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Rope Worms a Cause of Allergies, Food Intolerance and Bloating?

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What is Rope Worm?

This is an extremely interesting topic to me because it’s like a modern health mystery that seems to be closing in on a conclusion. However, I should warn you that this subject may disgust some people because it’s about intestinal worms. Not only that, it’s probably the most disgusting intestinal parasite or worm in general that I’ve ever seen or researched about.

We are talking about the rope worm. This is a recently discovered parasite that was only discovered five years ago. Yeah, it was first identified as existing in 2013.

How can that be possible for an intestinal parasite? Yes I know, but the hypotheses around it are extremely interesting. You have got to keep with me on this and let me know what you think because I am so conflicted and confused myself.

These creatures were discovered after a routine coffee enema cleanse administered by a holistic health and nutrition physiologist. His methods involved what natural health practitioners call “liver flushes” and coffee enemas are an excellent way to cleanse the liver and get out all of these “liver stones.”

The doctor collects what the patient poops out after the coffee enema through a filter that resembles a colander. That way, he can examine what is being released by the coffee enema from the depths of your small intestine and not just your large intestine. That’s what most other enemas do.

Read more here about what I wrote regarding intestinal parasites and how they can cause symptoms ranging from allergies, food intolerances to memory loss.

He’s used to seeing tapeworms, Ascaris roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, and liver flukes, but these new types of creatures that he was seeing just baffled him and many others. It resembles a worm, but it also has properties of a fungus. This stuff also closely resembles human feces.

What could this possibly be?

Rope worm treatment

This is what a rope worm looks like. It resembles fecal matter, doesn’t it? During enemas, they come out alone and in clusters.

So it’s a Parasitic Worm, What’s the Big Deal?

The best part of this is that it cannot be identified. We only have a few years of research on it, so scientists cannot classify it even into a phylum. It’s not really a worm, not really a fungus and not really human excrement.

Before you go off on me and comment “So many mainstream science organizations have already disproved that this is an organism. Scientists could only identify human DNA in the rope worm. That means it must be some product of our intestines that looks like a worm.”

I totally understand that and I couldn’t have possibly missed these ideas in my research. However, many people seem to describe seeing these parasites in their stool. They are describing all of the same symptoms in incredibly accurate details. Not only that, I believe that I had a rope worm infection as well and I had the same exact symptoms.

Rope worm symptoms in humans include:

  • Bloating of the abdomen
  • Unusual gas that does not go away with treatment
  • Bubbling sensation in the belly
  • Food intolerances and environmental sensitivities
  • Skin problems like acne and eczema
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog, trouble concentrating and memory loss
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Indigestion
  • Increased allergy symptoms
  • Back pain that results in slouching and poor posture

Of course, these symptoms are not always connected to the presence of an intestinal parasitic infection. However, I think it is extremely weird that this exact combination of symptoms is being reported consistently. Typically, there are some outliers that say something random like “I had constant cravings for dill pickles,” but there didn’t seem to be any of that here.

list of parasite symptoms or herxheimer reaction symptoms to detox caused by supplements

How Do Rope Worms Live and Function?

Apparently, rope worms have five stages of development until they reach adulthood. When isolated away from a host, they undergo these development processes that involve toxic slime as a byproduct. I’m guessing that’s going to be inside of us.

Adult rope worms can grow to over two meters long in length in the digestive tract (it is unknown if it is the small intestine, large intestine or both). They have a cylindrical or rope-like shape and their color can be clear or seem filled with feces. These parasites have an extremely disgusting odor.

Some sources believe that rope worms can move through the formation of bubbles to transport themselves in a jet-propulsion like fashion. This kinda makes sense because they cause a bubbly gas that seems watery underneath the abdomen.

The five stages of rope worm development include:

  • First: Starts in a mucus form anywhere in the human body, but most likely the intestines.
  • Second: Viscous mucus with bubbles. These bubbles are eventually used to attach to the intestinal wall.
  • Third: Branched jellyfish-like stage.
  • Fourth: Rope parasite emerging. It is softer and slimier than an adult rope worm.
  • Fifth: This is the adult stage. The rope worm lives in anaerobic conditions and can easily resemble human feces. They attach to the intestinal wall via suction cups or heads that develop on the far end of the organism from bubbles that form. Rope worms likely feed on fecal matter through osmosis along their length.

An interesting fact about adult rope worms is that they are most active during 1 and 4 AM in the morning. I think this is accurate because I would experience strange gas and bubble sounds underneath my belly button during these times if I was awake.

The toxic slime that they produce as a byproduct could likely be a human poison that can result in a wide range of symptoms.

first development stage of parasite worm

Supposedly, the first stage of a developing rope worm.

Various Hypotheses and Ideas About What These Intestinal Parasites Are

There are a few theories about what rope worms actually are. We still aren’t sure if they are a worm or a fungus, or just part of our bodies coming off and jumbling up in a strange way. Perhaps this occurs when we try to detox?

Here are some theories that are being tossed around and criticized:

  • Rope worms are a biofilm that is excreted off of the intestinal wall in this mucus form that resembles a parasitic worm.
  • They might just be an accumulation of mucus that reacts in a certain way due to the presence of probiotic bacteria, pathogens, and/or intestinal yeast.
  • May have something to do with Candida yeast overgrowth, which seems to coincide with rope worm infection.
  • The most interesting one: Rope worms are the byproduct of genetically modified chemicals or organisms in food combining with bacteria, intestinal worms, or Candida yeast to form new life in this biological genesis.

That last one seems a bit crazy. But, it seems plausible because our diets are so much more different than what they were a few thousand years ago.

My Experience with Killing and Getting Rid of Rope Worms

During my extensive three months long parasite cleanse, I believe that I saw some of these intestinal worms come out of me. They especially showed themselves when I did a coffee enema or an apple cider vinegar enema.

However, I am still unsure if they were rope worms or something else. They definitely did resemble fecal matter.

After the cleansing protocol, I felt my symptoms of bloating, food intolerances, depression, anxiety, and allergies subside tremendously. I used to have food sensitivities to many things like legumes, nuts, seeds, and shellfish. In addition to that, my oral allergy syndrome symptoms were completely gone.

Rope worm symptoms and how to kill them

What are these things??

