I’ve experimented and tried almost all there is when it comes to relieving my allergies. Some products worked very well for me that I’d love to share and hope that they will work for you as well. These remedies helped my quality of life tremendously and help me feel clear to this day. They help me address the root cause of my allergies internally, rather than mask the symptoms of an allergy problem that is present. Now, I feel as if my allergies that were once dominating my every day perception of life is a problem of the past while I feel clear mentally and physically every day.



The most important product that you can have to relieve and possibly get rid of your allergies to food and the environment is a quality probiotic. It wasn’t until a few years ago that medicine had considered that there are friendly organisms living inside us that are beneficial to our wellbeing. Doctors had prescribed antibiotics by the tons for every possible occasion as if there were no drawbacks to them. Today, we know that this is not a good practice and can seriously affect an individual’s body for the long term. Even if you do not take antibiotics, you can still feel the effects of them from your mother’s lifestyle before she got pregnant, chemicals present in factory meats and crops, and even in your water supply. I think that it’s important for everyone to take a quality probiotic. The one that works for me and I could tell DRAMATICALLY changed the way I feel for the better is Ultimate Flora by Renew Life. After three days of taking this, my mood lifted incredibly, my digestion was smooth, and my complexion was better than ever.


Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an age old remedy recommended for a plethora of health conditions. I have personally used it for allergy relief(food and seasonal) with great success. The idea is that it has the ability to reduce mucous production and cleanse the lymphatic system, which makes it very useful when these allergy symptoms are an issue. It also helps with digestion, weight loss and more so it is definitely worth a try if you’ve never added it to your diet.

When I have allergies, I mix a teaspoon of organic, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar with “The Mother”(probiotic colonies) into a glass of water and drink this with or without meals. This drink is a beneficial prebiotic that also helps maintain an environment in the intestines that promotes growth of helpful bacteria rather than diseases, viruses and yeast. Check the label and make sure it is organic, unfiltered and raw for maximum health benefit.

I have always sworn by Bragg’s Organic and Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve tried other brands but none of them have been consistently satisfying. I also like the amount of “mother” present in the bottle. It is also one of the cheapest out there and has a good quality for the price. So if you are interested in a healthy food to supplement your allergies, try some and you won’t regret the changes you notice in your health.


Diatomaceous Earth

This is a supplement that gets me a lot of confused looks from my friends and that’s understandable—because it’s dirt! A special kind of dirt, however, this dusty powder has many wonderful mineral qualities that do wonders for the human body if consumed regularly in small amounts. Diets are now lower in silica than ever and this supplement is a great source of it.

Diatomaceous Earth is a supplement that you should consider trying for your allergies because it can dramatically improve your health at the least and detox anything that may cause an allergic reaction in your body. It detoxes heavy metals, radiation, toxins and the effects of GMOs and can be antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.

The most important quality it has for allergies is its physical ability to “brush” your intestinal wall as it travels through your body. Research strongly suggests that parasitic worms and amoebas can wreak havoc on your body and bring about new allergies and even worsen existing ones. Diatomaceous earth is an extremely small molecule that has spines sharper than diamonds, but they are too small to harm our insides. Instead, these molecules will be consumed by parasites and their intestines will be destroyed, killing them and allowing our bodies to excrete them. It is important to understand where parasites come from and how to get rid of them, as western medicine often neglects their presence and they have the ability to go undetected by medical devices.

The first time I did a parasitic detox, my allergies to soy and nuts had disappeared. This was amazing for my health because nuts offer such great nutritional value and I feel much better with them in my diet. The same can happen for you. I usually take a small teaspoon of the powder in some water and drink it quickly on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. I swear by food grade diatomaceous earth and it has many other wonderful uses for around your home. It’s also great for protecting your pet’s and garden’s health.




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