Relief for nasal and sinus congestion

Simple and Cheap Sinus Congestion Relief That Really Works

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Relief for nasal and sinus congestion

Sinus Congestion Relief Can be Quick, Simple and Natural

If you have moderate to severe allergies to the seasons or the environment, then you will know how incredibly annoying nasal congestion is. At some times, you could be blowing and blowing, but for some reason your nose never gets unclogged. This is unfortunate if you don’t know about effective sinus congestion relief treatments.

Whether it be from allergies in the air, or a cold that you get persistently, stuffy nose relief can be as simple as massaging around your nose with your fingertips. Fortunately, evolution can be taken advantage of this way.

I would definitely hope that would be the case if evolution gave me allergies, anyways.

A few years ago, my allergies were debilitating and embarrassing. I would sneeze so often that it was annoying to everyone around me (especially those who insisted on saying “bless you” every time). And to add on top of that, I would be severely congested WHILE I was sneezing.

I would be at work or school getting up to blow my nose every few minutes, but I didn’t want to keep getting up so I would just sniffle and hope that I wouldn’t sneeze again.

OH, and the worst is when you have nasal congestion and then you have to sneeze. Then… I can imagine what would happen when I would sneeze. YEAH it would be totally gross.

I get it.

Natural Congestion Relief

Originally, the thought that I actually NEEDED antihistamines, nasal spray, tissues and all that stuff for this would treat my health problem. I was so ignorant of the root cause of my symptoms, but I was also young. It felt like I was trapped in this annoying self-destructing body.

BUT I then discovered that there were key points to recognize in my health and that SIMPLE and CHEAP treatments dramatically improved my seasonal allergies. In addition to that, these methods improved all kinds of my allergies: food allergies, chemical sensitivities in cosmetics, etc.

Let me share with you because I’d love to help somebody that is suffering like I was. Wow it was so horrible.

The Serious Problem with Using Decongestants and Nasal Sprays for Nasal Congestion Relief

If you have congestion, then it would probably compel you to take a decongestant that you bought from the drug store. While these may be effective for you for a few short time, many people do not know that these drugs carry risks for dependency or addiction. 

When you use these invasive drugs, your body will rely on them in the future to keep you decongested. Then, your immune system stops naturally draining excess mucus by itself because it expects the drugs to do the job.

You can imagine how this can turn out: your seasonal allergies and congestion will get much worse naturally over time. You’ll need more and more of a stronger dose of the drugs to get the same effects

This method of relieving your stuffy nose does not treat the problem that you have, it makes it much worse.

Read more about antihistamine withdrawal treatments here.

However, there are much better natural ways of relieving congestion while actually treating the problem that is in your health causing these annoying symptoms.

Stuffy Nose Relief with Physical Drainage of the Sinuses

This method is for those that have nasal congestion, but also don’t have to sit around in a quiet classroom or workplace. Investment in a neti pot or sinus draining tool that uses water or saline solution should help you immensely when you have severe congestion.

Neti pots really work by pouring water gently through your nose and dissolving the excess mucus with the saline solution. It is such an easy and simple remedy that can really help when you are having a serious congestion episode.

If you are one a student or work in an office where you can’t really use a neti pot throughout the day, then a saline spray with xylitol will do the trick for you.

natural nasal spray for sinus congestion relief

A great natural nasal spray that I recommend is this one. It incorporates gentle and effective natural ingredients that help dissolve and drain mucus throughout the day.

It really works for me and the best part about it is that it isn’t addictive like most other nasal sprays with invasive chemical ingredients. A lot of people don’t even know that there are dependency risks for using both nasal sprays and decongestants.

Pushing Pressure Points for Congestion and Natural Congestion Relief

This is an excellent method because it couldn’t get more simple and easy. In addition to that, this home remedy for stuffy nose is free!

So here’s how to learn to use your pressure points to drain your sinuses.

