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How to Treat Allergies Naturally With Supplements

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The most natural seasonal allergy supplement that exists is quercetin. This powerful flavonoid has incredible health benefits that can also relieve inflammation and pain, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, stabilize insulin levels, boost the immune system and even treat cancer. Supplementing with it has proven to be just as effective or better than antihistamines AND it has no side effects. This natural compound that is found in food is what you can use in place of an OTC antihistamine, so here’s how to treat allergies naturally with quercetin.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a flavonoid in the flavonol family that is frequently studied by health scientists for the wide range of uses that is can have for our health. It is naturally found in high amounts in fruits, vegetables, tea and wine.

This compound is an antioxidant that can have anti-inflammatory benefits for our bodies. (1)

It gained massive popularity in the 2000’s when Lance Armstrong promoted it in his sports supplements to improve performance. He used it to improve his respiratory health so that he could have increased endurance.

Quercetin is “generally recognized as safe” by the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization, meaning that it is harmless.

It is a great supplement for seasonal allergies that can be as effective as an over-the-counter antihistamine. Unlike quercetin, these drugs can cause uncomfortable side effects that can give you daytime nausea, drowsiness, headache, addiction, dehydrated skin and mucous membranes, and brain fog. These risky medicines like Benadryl have been proven to cause brain cell death and memory loss that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. (2)

Natural quercetin found in food and supplements will gently act with antioxidant defense by eliminating harmful free radicals and preventing oxidation in the blood. (3)

how to treat allergies naturally with quercetin benefits

Health Benefits of Quercetin

1. Quercetin treats allergies by reducing histamine response.

In the lab, quercetin has been proven to prevent excess release of histamine, leuokotrienes and prostaglandins. These chemicals are what cause an allergic response to pollen, dust, dander, etc.

The great thing about this natural supplement is that it treats 3 bodily chemicals that cause allergy symptoms instead of 1. Over-the-counter antihistamines will only treat one allergy chemical: histamine. (4)

Not only is quercetin natural with no side effects, but it does more than store drugs.

If an allergic histamine response is not controlled in your body, your lungs and respiratory tract can get irritated, red and inflamed. Lab experiments have shown that quercetin helps the enzymes in cells stop the release of histamine. Histamine release is a natural bodily reaction that promotes systemic inflammation. While histamine is natural, it is not healthy and should be prevented at all costs to remain healthy and undamaged. (5)

The result of this benefit will eliminate allergy symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, itching and swelling.

One study had tested the effectiveness of quercetin in treating skin allergies from food and pollen. The skin’s sensitivity to the sun also applied to this experiment. These conditions did not respond well to any allergy drugs, but researchers found that quercetin eases irritation of the skin when administered orally. This suggests that quercetin may be a treatment for skin allergic reactions and sunburns. (6)

2. Quercetin lowers harmful LDL cholesterol in blood and promotes healthy arteries.

This flavonoid antioxidant is available in plant foods, but people rarely get adequate amounts in their diets. This may contribute to the number one cause of death: heart disease.

Quercetin has been shown in epidemiological studies to provide substantial protection against heart disease. (7)

Quercetin works by changing the body’s mechanism to collect cholesterol in the arteries, as well as the fatty tissues of the liver. It assists the body’s HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) in eliminating LDL (bad) cholesterol.

As a result, people taking quercetin as a supplement have a healthier circulatory system.

3. Quercetin kills developing cancer cells

On the same topic of preventing common causes of death, quercetin may prove to be effective in preventing the development of cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, behind heart disease, and finding a cure or even treatments right now is very difficult. Oncologists seem to be looking towards natural cure including diet and lifestyle studies, sunlight therapy, nutrition therapy, exercise, etc. Quercetin is one of those promising treatments.

This flavonoid stops the process that turns healthy cells into cancer cells. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of quercetin protects cellular DNA from damage that can lead to mutation. Basically, quercetin will freeze the cell so that it cannot replicate rapidly and spread. This will stop tumor growth and promote cell death in cancer cells, so that the problem is eliminated at the root source. (8)

4. Quercetin helps improve exercise performance.

Professional athletes and sports medicine doctors claim that high doses of quercetin can improve endurance and boost alertness in athletes. A study done on a group of cyclists tested some results and the majority of them said that they saw improvement.

Quercetin has been popular amongst cyclists ever since Lance Armstrong had advertised it as one of the ingredients in his sports supplements.

5. Quercetin improves brain health

Quercetin as an antioxidant can protect brain cells from oxidation. This will mean that the brain will be in a less toxic state, allowing for improvement in performance.

This may lead to a reduction in cognitive decline in the elderly and improved focus and memory in everybody.

Quercetin has shown promise in treating the root cause of schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, meningitis, AIDS dementia complex, and stroke.

This flavonoid may be as beneficial for brain health as caffeine, with less of a potency needed to be effective with less side effects. (9)

how to treat allergies naturally with foods that contain quercetin

Food Sources of Quercetin

Quercetin is found in brightly colored plant foods. Food sources of quercetin will also be abundant in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are also beneficial to your health.


According to the US Department of agriculture, capers are the best source of natural quercetin. Capers are the flower buds of the capparis spinosa plant.

They can be used in salads, dip, pasta dishes, and goes great with seafood and chicken.

