Oral Allergy Syndrome vegetarian diet plan

Vegetarian Oral Allergy Syndrome Diet Plan so You Can Eat Healthy with OAS

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It’s Hard Being Vegetarian with Oral Allergy Syndrome

From a person that was vegetarian for 8 years and dealt with oral allergy syndrome to 3 different season’s pollen, I would know. The same is true when dealing with food intolerances when you are vegan or vegetarian. You might feel restricted in your diet, and perhaps worried about eating healthy with oral allergy syndrome.

I honestly believe that food intolerances and oral allergy syndrome can be treated and cured if you change your lifestyle to meet your body’s unique nutritional requirements. It might be possible that a few tweaks could dramatically improve your health.

I want to discuss a few things that worked for my vegetarian oral allergy syndrome diet plan that eventually helped me eat the things I was reacting to. A few things might be obvious, but others require a bit of consideration.

oral allergy syndrome chart

Useful chart for all oral allergy syndrome cross proteins in raw foods.

Oral Allergy Syndrome Safe Foods List

If you suffer from facial itching and swelling after eating some foods, there’s a few safe foods that you could consider adding to your daily diet that you can be sure won’t cause inflammation. Here are a few types of foods that don’t cause problems for people with oral allergy syndrome.

Most Cooked Food is Safe for Oral Allergy Syndrome

Most commonly, oral allergy syndrome symptoms will only affect people that consume raw fruits and vegetables (as well as other foods). However, when you cook the proteins of these natural foods, the protein that it contains changes into a more easily digestible form. Simply, the food is more broken down and it requires less energy for our body to break it up.

I have moderate oral allergy syndrome reactions to carrots in the fall and all I have to do is throw them in a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes. They don’t give me any symptoms or itchiness, but they still taste fresh and firm. In fact, eggs affect me with oral allergy syndrome and all I have to do is cook them to eat them as well.

So the heat really breaks up the proteins that you are reacting to. I guess that’s the most obvious advice you can give for trying to eat the foods you’re allergic to.

Some vegetables and grains works too

A few foods like kale and quinoa don’t seem to have any instances of oral allergy syndrome affecting them. When you ferment the vegetables you are allergic to, it seems that this may make it more digestible like cooking it does.

Since I have widespread oral allergy syndrome symptoms throughout the year, my favorite soup to eat is quinoa and kale soup. This type of soup that you can make yourself can change the game for your nutrition. I recommend making it with low sodium vegetable broth, organic kale, quinoa and some other add-ins that don’t trigger your symptoms too much.

Soup has numerous health benefits due to the warming effect it has for our digestive system, as well as offering an easily-digestible meal. It is particularly useful because you can even eat the vegetables that trigger oral allergy syndrome because you are cooking them.


Fermented dairy and dairy alternatives

Milk can be a direct trigger for some in rare cases, but the fermenting process seems to make the protein a non-issue. Most often, oral allergy syndrome sufferers can eat cheese and yogurt. Fermented dairy like yogurt and kefir may be beneficial for probiotic flora, which may treat your oral allergy syndrome as a whole. I would recommend unsweetened kefir a lot because it helped minimize the inflammation that my symptoms would create.

It seems that cow’s milk alternatives like soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk seem to be a good choice because the allergenic proteins are processed and cooked in that form.

Rice is a Go-To Food for Oral Allergy Syndrome Sufferers

Cooked rice seems to rarely be an allergenic food and in no cases has rice ever been accused of causing oral allergy syndrome symptoms. White rice especially seems to be a common choice for people with grain allergies and sluggish digestive systems. Babies and grandparents eat rice pudding because it’s very soothing and non-inflammatory in your body.

For me, I love to incorporate rice dishes for a few meals of the week when I need something starchy to go along with it. My favorite dinner is rice with cooked vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. It’s very gentle, vegan, gluten-free and hypoallergenic as well as healthy for people following many types of restrictive diets.

Oral Allergy Syndrome Diet Plan

Organizing your meals throughout the week can be difficult when eating out and avoiding their triggers. For me, I wasn’t sure what to buy when being a vegetarian with oral allergy syndrome and I didn’t know what to make to get the most balanced nutrition for my body’s needs.

I know it’s really cheesy but a book really helped me make it simple being a nonmeat-eater and allergic to raw fruits and vegetables. It was kind of annoying and restricting, but I learned a lot from this useful book. It has easy recipes you can follow as well. They are very healthy and nutritionally balanced while avoiding meat and gluten.

oral allergy syndrome vegetarian diet plan book

I was a vegetarian wannabe paleo with oral allergy syndrome, and this book helped me make that simple and very healthy. These recipes made me feel awesome.


