Does Sinus Congestion Cause Snoring ?

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Does Sinus Congestion Cause Snoring ?

The simple answer is: Yes, sinus congestion can cause snoring, but so many other things can as well.

A common condition that causes snoring is sleep apnea and this usually goes hand-in-hand with seasonal allergies. Another more common cause of snoring is a deviated septum, but this is rarely a serious issue. (Source)

When you are suffering from allergies and you are having trouble sleeping at night due to allergies causing a stuffy nose at night, it can be very irritating.

What is the Best Natural Sinus Congestion Treatment ?

I have had a severe stuffy nose problem ever since I was a child and it was very embarrassing when I had to blow my nose over and over again. The worst is when you sneeze when you are congested and all the nasty stuff comes out.


But there are many natural antihistamines that I can rely on that do the job of OTC antihistamines even more effectively. Supplements like MSM crystals, organic quercetin, and probiotics can treat the root cause of your allergies that are causing your symptoms.

Some information that I’d like to get the word out about is that many people don’t understand how histamine response works in regards to their unique diet and nutrition. Many of us are deficient in certain minerals like sulfur and magnesium, which can seriously worsen our allergy symptoms.

Learning about what is best for you and feeling in yourself which foods seem to benefit you the most will help you tremendously on your journey to treating your allergies.

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