Is Oral Allergy Syndrome Permanent?

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Is Oral Allergy Syndrome Permanent ?

The simple answer is: No.

Treating and Curing Oral Allergy Syndrome

Speaking from experience because I have oral allergy syndrome myself, this condition can be treated until it does not affect you. Therefore, you can eat the offending foods again. I don’t need any scientific sources at this moment because I have tested methods in my health myself to try and treat my oral allergy syndrome.

Basically, my oral allergy syndrome symptoms were very severe and widespread. I would have reactions to almost all raw fruits and vegetables, all nuts, all legumes, all fish and seafood. Can you imagine how ridiculous that it must be to live like this? There’s nothing else to eat besides dairy and grains: two things I’ve never had a problem with.

Perhaps it is my genes, perhaps my environment, but I strongly believed that it had to do with my immediate short-term health. Since the start of my college classes, I had tried different methods to treating the annoying syndrome of oral allergies.

What I did to treat Oral Allergy Syndrome

There’s no magic pill or diet that will cure your conditions and I’m not going to stress this enough. I’m really sick of seeing celebrities praise a particular diet or method for getting rid of a health condition. Eating a cookie diet is not going to help you be healthy or lose weight and a magic allergy pill is not going to treat your oral allergy syndrome.

To actually help my viewers, I’ll tell them the simple truth to curing their oral allergy syndrome and almost all food sensitivities in general, rather than try to make money off of you. It involves two steps:

  • Give your body a break. What I mean by this is that you should try fasting. For some, a day or two of not consuming anything but water will do WONDERS for your health, as it did mine. Any variation of fasting may also float your boat: coffee fasting(if you can’t kick caffeine) intermittent fasting, alternate day, etc.
  • Provide the nutrition that your unique body’s health actually needs. Don’t listen to bullshit doctors that generalize health in a way that makes it seem like everybody needs to do one particular thing(which is probably to buy their product). No, you need to listen to what you body needs. If you can’t do that or seems difficult, try step number 1 first and you will understand what I mean when you do. Humans need fresh vegetables, quality protein and water. This should be the only thing you are focusing on with regards to healing naturally.

If you have bothersome oral allergy syndrome symptoms, you may have a problem in your health that goes deeper. I discuss those possible issues throughout my site.

Have a nice day!

is Oral Allergy Syndrome Permanent?

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