Natural Treatment for Killing Rope Worms

There is not much information or idea about how to kill rope worms, but I took a variety of approaches that seem to kill parasitic worms and yeast in general. There isn’t one natural treatment that I was sure about and none of them caused me to release more than normal. The only way that I thought that the treatment was doing anything was through an increase in abdominal gas and bubbling/moving noises in my belly.

  • Diatomaceous earth: This stuff is great for intestinal worms. What came out of me were little film pieces and parts of what looked like a rope worm. The diatomaceous earth made me very bloated but produced no increase in bubbling or gas.
  • MSM: This sulfur supplement caused a lot of bloating and slight bubbling at night. Perhaps it did something due to its sulfur content.
  • Raw garlic: I ate much raw garlic, minced and all as described to work. It produced much bubbling and gas, but little bloating. I started to see more strange things come out of me after incorporating raw garlic into my cleanse.
  • Cayenne pepper: This caused some serious bubbling, but little gas. Just like the raw garlic, the cayenne made some strange film stuff come out of me.
  • Wormwood/cloves/walnut tincture as described by Hulda Clark: This caused some bloating, but no major gas or bubbling. I was surprised that this method didn’t really work for me. Many others have success with all other types of parasites with this combination.
  • Activated charcoal: This stuff was essential and helped the gas go away for a little bit. When I had a bowel movement, it was much easier to pass and there was noticeable pieces of stuff trapped inside of it. It looked like tapeworm segments or rice, but others have described that this is common for rope worm eradication. I’d recommend this stuff the most during the parasite cleanse.
  • Oil of oregano: Seemed to produce some bubbling, but nothing major.
  • Colloidal silver: Didn’t seem to do anything.
  • Water Fasting for 4 days: This was incredible and a lot of rope worms came out of me. Or what seemed like them. I fasted while taking activated charcoal.

My Most Effective Protocol Treatment

Step 1: Kill the Rope Worms

I try to kill and eliminate these parasites twice a year just as maintenance. But the first time I tried to get rid of them was definitely the most difficult. That’s probably because the infection was growing for my entire lifetime.

I had found that sulfur-containing foods were the most effective treatments for killing rope worms. Whenever I consumed eggs, garlic or onions, but tummy would rumble, which is what I associated with the death of whatever creature this is. That’s because what would follow the tummy rumbling was always expelling these crazy things in the toilet a few hours later or immediately with an enema.

These parasites do not like sulfur, I guess, so I figured that I should try out a natural and bioavailable sulfur supplement called MSM. This is the sulfur compound that is found in your cells. It did absolute wonders for the process of killing rope worms the first time I tried to eliminate them and it still works to this day as maintenance.

The best sulfur supplement I have ever tried is this one. Check the price because sometimes it’s on sale. 

After taking a small amount in water, you might experience a little bit of bloating or tummy gurgling, but I believe this was a good sign. It was upsetting the rope worms that were coming out of me. However, the dying ones needed help getting eliminated because the MSM killed them at such a high rate that I couldn’t get them out fast enough.

You don’t want to have dying and decaying organisms inside of you for too long, so that leads me to my next step that really works for me.

2. Trap and Eliminate the Dead and Dying Bodies

The MSM sulfur supplement, or high doses of sulfur-containing foods like raw garlic, will kill rope worms quickly, but this may lead to another problem. They will die so fast that it may cause a problem with putrification inside your large intestine. This can lead to feeling sick for some days, even weeks. It’s just very disgusting to me considering these alive worms inside me, and then to think about their dying bodies rotting in my internal organs.

I have found that activated charcoal does absolute wonders for eliminating the dead bodies of rope worms quickly. This stuff works by traveling through your intestines and adsorbing materials as it moves along, kind of like fiber. However, it has a chemical charge that attracts biological material, like the bodies of parasites.

Basically, the activated charcoal works very well to absorb the dead worm bodies so that you can poop them out more easily without them rotting. Some people think that bentonite clay and psyllium husk works well too, but activated charcoal was by far the most effective for me.

When you go to the bathroom, you will see what I mean. Your stool will be more compact and the worms will come out trapped inside the stool when you take activated charcoal. Sometimes, they come out in clusters, which is obviously a good sign to me.

The best activated charcoal for trapping and eliminating dead parasite bodies that I have found is this one on Amazon. It is always on sale for like 50% so I always go back to this one because of the value. 

activated charcoal for eliminating parasite worm bodies

What works best is taking the dose on an empty stomach. It might absorb the fat from your meals, which you don’t want.

Bottom Line

Best way to kill rope worms and all parasites in general? Water fasting while taking activated charcoal, MSM and cayenne pepper. Definitely incorporate a targetted parasite cleanse to go along with it because I am sure you don’t just have these creatures. Tapeworms, roundworms, flatworms, and Candida yeast overgrowth are very common for first-world citizens that consume more than 30 grams of sugar each day.

Please check out more about a parasite cleanse that really worked for me here.

MSM crystals are also essential for a smooth parasite cleanse because it contains sulfur, something that is a common deficiency that causes allergies. Read more here.

Could these intestinal worms be the cause for the recent rise in allergies and food intolerances among newborns? Perhaps due to the emergence of genetically-modified foods? If this parasite really is new life formed in our digestive system, it could be plausible.

If you have any experience with rope worm treatment, knowing how to kill them or eliminate them, please comment below! Do you think rope worm could be common and possibly the cause of allergies, bloating, food intolerances, and mental decline? Or do you think it’s a bunch of crap? Please contribute to the conversation so we can tackle this problem once and for all.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. These suggestions are great. I’ve been fighting this issue for 2 years now. I have been researching and researching these and have done coffee enemas, mimosa Paducah, as well as a long list of other vitamins.
    I made sure I did not have heavy metals, removed amalgam fillings and came off birth control (IUD).
    Saw improvement, went on AIP paleo diet, saw improvement… but still had flair ups. I read the book, Fasting Can Save Your Life and decided on a long fast, it is a mind set change.
    We constantly consume things to make us better. But if we fast we starve the organisms and they can’t survive.
    Water fasting now this is my 6th day. There is no hunger but knawing pain in my stomach, feels like I am being chewed on all day. It’s getting better.
    I am taking Dr Christopher’s Herbal Parastie Syrup as directed while fasting, drinking water only and taking my prescribed thyroid meds. I may add a tbsp of MSM a day after reading this forum.
    I plan to make it a long water fast. I watched the “Science of Fasting” on Amazon and did research and prepared by doing mini fasts to build up. It has already cleared up my sinuses completely. I also found that there are medical charity doctors out of Knoxville TN that are internal medicine doctors who specialize in parasitic infections.
    You can communicate with them through email only. Mind though that there may only be a hand full or less of doctors in the whole USA that will know anything about this parasitic infection. You may get lucky at a military hospital because those doctors work overseas and see parasitic infections and have treated them in the past. And they will know what to look for in a lab test whereas a normal doctor won’t know what to look for … specifically the Ova & parasite.
    I am not sure if there is a medicine to treat this unless this is a form of tape worm since there are over a hundred different types of tape worms.
    Or if it is a combination of heavy metal toxicity, vaccines, a stressful lifestyle and processed foods which creates a welcoming environment for parasites to grow. I do think it’s a part of autoimmune and apparently autism as there are many books written from parents whose autistic children pass these organisms. Good luck to everyone keep researching! I hope this helps. Remember go back to basics, our bodies are our own physicians if we allow them to be.