Things to Consider Adding into Your Diet for Oral Allergy Syndrome

It is probably very annoying to have to avoid the foods that cause a reaction when you eat them raw. However, I believe that these symptoms are just a projection of a larger problem. This was definitely true for my case. My oral allergy symptoms were horrible until I made a few changes that I had never considered for my health before.

Probiotics for Oral Allergy Syndrome Treatment

Your intestines are really big and long, carrying a few pounds of your body weight. You’ll want these organisms to be the good kind. Many people are worried about the infection of Candida yeast, intestinal parasites common in humans, and stuff like that.

Normally, these harmful organisms are being kept in check by our immune system, fresh and healthy foods, and proper exercise. Our lifestyles, however, upset the balance of how our intestinal flora functions.

Humans in natural hunter-gatherer societies wouldn’t feast on meat 3 times a day and drink alcohol, caffeine, drugs, etc. Therefore, I think it’s important that you keep this large portion of your body in mind every day.

Taking antibiotics frequently throughout your life can make certain strains of bacteria and yeast go extinct in your body. You can also find antibiotics in the meat that we consume. This is a controversial thing regarding health and the productions of factory farms.

You can easily get a dose of healthy probiotic organisms through foods like kombucha, yogurt, fermented vegetables and more. In addition to that, you could make a great investment in your health and always have a probiotic if you need it.

probiotics for oral allergy syndrome treatment

This is a well-reviewed probiotic that really works effectively. It’s well worth it for your health and treating allergies.

Personally, I always keep one if I ever kinda go too hard one day–if you know what I mean. Making sure that you have a balance of good bacteria is great because I know how it benefits my digestion and immunity.

Nutrient Deficiencies May Cause Oral Allergy Symptoms

For our generation, we experience growing problems regarding our natural health and troubling waste management issues. On top of that, populations are growing at an insane rate, expected to increase to nine billion by the year 2050.

That’s crazy fast and guess what that also means? We have to feed these new people.

Our crops right now and trying to squeeze the nutrients out of our overused fertile soils. When we use these soils on limited available lands, we are constantly turning it over and not allowing the soil to naturally regenerate proper minerals over time.

The specific nutrients that I think are most problematic for common deficiencies in first-world societies are the minerals sulfur, magnesium, silica, potassium and calcium. Simply, crops that aren’t grown organically will likely be deficient in proper nutrients that we’d normally expect it to contain. These mineral deficiencies may be very common for today’s society and there is no obvious way to find out about it individually. However, I think that there are a few things that can really change the rides for your and your family’s health.

Himalayan salt nutritional benefits for oral allergy syndrome

People with oral allergy syndrome are often deficient in magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous and the symptoms may be a projection to symbolize this in your health. A great addition to your diet that has done wonders for my nutrition is Himalayan pink salt as a healthy substitute for table salt.

Normal salt that you find on the family dinner table is incredibly processed and devoid of nutrients besides an abundance in sodium. The overconsumption of sodium has brought about many health problems because it can upset the balance of your electrolyte profile. We don’t consume enough potassium to balance out the excess sodium, which causes dehydration of your cells.

Himalayan salt contains a great nutritional profile with a balance of dozens of minerals like potassium, silica, calcium, and more. Instead of dehydrating your cells, it can rehydrate and offer numerous health benefits that this derives from. I feel much more energy, mentally and physically since I incorporated pink salt as a substitute to my meals. It’s kind of like a mineral supplement for me that is perfectly safe and healthy to add to your foods. I feel as if my oral allergy syndrome has decreased in severity significantly since the addition of it into my diet.

Get some for 40% cheaper on this bulk website. It’s a great deal for quality Himalayan salt that I get.


Organic Sulfur with Your Oral Allergy Syndrome Diet

One of the most problematic nutritional deficiencies for this generation of people is going to be sulfur deficiency. Organic and bioavailable sulfur is becoming increasingly devoid in our fertile soils. This means that the roots of conventional crops don’t even have a chance to absorb any.

The symptoms of sulfur deficiency include:

  • General sluggish immune system
  • White blood cell reduction
  • Lack of moisture in skin, hair, and lips
  • Worsening of allergy symptoms
  • Mood and focus problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble sleeping and staying asleep
  • Acne
  • Food intolerances and chemical sensitivities
  • And many more are possible

Luckily, there is a small and inexpensive solution for sulfur deficiency. You may realize that these symptoms are very common, but I think that mineral deficiency is overlooked.

