Is soy intolerance common?

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Is soy intolerance common?

The simple answer is: soy intolerance is less common with varying degrees of severity. For some people, you may experience obvious and uncomfortable symptoms after you eat something with soy protein. For others, the reaction may be subtle and not noticeable.

Soy intolerance is going to be less common than lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance, but it is still not a rare condition. It seems that intolerance to soy is partly genetic and part environmental factors.

Natural treatment for soy intolerance and sensitivity

The best way to treat an intolerance is to avoid the protein as best as you can. A soy intolerance is an immune sensitivity to a specific protein that is too complex for your digestive enzymes to handle. Your body responds the way it does with inflammation to prevent physical damage to your digestive system.

However, if you are a vegetarian seeking a quality protein source, then there are some soy intolerance treatments that can help you digest the problem protein. Digestive enzyme supplements can actually help you digest the soy protein that gives you symptoms.

However, you should only rely on these enzymes to assist you in digesting a small or moderate amount of soy. Listening to your own unique body will also help you obtain quality nutrition. This method may work for you, but be cautious that it might not for whatever reason.

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