Capers are high in sodium, so try to wash them before serving to dramatically decrease their salt content.


Onions are the most common and well-known source of quercetin. They are usually much easier to fit into your diet than capers. They have slightly less of a concentration of flavonoids, but they can be prepared to taste great.

Raw red onions are the most abundant in quercetin.

As onions are stored over time, the quercetin compounds degrade, so try to eat them as quickly after you buy them as you can.

Other Sources of Quercetin

  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Parsley
  • Buckwheat
    how to treat allergies naturally

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  • Yellow Peppers
  • Okra
  • Pears

How to Treat Allergies Naturally With Quercetin

It’s a great idea to incorporate healthy food sources of quercetin in your diet. However, the amount that you get from food may not be enough to fully benefit from the natural powers of this antioxidant.

In foods, you may likely get around 100-150 mg if you try hard enough to get them in your diet. If you suffer from allergies or would like to see the true potential for the health benefits of quercetin, you should definitely take it as a supplement.

It is a great idea to supplement with quercetin because it is a compound that works naturally in your body. It provides nutrition to your cells with NO side effects. Store-bought drugs will always disrupt the function of your cells, rather than work with them, and produce uncomfortable side effects.

I would honestly recommend it for anybody to take at least 3 times a week for prevention of heart disease and cancer, especially if you are older and have a family history of these diseases.

The Best Quercetin Supplement

I personally take this brand of quercetin because it is the only one I’ve taken and truly saw excellent results. Ever since I started taking it, my lungs feel more functional, my brain feels healthy and quick, and my seasonal allergies are GONE. I used to have terrible allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing and runny nose and this embarrassed me every day.

Now, I take one of these in place of an over-the-counter antihistamine (I used to take Allegra) and it works SO MUCH BETTER. I really praise this product and recommend it actively because it helps me feel amazing.

This product by Wonderlife is 500mg potency with bioavailable ingredients so your body absorbs all of it and can use it readily.

Therefore, It was an excellent investment in my health that I’d make again for years.

My bad for sounding like I am pitching quercetin so hard. But this is a product that changed my life and is probably my most recommended supplement for allergies. We made this site for a reason: to help fellow allergy-sufferers. I would never lie about the effectiveness of this quercetin supplement because I am in love with it.


I am always here for you. If you have a question or something to add about how to treat allergies naturally, please leave me a comment!

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  1. I use Nasopure. Baking soda w/o alluminum and water. It helps.

    1. Author

      You drink baking soda water and that helps your allergies? Very interesting… guess that’s still considered natural.

  2. I am starting on doterra vitamin will let you know how I am responding to them but so far my birch allergy is not triggered, I have also come across some awesome only water cleaner product no more reaction from cleaner around my house .Solution is available for everyone, but you sure have to be ready to accept it

    1. Author

      Hey Johanne,
      I was never too confident about multivitamins, especially for allergies. Of course you can treat allergies with nutrition in supplements, but they simply never worked for me. Results in any regard weren’t noticed by me at all. Please let me know more about your progress with this supplement and let me know which one it is specifically.

  3. Great information–thank you for writing this! I read this and your other article, “3 Natural Sulfite Allergy Treatments.” I’ve developed a sulfite allergy in the last 3 years and it’s getting worse, as I’m getting more sensitive. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to avoid because of a lot of food items don’t list this as an ingredient. There are certain foods I know to avoid but somehow, I’m still taking in sulfites one way or another. Last week I actually broke out in hives on my neck, which was a first. I take Benadryl every 4 hours, 24 HR Allegra, and Aleve-D every 12 hours when the symptoms become unbearable. I know it sounds like a lot, but my body is so used to it now. 🙁 I’ve found that Stinging Nettle Leaf also helps, as well as Spirulina and Chlorella but hopeful that this will help also. I’m so desperate to find relief without having to take all this medication! Can’t wait to purchase and try this out tomorrow! Thank you!

    1. Author

      Natural allergy supplements can do wonders for your health. You just need to try the right ones.

  4. I like that you talked about the supplement’s effectiveness in calming food and pollen-related allergies. I have really bad seasonal allergies that make it difficult for me to go outside for even a few minutes. It’s nice to know that there are natural treatments available. However, I think I might consult an allergy treatment professional about my problem.

    1. Author

      Of course, that’s always recommended above all else. But I think that natural allergy relief can be much more simple and inexpensive than that option sometimes. These supplements are harmless and actually improve your nutrition, which is why it works very well for my severe allergies.

  5. Author

    Hey Sonia,
    I’m glad that your grandma is doing well. Maybe she can incorporate quercetin into her regimen as well because it may help her a lot.

  6. I love everything that is natural and organic for all health remedies. As a holistic wellness coach I love reading about alternatives like these. Thank you for your great review on this. I will be adding it to my list.

    1. Author

      Hey Helen,
      Quercetin is one of those age old remedies that you can have tons of benefit from. Thanks for reading!

  7. Thank you! I’ve learnt something new today and as a sufferer of allergies myself this post has been very informative and I will definitely try out some of the recommendations.

  8. the health benefit of the Quercetin is well informed. My family should get a bottle to try it out. thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Author

      I think quercetin is a good supplement to always have in the house! Kinda like aspirin.

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