  2. In regards to killing the rope worm eggs I’m wondering if Neem and DMSO might be applicable. Have any of you used Neem oil/ dried Neem leaf? I have used it to kill mange on dogs, scaly beak on budgies, fix my eczema and scaly mite on chicken’s feet and rabbit ticks in my cat’s ears. The big one is head lice AND THE EGGS when my children came home from school with them. One application of quality Neem oil left on their head over night and combing with a nit comb in the morning and I didn’t see another lice again. With all other products you must treat again to kill the eggs that hatch the following week. Not with Neem, it killed the eggs too. The best part was their hair was ultra shiny and looked thicker vs damaged by the chemical lice treatment. Here is the interesting thing both my children are autistic so I am looking into the MMS (CD=chlorine dioxide) cleanse. One person on a chat site mention having success killing parasites drinking neem tea and using the oil or tea brew in enemas. Neem killed the eggs of lice so maybe it could be the silver bullet to rope worm eggs. So far my family and all the animals I have used it on have had no side effects, it seems to be selective only killing fungal and parasitical issues. I know the MMS (CD) got really bad press but I have used it internally for flu remedy, externally with DMSO on flesh eating black centred lesion and just recently on a rapidly spreading case of shingles on myself. It stopped the spread immediately of black lesions and the shingles. I did get sharp nerve spasm start about 6 days into the shingles where the healing lesions were (nerve pain is common with shingles ) so I took 4 days of MMs internally. After 2 days I didn’t have any more pains but took it for two more just in case. Getting rid of shingles within a 10 days without much discomfort is amazing! I think the fact there is such an effort to discredit it by calling it bleach (not correct) is hopeful that it really is a huge threat to Big Pharma and therefore very beneficial for us. As for parasites I’m also wondering how DMSO can be used to help. It targets anaerobic cells/fungus etc. works great to push the MMS deep into the infected area being such an radical solvent. When DMSO was used with Chemo therapy drugs it dramatically decreased the amount needed because it carried the drugs directly to the cancerous cells. Perhaps it’s worth experimenting with DMSO to cary Neem or other parasite remedies deep into the organs where they are trying to hide and deep into the eggs because of it’s solvent capacity? The remedies need to be small particles though, DMSO hurts when it’s trying to push oils etc. through skin. I have had no pain using it neat or mixed with MMS . You NEVER use it in an enema because it will push the toxins through the bowel wall into your blood stream. I’m thinking in Neem tea or mixed with a remedy and placed topically over a specific organ or area of gurgling. I’m thinking Neem, MMS and DMSO could be a Rope Worm killer combo and all three are so cheap running about $25/bottle. Just brainstorming 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and helping to solve this rope worm mystery. Lots of helpful information to ponder.

  3. Anthony, Will rope worms be the cause of someone not being able to loose weight even though they are gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.

    1. Author

      Absolutely. Rope worms can cause bloating, that seems to be like weight gain. But some people mistake bloat for weight that never comes off. It was definitely a detox symptom for me.

      1. Hi Anthony I have found that using Mimosa pedicab has helped eliminate my rope worm the most but I am going to add a few more things into my daily routine to be read once and for all I wish we can find something to wipe them out they say 30 days for what’s living 30 days for what’ was laid and another 30 days if anything has hatched. I’m still plugging along

        1. Author

          Another person praising Mimosa Pudica for treating rope worms. Thanks a lot for the advice you’re giving us!

      2. I wish there was a way to upload photos, you would not believe the worms coming out of me and I was told by the lab the same thing, not a parasite but these things are clearly not normal. If you even look at general info on the bowel, Drs say mucus in stool is not normal so if they know that, how do they explain these thick, LONG worms coming out of people. Its just horrible!!

  4. The pictures of rope worms on this site are the first ones to look anything like what i suspected…thought i was passing a worm of some sort or was it mucus…not sure until today. First saw one 8 months ago, and every so often since. 18 months ago i began a quest for better health, using some of the Gerson Therapy practices of juicing, diet, and coffee enemas and attempting to eleminate gluten, which is associated with thyroid problems. I was just doing the coffee enemas sporadically, but 8 months ago i strated doing them daily. I still at times have a hard time holding an enema, its almost a projectile release with a lot of gas. sometimes i pass what looks like the rope worm with on enema and sometimes just with a normal bowl movement. I have lost about 28 pounds in a year of eating more healthy, incoorperating juicing, and coffee enemas. The knee pain is gone. But also 8 months ago when i first noticed the worms in my stools, i started having a small golfball sized area on my back that would sometimes feel like i had “bugs crawling in my skin” then turn to intense! itching. since then it now covers a very large area of my right side of my back. In all of the symptoms you have experienced or heard of, had anyone felt the feeling of something crawling in the skin and intense itching??

    1. Author

      I know EXACTLY the type of shit you’re talking about. My skin feels crawly all the time, especially bc I live somewhere that has a lot of bugs. It was a symptom of when I was cleansing for the rope worms specifically. Let me know what you think!

  5. Hello Anthony, thank you for all the information. I’m definitely sure i have these, i just now became aware of their name and what they are/could be, and realize how much they may have affected me and my health. I have not seen a doctor as i don’t know who to go to, but i plan on starting this same cleanse, and hope I’ll be as successful as you in beating these. Knowing that you could beat them makes me feel better. Cheers and thanks!

