Why is Sinus Congestion Worse at Night ?

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Why is My Sinus Congestion Worse During the Night?

The simple answer is: a lying down position seems to change the bloodflow and circulation around your sinuses. It might be caused by other things as well. (Source)

For instance, you may be allergic to something that is in the material of your pajamas or bed sheets. It is also possible that the room you sleep in has mold spores or cockroaches that you could be allergic to. Not trying to be offensive, but this has been a common problem for humans since the beginning.

If you notice that your nasal congestion gets slightly worse at night, this is probably caused by a a decrease blood flow to your noses and a constriction of your nasal passageways that result from such.

How to Sleep Better When You Have Nasal Congestion at Night

You can try elevating your head with a few pillows when you sleep. With your head upright, this provides natural posture to let gravity work with your circulatory system. Gravity and the angle of your body is important for the effectiveness of your circulatory and lymph systems.

Trying a natural antihistamine as a decongestant at night can be very beneficial for you. I encounter this problem frequently some nights and I take an organic quercetin supplement before bed if I feel stuffy.

This helps me breathe wonderfully during my sleep and makes my rest feel rejuvenating. There are many benefits to natural antihistamines, the best among them being that they aren’t addicted like OTC drugs. These food-based substances can treat the root cause of your health problem, rather than make it worse.

But again, if this is a serious problem for you, I always recommend that you go take a visit to your local expert so he can give you advice based on your physical health. I understand that it can be too expensive sometimes, though.

Why is Sinus Congestion Worse at Night

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