Severe Allergy Relief

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Severe Allergy Relief

I have always believed that treating the root cause was always the most effective investment you could make for your health. Drug companies flourish on the market of “masking” the symptoms of your allergies and they rely on you getting addicted to them. Once you stop taking the drugs, of course the symptoms will come back—sometimes worse. Despite knowing this, I believe much more strongly that it is wasteful to be ignorant of the context and purpose of your good health: to feel good so that you can be productive during the day. When you are having severe allergic reactions, it is best to lower your standards and do what it takes for severe allergy relief.severe allergy relief

I know that some natural remedy seekers like myself are labeled “dirty hippies,” “tree huggers,” and etc. But I am not blind to the advancement of biological science and the progress of medicine. Of course we can understand that over-the-counter drugs are not evil—They can work very quickly to eliminate the symptoms of allergies so that you can feel productive again with no distractions.

Severe Allergic Reactions

If you have eaten a food that has given you a reaction, you may suffer from the following:

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Rash
  • Uncontrolled sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating and constipation
  • Head and sinus pressure
  • Itchiness

All of these reactions are seriously hindering to the moment of your life and can set you back when you need to be productive. There are medicines like anti-inflammatories and antihistamines that can work quickly to block the allergic reaction so that you can feel better quickly.

Over the years, over-the-counter allergy medicine has changed in quality dramatically. I’ve noticed that some people are still hung up on Benadryl when there are much safer, more effective newer drugs that are available for about the same price.

If you are having severe allergies to pollen, dust or the environment, a quality antihistamine like Allegra or Zyrtec can be purchased at most drug stores and you will usually see relief within the hour.

OTC Medications that I recommend can provide short-term immediate allergy relief:


This is a very powerful antihistamine that provides me relief without a doubt every time. However, it is known to cause weakness in some. Great for those days when you need severe allergy relief.

Rating: 4.5/5       Effectiveness: 12 hours                 Price: High           Age: ~5 years OTC

Side Effects: Medium risk with possible mental depression

Cheapest place to buy:


Class: Antihistamine

Rating: 4/5          Effectiveness: 2-4 hours                               Price: Medium  Age: ~10 years OTC

Side Effects: Low risk. Avoid alcohol


Class: Antihistamine

Rating: 3/5          Effectiveness: 1-3 hours                               Price: Low           Age: ~20 years OTC

Side effects: Medium risk with possible weakness and heart problems.


This is a very effective anti-inflammatory that noticeably helps with most pain and inflammation. Habitual use may cause stomach sensitivity.

Rating: 4.5/5       Effectiveness: 12 hours                 Price: High           Age: ~ 5 years OTC

Side effects: Medium risk with possible stomach problems

Cheapest place to buy:



Differences in antihistamines.

Personally, when I cannot stop sneezing, blowing my nose and tearing up, I prefer Allegra because it provides long-term effective relief. Zyrtec has also proven to be beneficial, but it only lasts 2-3 hours for me. Benadryl has proven in multiple case studies to cause long-term brain and liver damage and always makes me feel drowsy during the day so I never recommend it.

If I have eaten something that I am allergic to that I wasn’t aware of, I suffer from symptoms of anaphylaxis, swelling of the face, bloating and abdominal pain. Antihistamines do not work as effectively for food allergies, but anti-inflammatories like Aleve(Naproxen) help relieve the inflammation in my body quickly.

However, everyone has a different reaction to drugs and you should experiment and find out which OTC antihistamine will work best for you in uncomfortable situations. I have discussed many natural and safe methods to treating allergies through my other posts.

Life-Threatening Reactions

If you or someone around you has ingested something and is having a severely troubling reaction, you need to obtain medication that is not available over the counter. You will need to find a doctor or hospital if your life is in danger. The internet is a useful source of phone numbers, locations and people that will be useful to solving the emergency situation in your local area.



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  1. Are there are any natural remedies you would recommend for someone with a severe allergy to dust mites? My wife struggles with that plus has a history of asthma. We have to wash our bed sheets, at most, every couple of days or she has trouble sleeping. Shes takes Allegra right now, and that seems to be the most effective for her.

    1. Author

      There are some remedies that you can consider. One would be purchasing a HEPA air purifier that eliminates allergens or sterilizes with UV light. Dusting is also a clear remedy as well. If you experience symptoms, you can try using a neti pot or an OTC antihistamine if your allergies are hindering your productivity.


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