    1. Hi
      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m not even 60 and feel like I’ve been 75. I’ve been working on obliterating these and other parasites for about a year now. I noticed them during a liver/gallbladder cleanse and doing the Hulda Clark protocol. It smelled awful and that was when I knew I had parasites. Multiple types. When I smell that smell I believe they are dead and/or dying.
      I went to my Dr he wrote a prescription for anti parasite medicine but my insurance wouldn’t pay for it without a test. The test came back negative. I had seen live roundworms the day before. So the test please trust me was a FALSE negative. So I told the pharmacy I would pay for the medicine myself. It was $5,000+ . I could not afford that. Certainly it doesn’t cost that much for them to make it.
      So I’ve been trying lots of things.

      I highly suggest MIMOSA PUDICA for these ropeworm. It does work. I used Para1 by cellcore. Only one bottle and I’m going to buy more. They suggest 6mos. It’s not cheap and I’ve been shopping around but haven’t found a cheaper product with the same amount of mg. They are 1,000mg in 4 capsules. Bottle says take 2 a day. And non professional people can buy that product. Just keep searching if you get that response. I can’t remember right now how to bypass that response.

      But don’t stop there. At least for me I had more. I went to Mexico and got some meds. Seen a huge difference when I put myself through 2 weeks of Metronidazole. I lost at least 15lbs and 6-8inches off my waist. The only thing I’ve found is it could have been Amoeba. I’m not sure. If someone else reading this knows, I would like to have the answer. Please tell me. I was taking It for Lyme disease protocol. Also I read that that drug releases toxins out of fat cells. And found out our body will make fat cells to store toxins in. It made an extreme difference. I am still shocked.
      MAKE sure to take detoxers also. My favorite is CHLORELLA, I use Activated Charcoal, and MSM.

      Slowly as I do these different therapies I find my mind working better. But I’m still going through ups and downs. I’m not finished yet.
      I could keep talking a lot about this subject but this is already long. But one more thing. Well a couple.
      We are lacking BORON in America. It helps us retain magnesium, Vit D, and Calcium. Known for helping and healing ARTHRITIS, helps teeth and bone. And many other body functions NEED this mineral. I do stress we NEED this mineral. It has been pivotal. My skin is softer and feet too. No more dry cracked feet that I would peel thick old skin off of. My nails started growing. None of the other nail products worked for me. I took much more than just a 3mg pill of Boron. They say 20mg if you’re low. I’ve only been taking it for 8wks maybe. Wow what a difference.
      Tell every one about this. Who doesn’t have arthritis?

      Also I was feeling like I was vibrating inside. This time I started taking Potassium and much more than a 3mg pill. I took 4pills- 2 to 3x a day. And the vibrating stopped. I thought I was getting Parkinson’s. Found out parasites eat potassium too. Another huge find. My Dr was freaked out about me taking so much potassium. So I had regular blood labs done and my potassium level was normal and the same as 5yrs before.

      Hope this helps you on your path to healing. It’s really hard to find answers and know who to trust. Especially since the ones we turn to for healing aren’t helping US much. But lining the pockets of Big Pharma with extreme amounts of money.💌

      1. I’ve been taking 4 Para 1 a day and just started Para 2 for the full moon phase. Did you know these parasites become active during the full moon and lay eggs? The Para 2 from cellcore is designed to target these dormant parasites that only come out during the full moon.

        This is the first article I’ve seen that has pictures resembling what is coming out of gross. I am also using BioToxin and HM/ET binders to get rid of the toxins released by these parasites. I notice that when I don’t take at least 4/day I feel sick.

        Where are you getting your Boron? I’d like to add that to my supplements.

      2. Hi Saraii. I am a nurse and at least a decade into my Lyme Disease. I too have had a rope worm infestation. This take once and they should be gone is not cutting it for these guys. I also found Mimosa Pudica and love it. It has been the only thing that I have tried that seems to be working. How many capsules are you taking a day? I take two twice daily. Is that enough? These guys are bad news.

  6. The rope worm has been plaguing my life for 5 years. I was diagnosed as having parasites and began a cleanse. I used a Standard Process cleanse prescribed to me for a year and half, constantly passing the parasite. I wanted it to end, so began taking a strong herbal cleanse that was recommended for 30 days. I took it for a year and a half. During that time I found the research on the Seaweed Rope Worm by Dr. Volinsky. I knew that was what I was passing. I was aggressively killing them and they were dying daily which kept me extremely toxic. I was doing daily enemas to get the things out of me. That ended up doing damage to my lower colon and created a tear causing toxins to leak out into the blood stream. During my research I remember reading when the worm dies it lets off thousands of eggs, which would be a reason for us to never fully get rid of these things. Perhaps the key to ridding the body of these things entirely is to discover something that will kill the eggs. Has anyone found any information regarding this?

    1. Author

      Very interesting, thanks so much for visiting with your experience with rope worms. What you have described regarding egg release is actually the same as the Ascaris round worm. Their tough bodies contain small larvae and within that larvae, even smaller larvae. That’s so that when an individual rope worm has died or is destroyed, it releases babies or eggs to take its place in a cluster. That’s why it’s so hard to get rid of Ascaris. The same could definitely be true for rope worms. That would make sense, right? Survival is what it’s all about and evolution over time gave Ascaris the ability to survive in this way. We must think about nature and biology and the actual perspective of the parasites to better understand them. Thankfully, humans will always be infinitely more creative than every other living organism. We must devise a plan as individuals to free ourselves from these creatures eating us. The most helpful step is to empathize with our enemy and understand their agenda while forgetting our own. They have cause and effect as well. They don’t just sit there and take death, they try to avoid it when we fight them. How could they do so and etc. is what we should be asking ourselves. Hopefully, we can figure out more about rope worms and parasites so we know how to further strengthen our defences against them. Thanks a lot.

