Can soy intolerance cause weight gain?

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Can soy intolerance cause weight gain?

The simple answer is: it can be one of the symptoms you experience

Intolerance to soy is a condition where your body can’t properly digest a portion of the soy protein. Having undigested matter in your digestive system will set off immune reactions that can cause inflammation in your body.

Common symptoms that can show as a result of this inflammation is weight gain, acne, skin dryness, eczema, sluggishness or weakness, and more.

can soy intolerance cause weight gain

Natural Treatments for Soy Intolerance

Personally, I have soy intolerance and this was a huge bummer for me when I decided to become vegetarian. I eventually found out that soy products were giving me uncomfortable reactions that made me feel and look horrible.

I would eat something with soy and I’d have an immediate headache, heartburn and stomach ache. The next day, I’d feel bloated and broken out in acne.

I was depressed that I might not be able to eat soy ever again, but I was wrong. Certain natural treatments for soy intolerance can help you digest the soy protein that is causing your digestive system trouble.

The best treatments for soy intolerance is a course of high-quality probiotics and a digestive enzyme supplement that incorporates protease enzyme. This will help you digest proteins properly so that you have smooth digestion.

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