update me with some more information!

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