  7. Great posts, I have alot of experience with rope worm. After getting very sick with unexplained aches and pains, premature aging and debilitating depression, I discovered my infestation by accident while trying to detox my body. Sorry to say, doctors were zero help, even a naturopath I was seeing didn’t suspect parasites. I had lots of different worms and flukes but until I started coffee enemas I never realized rope worm. I do believe the medical community is starting to aknowledge them, because they have to, but they are sugar coating the condition and calling it biofilm, they are frantically trying to come up with pharmicuticals to treat using enzymes that weaken them or may even disolve them somewhat but I would not think it is a good idea to disolve them in your system as they are highly toxic, enemas are the best way to get them out whole. Primarily coffee enemas but I’ve had alot of success following them with a lemon water or ACV and water enema also. Get them out! Then keep going because some old parasites seem to hide behind them once the “biofilm” is out you can kill them also. The real reason I’m sharing is to let anyone know that there is an end to them, sometimes I thought I was going crazy, maybe I’m hallucinating, is this real? Yes, it took me three and a half years to rid myself and now I am on a life long maintenance determined to never let myself collect these disease carrying parasites again, My advice, keep going til the end, you will regain your health. What’s the end? When you stop getting them out, you will actually intuitively know, your body will tell you, good luck and God bless

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for visiting and giving us inspiration with hope. This is such great advice and you clearly know what you are talking about. I definitely agree: just keep going, keep going and you will definitely know when you are making serious progress. I feel so much better that it’s not even funny. Waking up in the morning is now refreshing because my sleep is rejuvenating. When I eat healthy fruits and vegetables, I feel amazing because the nutrition is actually going to me, rather than parasites. It’s so worth it, but unfortunately we are in a time period in which nobody wants to consider what the truth is about rope worms. Before even that, recognizing that these are a real thing is also a barrier for some people. Let’s work together to figure out what rope worms are so we can save humanity from them and the ignorance of people keeping us from the truth we don’t even fully know yet. In an age like this, it’s so much mental energy to discern the truth from the BS. Let’s remain skeptical, analyze the facts, listen to people’s real experiences and take it from there.

  8. I too have been struggling with ‘rope worms’ for many years, doing cleanses, enemas, restrictive diets, etc. Most of them come out with an enema when the pain is worst and the bubbles are most aggressive, usually in the afternoon. Fire Cider Master Tonic (you can google the recipe), as well as oregano oil, seems to kick them out of my body the most, but they seem to just keep multiplying, no matter how strict my diet. I have all the symptoms and feel like I’m being eaten alive from the inside out. I’ve brought pics and samples to docs and labs and they tell me I’m making it up because their parasite tests show negative. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have been planted in the food supply. Thank you for your article Anthony, and this inviting forum, and everyone’s input.

    Has anyone actually cleaned these things out and restored their health?? All I read is the continuing struggle.

    1. Author

      I can detest that I have extensively cleaned these rope worms out of me and now I feel MUCH better. That’s why I constantly recommend a long-term protocol to my friends, family and supporters. I’m so glad I did this and so will you. What type of enemas did you use for killing rope worms? Thank you for reviewing oregano oil for ropeworms because I wasn’t sure how helpful it was for me personally. I think it did have an effect, but it just wasn’t as noticeable as MSM. Yet another person detests to the fact that western doctors are clueless about parasites and the actual foundations of health. This has got to change soon. Thanks for visiting with your experience and help!

  9. I am glad to accidentally learn about your website as I am suffering from severe problems for 7 months now and cannot seem to find the right cure. The state of the art treatment seems to be Mebedenzol and Albendazole, feces like the ones posted are negated by my doc. Which doses would you recommend as a daily intake for MSM and activated charcoal?

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear that you are going through a similar problem as me. I would recommend the methods of dosing as I have described. I’d start with 1g a day and slowly work up to 5g a day over the course of a month. After that, just like 5g a day until you run out within the next few months. That should be a strong enough dose to do serious damage to parasites and rope worms. Did you have any success with albendazole and mebedenzol? I seem to be hearing mixed reviews about it. As for the activated charcoal, take the recommended dose on an empty stomach at least 1 hour in between taking any supplements, medication or food. The stuff will absorb everything and sweep through, helping to clean up the mess you are causing by killing intestinal parasites.

  10. June 25, 2018

    Hello. I first experienced these “creatures” after a trip to the Dominican Republic, so I assumed that was where I contracted them from. I had stool tested and they said I had nothing wrong. It got so bad. Finally I actually sent an pic of my stool to my doctor and said “I am 61 years old and I know what normal poop should like like. Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me this is normal.” Within five minutes she sent a prescription for albendazole to me pharmacy. Yeah. Unfortunately for me it did not do anything for my symptoms!! I gave up on Md’s and embarked on a natural cure search. I used a lot of the methods you all have mentioned, plus some pills which were from some natural website for cleanses which I cannot recall at the moment. It took a good year and more before the were gone. I did not see any more for about a year and a half and I thought they were all gone. WRONG!!! Suddenly they are back!! But MUCH MUCH smaller. I’m hoping I have seen them early enough so that they might be easier to get rid of. Point one: clearly they did not come from the Dominican Republic. Point two: just because you think they are gone doesn’t mean they are. Point three: we MUST MUST make more people aware of these things because they are not only disgusting , they cause SO many health problems that are too numerous to mention. For me it caused DEEP DEEP depression which resulted in me losing the personal I loved.. Fortunately after eight months of separation we are back together and working as one to not let any sickness separate us again. I am just starting to re-treat these horrible organisms and pledge to rid myself of them forever. Thank God for homeopathic doctors and medicine. Good luck to all of you.

    1. Author

      Very interesting experience, thank you so much. You seem like you definitely have a head on your shoulders about the subject of rope worms. What exactly did you do to get rid of them and what do you think works and what doesn’t? I think we would all love to hear about it. It seems like emotional instability is definitely a symptom of this infection. Thanks again for your testimony and I’d love to hear more.

  11. Hi there, I make a parasite cleansing smoothie first thing in the morning, waiting 45 minutes or so before having a proper breakfast…What I use is papaya seed. See video I made for full recipe. It really works great. Make sure to buy organic papaya since many are GMO. I’ve upped it to two smoothies a day plus I crush a raw garlic clove up in a garlic press and gulp it back with water. Lots of what looks like rope worm. I have an autoimmune disease and leaky gut and so far this has helped with my food sensitivities and inflammation in my knee joints.

    1. Author

      Oh thank you so much for the tips! A parasite cleansing smoothie sounds amazing. I would put cayenne pepper in there as well. That’s my golden parasite ingredient. Works especially well for rope worms for me.

