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Dog Allergy Symptoms You May Not Know About

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Your Eternal Best Friend Has Sensitivities Just like in people, dogs can show allergy symptoms when their immune system is compromised by certain allergens.  Allergens can be a problem when inhaled, ingested or with contact on the dog’s skin. Trying to get rid of the substance, his body will show a variety of digestive and respiratory symptoms. Many pet lovers …

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Intestinal Parasites Humans Have Cause Allergies

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Up to 96% of People Have a Parasitic Infection New scientific research suggests that the mechanism evolved to defend humans and animals against parasites like worms are similar to the immune system’s reaction to harmful food proteins, our food allergies. Something like at least 95% of humans are infected with some type of parasite and these organisms live in our …

Probiotics for Allergies and Food Sensitivities

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Antibiotics Have Made Our Generation Weaker Researchers and scientists agree that there is a genetic component to the presence of allergies. Kids born from parents with allergies are more likely to develop allergies than children whose parents do not have them. However, there must be an environmental trigger. Over the recent decades, we have become more hyper-vigilant about “germs” and …

7 Natural Allergy Relief Products

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Whether your allergy symptoms stem from food or environmental sources, there are many remedies and products that can be used in place of over-the-counter drugs that have questionable health qualities that may harm your health. These natural allergy relief products will be much more gentle and natural for your body so that you can promote a state of well-being that …