Can soy intolerance cause constipation?

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Can soy intolerance cause constipation?

The simple answer is: It can. And if you have soy intolerance, you have constipation and you are eating soy, then this can likely answer your question. When you eat something that you are intolerant to, this causes undigested protein to move through your digestive system. Your body is particularly unable to digest a portion of the soy protein due to a lack of digestive enzymes or a strain of probiotic bacteria present in your body. (Source)

You can imagine that your digestive tract will have to deal with an undigested mass of protein. This can definitely cause backing-up inside of you. The immune reaction occurring in your digestive system can also lead to internal dryness that won’t easily pass your stool.

The digestive tract needs adequate moisture for lubrication to pass through.

can soy intolerance cause constipation

Natural treatments for soy intolerance

If you have soy intolerance, like me, and you are disappointed that you can’t eat a lot of soy-containing foods, then there are some natural treatments for soy intolerance. In some cases, all you need to do to treat and possible cure a food intolerance is to take a high-quality round of natural probiotics. Usually after a month of taking them, you will experience a subsiding in your food intolerances because these symbiotic bacteria help you digest foods and produce vitamins for your body to absorb.

Digestive enzyme supplements can treat food intolerances immensely because they can fully digest the protein that you are intolerant to.

For example, people take the enzyme lactase to be able to eat dairy foods when they are lactose intolerant. The same can be done for the enzyme protease with soy intolerance.

Read more about digestive enzymes here.

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