  12. Hello Anthony,
    55 WM generally healthy . I began 2 months ago with the use of enema regarding constipation ( Been on a large amt. of meds due to an injury for the past 6 years). It has been an almost overwhelming learning experience once you start seeing some of the stuff that comes out of the body !! What started as what I guess would be plaque, to then mucus, to now unsure if what I have are still parasites or just mucus??? Ive been using ACV and coffee for the most part and using drops of wormwood and black seed oil occasionally. My only question is… WHEN WILL THIS STUFF STOP !!… What mainly appears as an excess of a mucus type substance seems to never end. Like I said, 2 months, multiple, various types of enema’s almost daily. I must say that generally I feel better than I have for years. Other than an increase in water intake and increase of fruits, garlic, I have done little to address the subject from the “Top Down” and think thats where I want to expand this “process” Anyway. Thanks for the info !! I’d like to hear your thoughts on “ Die-Off” and what you have experienced??

    1. Author

      Very interesting, thank you for visiting with your experience with rope worms. You use the word “mucus” and I can resonate with that. But one thing that I know is that mucus breaks up whe something physically interacts with it. I think a lot of people get mucus mixed up with Candida yeast, which looks like mucus. It’s actually just fungus that you are eliminating during the enema if that’s the case. You can look up pictures if that’s the case. I’ve seen a correlation with taking probiotics and eliminating more of this mucus-like material. Do you take probiotics/How often do you take them? However, if it’s actually these long rope worm parasite looking things, that’d be more interesting. Perhaps there is also a connection to an over-consumption of probiotics, but perhaps it is something else. I’d like to know more about what you and others think about that.
      For die-off, I experience BLOATING and gas while releasing these rope parasites. That’s my primary detox symptom.

  13. Thank you for such a comprehensive article on Rope Worms. My husband and I have been pooping them for almost 3 months now. Our natural path advised us that we may have them after hearing about our fatigue and sure enough, she was right!! We use mimosa pudica and it works very well. However, after reading this we are going to try MSM, Cayenne Pepper and charcoal as well. Thank you again!!

    1. Author

      Oh wow, it’s amazing that an actual doctor considers rope worm infections. Does the mimosa pudica work well for killing ropeworms? I hope everything works out for you and that we can find out more about this!

      1. I have been using Mimosa Pudica for a little over 3 weeks now, and I have passed at least 2-4 rope worms on average, daily. (very easy on my stomach). My plan was to do this parasite cleanse for 3 months. I am guessing I might have to do it a bit longer. I have been suffering from chronic stomach and digestive issues for years, but in the last 2 years increased anxiety, chronic joint pain and fatigue (just to name a few). Last week, I had a few days that I got a burst of energy. And I had a few nights where I had a really good sleep. I am looking forward to feeling vitally, healthy and energized again.

        1. Author

          I’m so glad to have learned about this supplement from you guys. Mimosa Pudica seems to have a lot of promise for parasite cleansing. It seems to have the same effect as albendazole, a pharmaceutical antiparasitic drug, but without the side effects. Herbs like these can be highly effective and much more gentle than drugs. Thanks!

  14. Anthony, I am doing most of the Gerson therapy, Hoxsey herbal tonic, and mostly raw vegan diet foroccurring metastatic pancreatic cancer. It did not come back in my organs but in the messinteric fat near where the original tumor was in tail of pancreas. Had surgery. I am doing multiple coffee enemas a day at this point. I started paying attention about 7 months ago when I passed a blob of clear tissue with a dark “thread” in it. Besides the typical ropeworms that started showing up, I had another “blob” the other day. I eat lots of garlic and drink 72-80 oz of vefetaby juice a day. 3-4 coffee enemas. Suffered major candida my whole life (chronic yeast infections) and then had some Mercury fillings redone by a non biological dentist. Then vaginal infections stopped but bloating and weight gain started overnight. Waking up around 2 with anxiety stomach distress. Had no idea about alternative medicine. Drs said anxiety. My current homeopath says I muscle test for candida and heavy metals. So also taking some chelators and fungicide (herbal). I had bad gall bladder pain for almost a year. Now that I’m passing more I’m having completely relief. I believe they lodged in my gall bladder and were blocking it. I tend to be constipated. I wonder if they caused the immune deficiency that allowed me to develop cancer.

  15. I’m living in China and have found Albendazole for 5¥ (10 tablets). I’ve been doing coffee enemas so far and have seen a couple of rope worms – curious to see the effect of the Albendazole. I have developed multiple food sensitivites (soy, gluten, dairy, wine) – you think I’ll see a decrease in sensitivity once the worms are gone?

    1. Author

      I’ve heard that Albendazole is an excellent anti-parasitic drug. In many cases, people take this drug and go to the bathroom several hours later and expel many parasites, including rope worms and tapeworms. As for my case, when I did an extensive initial ropeworm cleanse, my sensitivities to many foods and pollen had subsided. I think this should be the case for you and others as well.

  16. Hello Anthony
    You probably know this by now, but I gather rope worms flourish in a heavy metal toxic body (my issue, mercury and aluminium and pesticides).

    I have the same long story as many, 20 years. I had EMDR for ptsd recently, and have been having a massive spontaneous release of mucoid plaque and rope worm for the last 4 weeks.

    My sense too is that the rope worm when threatened e.g just before elimination, are able to secrete a neurotoxin which seems to stop the action of the large bowel for about 24 hours. I have no evidence for this, just what I observe. My background is a BSc in herbal medicine.

    I think they do this as a survival mechanism ? to give them time to migrate. Not sure. But I have noticed this. The earlier release was more the mucoid plaque, very saturated in heavy metals.

    With the rope worm I don’t find the usual binders help mop up their toxin release, but as you well know, activated charcoal does seem to. I may try the water fast. I have had to do many coffee enemas etc to keep up with the toxic release. Also found sesame seed oil enema may be helpful for separating them out in the bowel. I also wonder if they may “suffocate” them in some way?

    I like your site. Very useful. I don’t suffer from allergies but more the auto immune thyroid etc

    1. Author

      Very helpful information, thank you so much! I agree with everything that you have said and it seems very reasonable and analytical. I’m glad that despite the constant criticism that rope worm investigators get, intelligent hypotheses like these can make progress. I genuinely would like to understand the truth to all this. I wish skeptics would understand that we are not saying “rope worms are the cause of all things bad and they are a plasma worm parasite” because we are saying “this is freaky because I am physically observing this phenomenon and can’t explain it properly with the information we have now.” It seems like there are patterns for rope worm infections and the symptoms they cause, which lead me to believe that perhaps this is a pathogen/toxin of some sort. If it were part of my intestines, then why is it causing such severe symptoms when I try to get rid of the rope worms? I’m not sure and I would not like to jump to conclusions just yet. All I know is that something is up and there isn’t enough research about it.

