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Excessive Sneezing Treatment

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Natural Sneezing Treatment that is Effective for Excessive Sneezing If you have seasonal allergies, you will feel me when I say that it’s so annoying and uncomfortable to be sneezing all day long. People think it’s gross, you think it’s gross, stuff is coming out… Ew. Excessive sneezing is horrible but there are natural treatments that really help me that …

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Simple and Cheap Sinus Congestion Relief That Really Works

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Sinus Congestion Relief Can be Quick, Simple and Natural If you have moderate to severe allergies to the seasons or the environment, then you will know how incredibly annoying nasal congestion is. At some times, you could be blowing and blowing, but for some reason your nose never gets unclogged. This is unfortunate if you don’t know about effective sinus …

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Chlorine Allergy is Common and Very Treatable [Research]

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Many people experience annoying skin reactions when they spend a few minutes in a new pool and this can be categorized as chlorine allergy or “chlorine sensitivity” to be a little more practical. What usually happens when you have an allergic reaction to chlorine is your skin will become irritated and itchy much more easily than other swimmers. For others, …

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Natural Antihistamine Withdrawal Treatment [Research]

In Antihistamines, Bad Habits, Natural Products by Anthony9 Comments

It’s very important for everybody, especially parents, to know that certain antihistamines are as addictive as recreational drugs. They are also able to produce crippling withdrawal effects that can lead to uncontrolled allergy symptoms due to excess production of histamine in the blood. There are actually some very effective natural antihistamine withdrawal treatments that can aid your well-being while trying …

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5 Histamine Intolerance Supplements for Natural Treatment

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Certain Probiotic Strains Can Cause Histamine Intolerance Histamine intolerance is a condition that describes high amounts of histamine in your blood. This may happen to you are eating a high-histamine diet or are experiencing reactions from food or environmental allergies. A lot of people learn about having this condition and find much success in taking histamine intolerance supplements that help …

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Pure Homemaker Wool Dryer Balls Review: Great Alternative to Toxic Dryer Sheets

In Environmental Allergies, Natural Products, Review by Anthony4 Comments

There’s some new research that could strongly suggest that dryer sheets and fabric softeners can be harmful to our health. Fabric softeners are actually very allergenic. Many people experience reactions, external and internal, due to the use of them. Personally, I know that fabric softener gives me a peeling back and red bumps on my shoulders and chest. When I …

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7 Natural Home Remedies for Allergic Reaction on Skin

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It might be a pain living with certain kinds of allergies that affect your skin. Whether it be from poison ivy, eczema, pollen, pollution or etc., you have probably dealt with chemically-smelling ointments or medications to relieve any itching, redness, or skin sensitivity. It’s a wise decision to treat your dermal condition naturally with a gentle skin allergy treatment home …

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Gentle and Natural Nasal Spray

In Environmental Allergies by Anthony3 Comments

Ever since I was young, I would suffer from allergies during certain times of the year and I watched new generations of allergy drugs pass me by. I always wondered if they would come out with a new one that would work perfectly for me. However, Xlear natural nasal spray had changed my perspective entirely because these few simple ingredients …