Organic MSM crystals are the most pure form of sulfur that your body readily absorbs and quickly uses in its cells. It’s the bioavailable compound of sulfur found in the cells of most organisms. It can be isolated in crystal form, which is much better than capsules or MSM powder.

After just one small, tasteless dose, you will feel an energy boost because your body likely doesn’t get enough sulfur every day unless you eat many organic fruits and vegetables. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you are most likely to face sulfur deficiency as an issue because eggs are a decent source of sulfur.

This organic sulfur has numerous other health benefits, but I think it’s great for any American especially to take because it is now deficient in our crops. You should definitely consider it for you and your family’s long-term health.

I have taken organic MSM crystals for almost two years now and I feel that I don’t have allergies anymore. I used to have seasonal allergies, oral allergy syndrome, and numerous food and chemical sensitivities, but now they are only a minor issue. It really helps me feel like I have an edge in my nutrition because it’s so healthy for you and makes you feel miles better with a better mood and more natural energy. Sorry to worship this stuff, but it’s been doing wonders for my allergies and overall health for the long term.

MSM for vegetarian oral allergy syndrome natural treatment

These MSM crystals are well-reviewed by people who say it did wonders for their health as well. I think this is the best deal I could find for the good quality.

Bottom Line for Eating Healthy with Oral Allergy Syndrome and Being Vegetarian

When I was a vegetarian, I had the exact same issue. I was also in college, so I needed an efficient and cheap solution. I got interested in soup making because it was so easy and simple while cooking the vegetables that would normally give me symptoms when eaten raw. Quinoa and organic kale as a foundation made it very healthy. You should make sure that you use low-sodium broth because the amount of salt found in broth can be ridiculous.

This method is also very inexpensive and not time-consuming. I remember just boiling some soup lightly for a long period while doing homework was very efficient. And it made a bulk meal for future eating because you’d just have to quickly heat it up again.

As a vegetarian, I would use all vegetable broth with organic kale (because conventionally-grown kale can have pesticides residues to collect easily) and quinoa instead of meat or noodles, which would also be an option for some. Since the broth is low-sodium, using spices like garlic and onion can make the vegetarian soup taste delicious.


If you are suffering from oral allergy symptoms with me, please let me know what type of diet works for you, and if you have any tips for remaining healthy. Please leave me a comment and talk with me below!

Talk to you soon,


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  1. I am so happy to have found this article !! I have been dealing with oral allergy syndrome for a few years now including nuts and peanuts. Just ordered the cook book! I am excited to try the quinoa and kale soup! I feel like I have lost the ability to eat and I am scared that I won’t have flavour or nutrition in my meals! I am excited to look into sulfur options, do you also take a multivitamin ?

    1. Author

      Hey Cassia,
      Personally, I do not take a multivitamin because I am skeptical of their efficiency. I am very uneasy about most supplements on the market that have no proven efficiency for your health. Perhaps a food-based vitamin supplement may work for a vegetarian or vegan with oral allergy syndrome. It couldn’t hurt if you are concerned about your nutrition and allergies. Many people, including myself, had the same anxieties about their oral allergy syndrome symptoms while being vegetarian. It may be hard to find things to eat for good nutrition under these circumstances. Hope I have improved your hope!

  2. What about eating soy butter? I won’t try sun butter because I heard you can react to it with OAS. The soy nutts are cooked before the process of butter? Just wondering if it’s safe.

    1. Author

      Hey Nancy,
      For some, soy itself is a trigger for oral allergy syndrome birch pollen in cross-reaction. This is the case for me because I cannot eat raw or undercooked soybean products in the spring without itching and inflammation. I feel like sunflower butter is going to be more nutritious and healthy for you, so if it doesn’t cause problems, I’d prefer for your vegetarian oral allergy syndrome diet plan.

  3. I’m glad that I finally found someone who went through my same situation. I am a vegetarian with oral allergy syndrome and it is very difficult for me to eat healthy when all these raw vegetables and fruit are making my mouth, face and throat scratchy. Something I never realized was that cooking the raw foods really does help. Unfortunately we can’t really cook fruits. Thanks a lot for the help!

    1. Author

      You’re right, there’s really not much we can immediately do about the fruits that give us oral allergy syndrome symptoms. Being a vegetarian oral allergy syndrome can be very stressful because a lot of the stuff that is normally very healthy is causing inflammation. Right now, since I practice fasting and supplementing with stuff like organic MSM crystals the symptoms don’t really bother me anymore. I can eat a banana or almond during the fall with no problem. You should invest some time into learning more about these unconventional health practices, especially if you are a vegetarian with oral allergy syndrome.

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