  17. Thank you. very informative. I am doing a body cleanse and on day 5, I passed several of these ropeworms … they are very fleshy. I am officially creepedout. I did inspect , got a flashlight with glove and skewer stick. It would not break apart. unreal dude. I am doing a Lemon ginger cleanse with 32 oz water, which has stevia and aloe as well as other herbal ingredients

  18. I pass many rope worms. We need to expose this agenda to kill us! They created these organisms to depopulate. Those who eat bad foods will die !!! Majority of the population ( 85 percent) has rope worms. The only people who do not have it is the powerful and those who seek truth. I use bentonite clay psyllium husk and activated charcoal. Garlic. Tumeric. Ginger.
    I take shots of turpentine for candida and it works amazing !!! Many people do a candida/parasite cleasne with Turpentine. See my channel for lots of info and enlightening truth about this place !!!

    1. Thank you Brice, you are 100 % right. We are waking up. We know theyre trying to depopulate us, I also believe a fungus of sorts is being put in the cannabis. Something that increases candida. The chemtrails are part of it also. Im full of these worms and I eat a mostly organic diet but too much sugar. Im doing a cleanse also and am very very sick right now. Grapefruit seed extract starting my purge, its amazing for killing these critters.

  19. I have been passing 2-3 worms a day and going into month 6 by using Mimosa Pudica – my functional medicine doctor recommended this specific brand for quality and effectiveness. The BioActive Carbon flushes out heavy metal and toxins that the worms may release when they are being killed off. My symptoms were fatigue, acne, food sensitivity (nuts, seeds, gluten, corn, white potato, red wine) which led to adrenal fatigue and put me into menopause +15 years early. And I eat clean, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle but I feel a lifetime of undiagnosed gluten and corn sensitivity is to blame. Highly highly recommend this stuff and no enemas required.

  20. I think we found a rope worm! After using Metamucil? Will keep updating on this site but currently using DE, SMS and active charcole to help soak up any toxins left from the dyeing creatures. Going to get an enema Monday. People are using apple cider vinegar? If this works I would also like to try.

    1. Author

      You found one? It seems like many people are mentioning Metamucil, so that could be an interesting breakthrough. Can you describe your experience with Metamucil and why you think it removed a rope worm?

  21. Yesterday, 5/23/18 as i wiped after going #2 …I found on my tissue was OMG what is this!! Today after going #2 in the toilet is the same stuff!! YES what i thought was my intestines!! So i sent the two pictures i took both days to my local clinic nurse. She immediately calls me back says get to your gastrologist . They didn’t know what it was but it wasn’t normal!! So i GOOGLE!! YES, its rope worms -NO other pictures look like it except ROPE WORMS!!
    I have been taking Metamucil for about a week now, cut WAY back on sugar & drinking a ton of water because that’s what my body has wanted (craved!) ……I am assuming that is what has caused them to release from me. I have an appointment with my gastrologist June 4th. It can NOT get here fast enuff!! Thank you for some ideas on how to start getting these out of me!! I do not ever do enemas for fear of damaging something BUT i might be drinking me some BLACK COFFEE!! -no sugar or cream

    1. Author

      Wow, what an interesting experience. Many others, including myself, have gone through something very similar. I definitely thought it was rope worms coming out of me, but I am still skeptical about what they truly are. It is so confusing to me. All I know is that these things coming out of me is associated with my symptoms of tummy rumbling, food intolerances, and seasonal allergies. Strangely, my skin quality improved miles after killing rope worms as well. You believe that drinking coffee helps? I am not so sure about that, but coffee enemas helped tremendously to release the rope worms.

  22. Wow! I believe I passed rope worms today…I had never heard of them until I started researching just now what the hell came out of me!
    After having psyllium husks daily for about a month just to keep me ‘regular’ I was shocked to see what looked like the lining of my intestines in the toilet, also similar to an umbilical cord of a newborn. I have had many issues over the last year with my body absorbing iron and have anaemia. I’m very tired, rundown and often experience discomfort in my abdominal area after my bowels opening. I’m a 31 year old female and have food in tolerances (mainly dairy and gluten) that have definitely got worse over the last few years. I have lost weight over the last couple of years without any explanation. Mentally, I have developed anxiety for the first time and have a flat mood as of late. My body often feels fatigued also. Another symptom I noticed was my tummy is very noisy and can be very loud and embarrassing at times.
    This forum has helped so much, thank you

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot for visiting! That sounds like exactly what I was dealing with. The most notable symptoms of rope worms is the strange tummy noises. To me, it kind of feels like bubbling. When I was trying to kill them, the symptoms that I had experienced like this were magnified while they were coming out of me. Perhaps the increase of symptoms is a good sign that the parasites are finally dying.

      1. I noticed something unusual this morning in my stool. I have had diarrhea the last couple of days. I am 72 years old and my granddaughter insists that I smell . No one else notices it and I shower regularly. she has an acute smell. It made me feel bad until I noticed what looked like rope worms this morning in my stool. I have been taking a lot of magnesium lately because I’m usually low and it causes cramping. I wondered if the excessive magnesium is causing them to excrete. I have bloating, fatigue, and some short term memory loss that just started in the last 6 months. I know I’m old but I’m also healthy. So this bothered me.

        1. Author

          Perhaps the magnesium did that for you. Magnesium is good for going to the bathroom and letting everything get through. Maybe that means the rope worms as well? I hope that I can help you if you are having the same problem that I did.

          1. The amazing thing is that after I pass this rope worm or whatever it was I saw my granddaughter and she said oh my you don’t smell anymore. Now that’s weird.

          2. Author

            You saw immediate results like that after a parasite cleanse? It’s something that I’d believe though from my experience.

