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Ever since I was young, I would suffer from allergies during certain times of the year and I watched new generations of allergy drugs pass me by. I always wondered if they would come out with a new one that would work perfectly for me. However, Xlear natural nasal spray had changed my perspective entirely because these few simple ingredients can make a world of difference for your sinuses.

I don’t give praise often and I like to challenge things when I think that there is a more effective alternative. However, I have no problems with this nasal spray because it features a harmless sugar alcohol called xylitol.

If you have mild-moderate seasonal allergies or indoor allergies, this nasal spray would be very helpful for you throughout the day.

Unlike many other over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays for allergies, Xlear nasal spray only relies on salt and xylitol to gently open and drain your sinuses properly. These nasal sprays can feature steroids, artificial flavor, and addictive stimulants.

Xlear Natural Nasal Spray with Xylitol Review

Product: XLEAR Natural Saline Spray with Xylitol xlear natural nasal spray review

Cheapest price: $10.74

Cheapest Place to Buy: Here at Amazon

Treats conditions: Seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, mold allergies, indoor allergies, irritants, pollution, chemicals, smoke, dust allergy, pet allergies, dander

Treats symptoms: Sneezing, sinus headache, allergy headache, runny nose, congestion, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, excess mucus production, trouble breathing, other allergy symptoms prevented

Features: Xylitol and grapefruit seed extract

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

This nasal spray provided me fast and natural relief during allergy attacks

It’s really useful when you come in contact with a lot of allergens in the air, whether it be from dust in your house or pollen outside.

The spray seems to flush out everything that’s caught in your sinuses.

Sometimes that’s really all you need to deal with your allergies. A huge problem for you could be that allergens get trapped in your sinuses and you keep sneezing and getting affected by the same particles throughout the day.

I would say that this natural nasal spray could provide you a good solid hour of airborne allergy relief. That’s great because this spray is completely natural, with no artificial flavorings, steroids or stimulants messing with your body in small ways.

This spray includes 4 ingredients: purified water, saline solution, xylitol, and grapefruit seed extract. All gentle and natural stuff.

Is this a cheaper allergy alternative?

Surprisingly, Xlear natural nasal spray is very economic. One bottle with 1.5 fluid ounces is going to last you 240 mist sprays.

So let’s do the math:

11 dollars divided by 240 uses means that’s $.04 cents a spray. Spray it once in each nostril and you’ll get relief from sinus symptoms for 8 cents in American money.

That’s pretty cheap for at least an hour of natural allergy relief. Even if we consider that you may have severe seasonal allergies, spraying this in your nose at each hour all day will mean that you should be spraying at most $0.80 worth of allergy medicine in your nose.

Even if we consider that you may have severe seasonal allergies, spraying this in your nose at each hour all day will mean that you should be spraying at most $0.80 worth of allergy medicine in your nose.

Compared to antihistamines over-the-counter, this is much cheaper. Allergy drugs from the store can go for around a dollar per dose. If natural allergy relief was the same price, it would be a better choice to pick that one instead anyway.

XLEAR natural nasal spray is surprisingly very cheap for being so natural and simple.

What is Xylitol for allergies?

All of the XLEAR brand features the ingredient Xylitol in its products. This brand actually has a patent on the use of xylitol in allergy medicines, so you won’t be able to find something similar from someone else.

XLEAR claims that their secret formula of xylitol cleanses and moisturizes your sinuses. Regular salt saline sprays can often dry out your nasal passageways and leave it even more irritated and susceptible to external contaminants.

Using sprays like these are completely natural because it is just made of salt and water. However, salt water can absorb moisture from your sinuses and cause excess dryness. We all know that dry sinuses can actually be even more uncomfortable and exacerbate allergies even further.

XLEAR natural nasal spray is different, in that it actually tries to ADD moisture to your sinuses so that allergens and particles are allowed to drip down away from your sensitive mucus membranes.

Xylitol also has cleansing abilities and can “act like soap to your nose.” This nasal spray’s formula can prevent bacteria and other pollutants from getting stuck in your sinus tissues.

This nasal spray can promote proper upper respiratory health the way that evolution intended for humans, while relieving annoying congestion.

