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What is a Latex Allergy and its Symptoms?

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Latex is a milky sap produced by the rubber tree. It is blended with chemicals during manufacturing to give it elastic quality. Latex allergies are most common in people who have regular exposure to latex products like rubber gloves, condoms, balloons, rubber bands and erasers. This is why the allergy is very common among healthcare workers and people who have undergone multiple surgeries. We’ve heard about it, but what is a latex allergy and what are its treatments? What is …

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What is Peanut Allergy and its Treatments?

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Food allergies 50 years ago were very rare, but now they are on the rise. Peanuts are one of the most common allergenic foods with serious life-threatening reactions. About one in 50 children are affected(in first-world countries). Research shows that peanut allergies among children have tripled from 1997 to 2008, but what is peanut allergy and its root cause? What is Peanut Allergy? For children and their parents, a peanut allergy can be terrifying and bring about constant anxiety about …

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Milk Allergy Symptoms Babies Will Have

In Digestion by Anthony2 Comments

People of any age, shape or size can have a milk allergy, but it is more common in infants(affecting around 2% to 3% of babies). Some kids will “outgrow” the allergy, but others don’t. Identifying the milk allergy symptoms babies can display will help a parent improve their child’s health and immunity. About Milk Allergy When a child is allergic to milk, this means that his or her immune system overreacts to proteins in a cow’s milk. The reaction would …

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Essential Oils Allergies Can Be Treated With

In Anti-Inflammatories and Allergies, Antihistamine Addiction, Natural Products by Anthony6 Comments

Allergies are very common in humans and their triggers vary uniquely for each person. If you’ve have allergies all your life, then you probably know what triggers them. The most common symptoms of allergies includes sneezing, facial puffiness, congestion, skin conditions, eczema, and digestion problems. It is always best to avoid your triggers, but some are hard to avoid. Essential oils allergies can be treated with will be your most pleasant and effective relief when you don’t want to harm …

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Does Flonase Work? A Review of Flonase

In Review by Anthony5 Comments

Fluticasone is a relatively new synthetic glucocorticoid that contains esters that are used in topical anti-inflammatories and inhaled corticosteroids. But does Flonase work better than other decongestants? The spray by Cutivate is a steroid that relieves seasonal and allergic sinus symptoms like stuffy/runny nose, itching and sneezing. It also helps relieve allergy eye symptoms like itchy, watery eyes. This medication works in your nose to block effects of substances that cause allergy symptoms like pollen, dander, dust and mold to …

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Best Bee Pollen for Allergies and Healing

In Allergies in the Air, Anti-Inflammatories and Allergies, Digestion, Natural Products by Anthony2 Comments

Bee Pollen for Allergies I would definitely consider myself to be a type of person that is extremely sensitive to the outside environment. Ever since I was a kid, lots of foods would give me reactions like itchy throat, swollen lips, rash and digestive issues. Every allergy season(Fall, Winter and Spring), I would always have tissues on me and I felt so embarrassed having sneeze attacks while my teacher was getting interrupted by me. I was able to keep my …

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Indoor Plants That Clean Air In Your House

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Indoor Plants That Clean Air Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top environmental risks to public health. Stagnant indoor environments allow pollutants to build up and stick around in greater amounts than humans should be breathing in naturally. Living and working in places rife with air contaminants without decent ventilation can cause “sick building syndrome,” which causes headaches, dizziness, nausea and face irritation. This is a clear problem for astronauts because they are confined to small spaces for …

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The Research Behind Local Honey and Allergies

In Environmental Allergies, Food Allergy Natural Treatment, Natural Products, Uncategorized by Anthony2 Comments

Local Honey and Allergies A common natural remedy known to help prevent seasonal allergies is eating local honey. The idea behind honey treating allergies is similar to that of a person getting allergy shots. But is there really a scientific link between local honey and allergies? When a person eats local honey, they are thought to be ingesting local pollen. Over time, a person may become less sensitive to these pollens. As a result, they may experience fewer seasonal allergies. …

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Dust Allergy Treatment

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Dust Allergy One of the most overlooked allergies is to dust. These small particles exist due to the shedding of skin and materials collecting together. Dust collects where there is not much ventilation and since you likely have a home, you have encountered this allergen. Sufferers often experience the most symptoms inside their own homes or in other people’s homes. You are bound to come in contact with dust eventually, so here are some tips on dust allergy treatment. Dust …

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Severe Allergy Relief

In Anti-Inflammatories and Allergies, Antihistamine Addiction by Anthony2 Comments

Severe Allergy Relief I have always believed that treating the root cause was always the most effective investment you could make for your health. Drug companies flourish on the market of “masking” the symptoms of your allergies and they rely on you getting addicted to them. Once you stop taking the drugs, of course the symptoms will come back—sometimes worse. Despite knowing this, I believe much more strongly that it is wasteful to be ignorant of the context and purpose …