Does Oral Allergy Syndrome Go Away ?

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Does Oral Allergy Syndrome Go Away ?

The simple answer is: Yes, it can be treated and the symptoms will not bother you.

Oral allergy syndrome is an overreaction of the skin and mucus membranes caused by exposure to specific types of proteins. This is mostly going to be raw fruits and vegetables. (Source)

This reaction is directly caused by your seasonal allergies. The specific pollen type that you are allergic to during the seasons will cross-react with the food that triggers your oral allergy syndrome.

When oral allergy syndrome is triggered, chemicals like histamine are produced by your immune system at the spot of exposure. It could be your eyes, throat, tongue, etc.

Is there an oral allergy syndrome cure available?

I personally suffer from oral allergy syndrome from basically all the seasons Fall, Spring and Summer. It really sucks that I can’t eat certain foods during these times of the years.

Digestive enzymes actually help a lot with oral allergy syndrome treatment. If you eat something that triggers you, taking a natural digestive enzyme supplement can soothe your itching reaction considerably. This help me a lot if I take it before a meal.

It helps my digestion a lot eases my oral allergy syndrome triggers. Natural antihistamine supplements work as well to decrease the amount of inflammatory histamine in the body.

The best oral allergy syndrome treatment

I have found that a healthy diet and lifestyle improve all my allergies and especially my oral allergy syndrome symptoms. Learning more each day about how I can benefit my unique health will always help in the long term and we always recommend that.

When my diet is high in raw vegetables and I exercise at high intensities, my oral allergy syndrome does not seem to affect me that badly.

does oral allergy syndrome not go away

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