How are people reviewing XLEAR Nasal Spray with Xylitol?

People around the world are also saying that this nasal spray is a great natural allergy relief product. This is a very popular allergy brand on Amazon and the xylitol products seem to review very high all around 4.5/5 stars.

reviews for xlear nasal spray with xylitol

It seems that the very few low ratings are people with severe allergies, who likely have some work to do and should consider a strong medicine anyways.

Everybody claims that this product really helped their mild to moderate seasonal allergies. Others say that they work with construction or environmental hazards cleanup and that this nasal spray helps properly moisturize their sinuses when stuff gets stuck in their nose and they can’t stop sneezing.

One “top” review claims that this spray replaces her antibiotics and corticosteroids.

If you have tried this product, please let me know what you think in the comments!

The Only Problem With XLEAR Natural Nasal Spray Xylitol

I would say that this is one of the best natural allergy products that I’ve reviewed. It is very simple and gentle, which is exactly what we should be looking for in medicine.

It effectively helps alleviate congestion, cleans nasal passages, washes away pollutants and airborne allergies, soothes and moisturizes the sinuses and more.


What this product can do for you is only mask the symptoms of allergies for a short period of time. It doesn’t really treat the root causes of your health conditions.

Flushing the pollutants out of your nose will only work for a short time and you must spray again for continued effect. It’s just going to be a cycle and not treat the real issue.

What really works for treating allergies?

Many people living today don’t realize that certain nutrient deficiencies are very common for today’s people. Fertile soils have been used so harshly that many natural elements to natural soils are missing. This is entirely due to our practices: use of pesticides, fertilizer, machines, etc.

Really, you can’t tell the difference between a nutritious tomato and a tomato that lacks silica in its cells. So, our generation has been slowly becoming more nutrient deficient every year.

I think that this explains why instances of severe food allergies are skyrocketing in newborn children, among many others things.

Sulfur, for instance, is in very low quantities in the soil now, and it wasn’t like this in the 1950’s. Our soils are now suddenly sulfur deficient and when we eat food that is grown on the soil, we don’t obtain the proper nutrition we thought we could get by eating fresh produce.

I was suspicious that sulfur deficiency had something to do with my severe allergies as a child, so I tried organic bioavailable sulfur in the form of MSM as a supplement.

This stuff was really cheap to take every day and it’s done loads for my health. As a child and teenager, I suffered from weight problems, severe food and seasonal allergies, depression, anxiety, weak hair and skin, and sleep problems.

msm crystals supplement for allergies

I have tried to find the best MSM for the best price for 2 years and one of you recommended this beauty to me.

The first day I took crystallized MSM, I felt a great amount of fresh, natural energy and I wanted to run like Forrest Gump. After a week, I no longer had seasonal allergy symptoms and my food sensitivities did not affect me nearly as bad.

It’s been two years now and I feel so much better taking the smallest amount of this stuff in my drink. I was definitely sulfur deficient as a child and teenager and I wish that I could learn about this stuff earlier.

If I was a parent, I’d definitely consider this stuff for my children because this deficiency might be becoming a problem for new generations.

It really does make sense because our farming practices are destroying our nutritious soils. Let me know what you think.


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  1. After many years with the ordinary anti-histamine, I converted to this product along with a herbal tablets called Sinus & Seasonal from Leslabs after readind Dr Andrew Weil’s book “Mind over Meds”. He said “Taking such medications for the equivalent of three years or more increased the risk of developing dementia by 54 percent.” and added “There is a body of evidence linking antihistamine use with the development of brain tumors.” and concluded “A freeze-dried preparation of the leaves of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) relieves hay fever symptoms (itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose) just as well as antihistamine drugs without any of their side effects.”

    Three months now have been elapsed since I have been using these natural treatment with great effects.

  2. I was searching for a xlear natural nasal spray with xylitol review but all I could find were links from the xlear website. I’m sure I wasn’t going to find an honest an helpful review there LOL. Thanks a lot for your review of this nasal spray I’m going to try it.

    1. Author

      XLEAR nasal spray is one of the most gentle, but effective natural allergy relief products I’ve used. Let me know if it works for you too!

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