First, use your index fingers to push both sides of the inner tip of your eyebrow and massage gently. After that, work the fingers down the sides of your nose until your fingers are right next to your nostrils. Hold here and massage for about one minute for maximum benefit.

Then, use your thumbs and index fingers to gently pinch the inner tip of your eyebrow that is facing your nose. Pinch this area and massage for about a minute.

You can then place two fingers on the center of your collarbone right under your throat. Massage gently here at that one sensitive spot on your sternum for about a minute as well.

One more favorite of mine is to place the same two fingers and hold the fingers on the point right above your chest to the right and the left. Hold your fingers in this spot and it should start to feel great. Hold here for as long as you wish.

It might seem too good to be true, but this method for sinus congestion relief really works in some cases. I am sure that if you have severe nasal congestion, then it may not be enough.

If you would like an illustration and full explanation of these pressure point techniques for a stuffy nose and sinus congestion, check one out here.

Eat Foods that Clear Congestion Naturally

There are some foods that have some science backing them that may suggest that eating them may provide relief for sinus congestion with some sort of mechanism. Here’s a list of the most effective foods that can treat nasal congestion for the long-term.

These foods will not stop you from being congested in the moment, but if you eat them a lot, then you can expect your stuffy nose to be less severe tomorrow. Here’s a list of them:

  • Pineapple: This tasty fruit has been discovered to be a great source of digestive enzymes that can actually treat allergies. Eating the delicious part may not be enough to treat or cure food allergies and intolerances, but there are methods of harvesting this enzyme and incorporating it into a supplement. This enzyme is called bromelain and it helps you digest complex protein foods that upset your digestion.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: These essential nutrients are something that many people are deficient in their diets. This is because not many people eat adequate amounts of healthy fish like salmon and nuts or seeds. If you think that you are one of these people, check out signs of Omega 3 deficiency and find a supplement that works for you. Trust me, it will change your health for the better.
  • Natural Antihistamines: Certain raw foods like onion and garlic have natural antihistamine properties. Some isolated natural compounds like quercetin have actually been proven to be more effective than antihistamines drugs on the market. I think this is definitely true simple because THEY ARE NOT ADDICTIVE and actually treat your health problem. Check out some more info on natural antihistamine supplements here.
is histamine intolerance genetic

Histamine intolerance list of foods to avoid

Avoid Foods that Cause Nasal Congestion

There are some foods that cause an increase in histamine levels in the body. They can contribute to a condition called histamine intolerance. This is not really an intolerance or allergy, it just describes a condition in which your bloodstream has too much histamine

To reduce the amount of histamine, which leads to mucus production, try to reduce or eliminate the following foods:

  • Dairy foods: Milk products seem to cause a generation of histamine in the body.
  • Grains: These foods seem to contain histamine that your body can absorb through its digestive system.
  • Sugar: This stuff is very bad for your immune system and can make it do a number of things. One of them is cause a massive spike in insulin and histamine.

Perhaps you can see that a paleo or primal diet may help your congestion problem.

Try a Natural Decongestant for Sinus Congestion Relief

You should definitely consider having a handy pill in hand for those severe sinus congestion days. There are some natural decongestants that include ingredients from natural sources that simply help your body naturally get rid of excess histamine and mucus.

Stuffy Nose Relief

The best one that I’ve ever tried is this one. It is certified organic, natural, non-drowsy, and non-GMO. It is not addictive and can be even more effective than OTC drugs like Benadryl, which has been proven to be harmful to your brain.


I am always here for you, so if you have a question or something to add about natural sinus congestion relief, please leave me a comment below!

Talk to you soon,


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  1. I’ve wanted something for natural congestion relief and I have a history of being dependent on many allergy medications. Quercetin was the only thing that has worked for me consistently, without causing an addiction or needing to raise the dose. So that’s what I’d recommend.

    1. Author

      Quercetin is probably the supplement of choice for natural sinus congestion relief because it doesn’t cause a dependence or addiction. It powerfully does the job without causing significant drowsiness like OTC antihistamines can.

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