  23. Rope worms are very real. My husband has been passing some that are up to 6 feet long. Seriously. As well as ascaris worms, tape worms, liver flukes etc. If you have chronic Lyme disease and cant seem to get better, chances are you have a major parasite infection like my husband. The Lyme (and its various co-infections like Bartonella) lives synergistically with and inside the worms. Basically Lyme and Bartonella if left untreated—because you were misdiagnosed for months or years because most doctors are clueless— weaken your immune system to a point that these parasites are able to move in and take over. You will never get better until you treat and get rid of the parasites and biofilms that they create first. If you have a major infestation, it will take 6 to 18 months to get rid of them—it is a long slow haul—there is no quick fix.
    There is an herb called MIMOSA PUDICA which comes in pill, powder, and liquid distillate form, that paralyzes just about every kind of worm there is. It causes the worms to fall off your intestinal walls and come out even more so if you do enemas with coffee or Chlorine Dioxide (also referred to as MMS- discovered by Jim Humble) — You take the Mimosa Pudica twice a day (up to 1 teaspoons worth). A brand I like –I have no connection to the company– is called Microbe Formulas (start with 4 pills a day –work up to 10). You also can purchase the liquid form from Kauai Herbals in Hawaii–again I have no connection to this company– but its expensive, but its great to drink and to put in an enema (take 1 to 3 oz a day).

    No doctor’s will be able to help you because very few in the US have any experience in this area. I can not stress enough how helpful Mimosa Pudica is— but you also have to change your diet like others on this site have said, no sugar, few carbs, and eat things the parasites don’t like– garlic, onion, cayenne pepper etc. Also you need to take biofilm busters– Grapefruit seed extract, Stevia, Serra Peptase enzymes are 3 types you can take— take them 30 minutes before whatever you are taking to kill the parasites— the bio film buster eat away the slimy covering the worms have built to protect themselves thus allowing whatever you are taking to get in there and kill them.

    I also would recommend doing at least 2 to 3 rounds of Abendazole— you will need to get a doctor to prescribe it. Its a drug that does work fairly well.

    As a last note—many children with autism have worms— many are starting to believe that the worms are actually the cause of autism — if you want to read about this get Kerri Rivera’s book Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism— again I have no connection to her— it also contains a parasite killing protocol that works.

    1. Author

      Wow thank you so much for your contribution on the investigation of rope worms. I have actually heard that Albendazole works very well for most types of parasite infection. You think that it works for rope worms as well? It seems like you can simply order it online from a pharmacy in India, but it looks a little bit pricey. I really appreciate the help!

    2. Hi Carol,
      I would like to contact you regarding MMS please.
      Thank you

  24. One of these came out of my daughter today after being treated for thread worm. She has had a horrible ten months with so many symptoms . She is mulfuncting on a daily basis. Finally we are getting answers. She is being so affected by these worms mentally physicslly and emotionally.

    1. Author

      Oh wow a child being treated for threadworm? How old is she? Sounds like something that would never happen in the US. How would you describe your first-hand experience with rope worms and how is the infection affecting her health? Wish the best for you!

  25. I have these and have been dealing with symptoms for the past 15 years. It started out like you mentioned with a mucous like substance when I had a bowel movement. I generally felt unhealthy, at the time I had a small pig farm and thought I might have parasites. I did a treatment of wormwood, black walnut hull, etc. (didn’t see alot of results) and then I didn’t have a bowel movement for several days, bought stuff a person drinks before surgery and was in the bathroom for a couple of hours, in very bad pain. I did not notice anything again until 2009 when I discovered the slimmy thing that resembled a new borns unbilical cord, I freaked out and flushed it. Within the following 3 years, I had 3 tests for parasites; they all came back negative. On the third one I told the nurse I was just going to go to the farm and feed store and get some work pills, she quickly came back with a prescription, no help. Fast forward to 2018, about 5 months ago I was severely depressed, anxious, bitchy, annoyed so easily I did not even want to talk on the phone with my mom or son (way out of the ordinary). I started a candida diet about the second week of March, changing my diet, taking an antifungal and probiotics (5 billion w/15 strains). This morning 4/28/18, my usual new routine and I had a bowel movement, I check to see what is going on and there they were, about 6 – 8 in kind of a ribbon like clump. I got my gloves, a stir stick and clean container and got one oet of the toilet. I covered it with alcohol and am taking it to the health department Monday. Thank you so much for your information, it has been unbelievable helpful. I’m 57 years old.
    Thank you again,

    1. Author

      Very interesting experience with rope worm infection! Thanks a lot for providing your insight. I’d love to know more about what you think of this phenomenon!

  26. Great article. I have all of the symptoms you’ve listed as having. I’ve been through medical testing, done elemination diets with no help or improvement. In fact, the more I ‘allergen foods’ I eliminated the worse my symptoms became. I’m reading this article at the perfect time. I don’t as of yet have a concrete belief as to how rope worms came to be. But I 100% believe they exist. I’ve been doing an intestinal cleanse for about 2 weeks and just had my 2nd Coffee enema today. I’m already seeing rope worms in my stool. I will continue my cleanse and healthy eating for 90 days and hope some of my side effects will clear up.
    Thanks for this article!

  27. Great article. I have all of the symptoms you’ve listed as having. I’ve been through medical testing, done elemination diets with to help or improvement. In fact, the more I ‘allergen foods’ I eliminated the worse my symptoms became. I’m reading this article at the perfect time. I don’t as of yet have a concrete belief as to how rope worms came to be. But I 100% believe they exist. I’ve been doing an intestinal cleanse for about 2 weeks and just had my 2nd Coffee enema today. I’m already seeing rope worms in my stool. I will continue my cleanse and healthy eating for 90 days and hope some of my side effects will clear up.
    Thanks for this article!

    1. Author

      That’s exactly how I had thought too. After doing a bit of research, I came to the same conclusions. At first, the information was seeming to be telling me that rope worms did not exist or were “fake like a conspiracy” but then I actually saw them with my own two eyes. Same kind of situation with Candida overgrowth. I ACTUALLY SAW IT LOL. Please let me know how everything is working about for you and what you discover about rope worms!

    1. Author

      Not that I have come across. Do you have any ideas or hypotheses regarding rope worms and C-diff?

  28. Hi I had a good experience killing worms consuming garlic and taking food grade hydrogen peroxide . I had 1 foot long parasites come out from me when doing hydrogen peroxide enemas and appli cider vinegar enemas

    1. Author

      I am a big fan of apple cider vinegar enemas as well, especially for killing rope worms. I use an apple cider vinegar enema and then a few minutes after expelling it, candida and sometimes these ropeworms will come out as well. Or what seems like it. I am still not entirely sure what it is, but I feel much better afterwards. Garlic seems to work for me as well, but I’ve heard horror stories about hydrogen peroxide.

  29. Thanks for all the info re: Rope Worms & natural methods for eradicating within the human body!

    1. Author

      No problem, I have always been bewildered by this subject. I would like rope worms to reach a significant conclusion.

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